The Diary of a Party ANIMAL

A KibaXOC Story

The music was loud enough to blow out a person's ear drums. The air was warm, many open mouths singing along to the upbeat techno song, only making the air hotter. Oxygen was short, alcohol was not. Girls in mini skirts and slutty tops, boys with hard on's and far too tight jeans clumped together on a dance floor, jumping and rubbing together till it became hard to recognize who it was you intended to dance with. Barbaric, but hey, it's home… to me atleast. This scene, this party scene, that's my home. My black leather shorts ripped till it barely covered me, a shimmery silver tank top, my hair covered with glitter and wicked messed up but it seemed to look good that way. I liked my life. Everyone knew me, and knew where I was there was a party that was worth being at. I was like the godmother of party. My name is Miyaku Shemazu, but most people just call me Miyu.

But you see, with every perfect life, there has to be something imperfect about it… And he was that imperfect thing!

Who was He? The ass who ruined my party and ruined my life! I was content with my life how it was, until out of the blue he storms in and shatters it. His name? Kiba… Kiba Inuzuka.

Well, I guess I have to explain how he ruined my life. It was on my 15th birthday party. Let me set the scene for you:

I was in the middle of the crowd, my short purple and mostly lace dress clung to my body out of sweat as the crowd was pact. My hands held onto that of some girl who had come to my party but I don't remember her name, both of us shimming, and grinding against two boys I also don't remember the name of. The music was loud, and the lights turning into strobe lights that weren't in tempo with each other, it was intense. I could barely breathe my own air as I let go of her hand and signaled I was going to get a drink. There was no talking over the music, not even if I tried. I squeezed and danced through the crowd, heading for the bar.

"What cha' need birthday girl, it's on us, Miyu." The man behind the bar winked to me. Smiling, I leaned over the bar and readjusted my birthday girl crown on my head and my small sash on my upper arm.

"How about a Sex on the Beach?" I called back to him, the music slightly quieter near the bar.

"Aren't you under 21?"

"And?" I laughed, watching him nod back in agreement. Glitter was still sprinkling like a light rain. I turned to look at the crowd, a giant smile covered in cherry gloss on my face. And that's when he walked in.

"TURN THE MUSIC OFF AND EVERYONE EVACUATE THIS BAR! ANYONE UNDER 21 WILL BE CHARGED IN THE NEXT 20 SECONDS IF YOU HAVE NOT EVACUATED THIS BAR… 1... 2..." A woman in red and white with a microphone shouted in the bar. Three teenagers around my age forcing the door completely open, allowing the sting of fresh air in. I went wide eyed as I watched the whole crowd head for the door. I had to get out, and get out now. This would not be good! What a way to spend my birthday huh? I did not want to loose my party abilities by doing jail time. I rushed from the bar, penetrating the crowd and rushing with them. However, it didn't matter if I was hidden well in the poorly clad girls, the teenagers saw me and knew who I was and instantly went in for the kill.

I was half way through the door when a small dog flew threw the air and pounced on my head, startling me. I stopped, struggling to get it out of my hair when a hand flew threw the crowd and snatched up my air. Screaming did nothing, the hand dragged me out of the crowd and up against a door, long claw like nails threatening to scratch up my glittery skin.

"MAN! YOU SAID WE COULD LEAVE!" I screamed at the boy who had a hold of me.

"Not you!" He shouted back. "YOUR FATHER SENT US…"

He didn't have to say any more. I'm screwed, I'm doomed. My Father? Instantly panic ran through my body as I tried to get away from the boy.

"LET ME GO!" I screeched, wiggling to get out of his hand.

"NO, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!" He shouted back. Suddenly the music died, and all the other voices in the bar were gone. I stood there, glaring and huffing at the boy with red fang marks on his face, and that stupid white dog on his head, watching me with the same beady eyes the boy did. Oh he was dead, socially and publically! If he turned me into my father he was so dead!

"Kiba… you've got her, go ahead and take her home," The sensei woman stated. I glowered at her, then snapped my head to the boy who smirked at me. He had to know that if he tried to make me move I would make it the most difficult thing in the world to move me. I had the ability to drop my weight and sit like a brick on the floor. Never underestimate a Brat's ability to get what she wanted.

"You going to go peacefully?" He asked.

"Hell no! Go ahead, try and take me to my father," I sneered. Only he cocked his brow and smirked right back at me, putting both hands on my shoulders. No, He wouldn't dare! "Don't you even think-" I was cut off by my own scream as he picked me right up and shoved me onto his shoulder like a potato sack. WHAT THE HELL? WHO WAS THIS GUY!

"YOU'RE SO DEAD DUDE! SO DEAD!" I screamed, kicking and slapping at his back. It didn't even seem to phase him. He just lugged me out of the bar and into the streets where he jumped and raced forward through the town. I screamed and did my best to make him let go, but it was useless. I was being delivered to my father, which was the worst thing in the world. You see… my father is Konaha's largest Delegate with other countries, very rich and very powerful. The last thing I wanted was for him to ground me, because when my father grounded someone, it was technological and social isolation.

Before I could imagine the terrible things my father was going to do to me, the boy had flown through the town, into my front yard. I held my breath as he chucked me off his shoulder and into the cold, dew wet grass. I knew who was in the grass, I knew it all too well.

"Miyaku Ai Shemazu, How dare you throw a party serving alcohol to minors, and to mention, how dare you step foot outside in that!" I winced at the deep voice of my father.

"Sir, I will be leaving-" But the boy was cut off.

"No you're not! Boy, don't you move an inch." My eyes shot open as I looked up to my father glaring down at me. Oh no, what was that look on his face? He was about to do something worse than grounding to me. I bit my lip, scrapping to my feet, attempting to seem less like the slut I looked like. He just glared at me then looked to the boy and his dog.

"You… Your one of Kurenai's Students… aren't you?" My father asked. The boy nodded suspiciously, as he rightfully should. "Kurenai won't mind this then, she owes me one anyway… My Daughter doesn't know how to be a rightful citizen, she's far too wild and out of control… maybe a few weeks stuck as one of our countries finest will shape her into a fit daughter….I can also see you're an Inuzuka, a hard working dog family…"

"No, Father, please! Please!" I pleaded, looking to him with fearful eyes. I wasn't a ninja, I wasn't even good at chores, all I was good at was all I'd been doing the last few years, partying and shopping!

"I've decided, My daughter will be helping you and your team with your easy missions that inquire work, and she will stay with your and your family at the Inuzuka compoud, your mother owes me a favor as well and I bet she could have many miningless chores that my daughter can help with. But Boy, you are to make sure she is cut off from this life she's made, and she is not to come back until she's a perfect citizen!"

And that… is how Kiba Inuzuka Ruined my life!