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Character: Lily Potter, first year (2019)

She sits silently, holding her breath, trying to be as small as possible. She rolls in her lips nervously as heavy footsteps - the caretaker, Brendan Gallagher - run by, searching for her. It is her first time trying out the Invisibility Cloak, and she does not yet trust it.

But Brendan does not discover her, and ten minutes later, she finally feels safe enough to make her way back to the Gryffindor Common Room. Lily hides the cloak in her trunk, then rushes back downstairs and collapses on the couch, giggling insanely.

"Hey! When did you get back in?" demands James, who is waiting up for her stubbornly. "I saw you leave an hour ago, and you definitely never came back. I was watching!"

"You must have fallen asleep," she sing-songs, her black hair tumbling out behind her. He stands up from the chair he's been sitting in and glares at her.

"Did not! Tell me!" he insists, but she shakes her head. She likes having a secret - especially one that will aid her in any future pranks. And she's sure there will be plenty of those.

She is, after all, her mother's daughter.