"That was no necessary you know!" Blu yelled angrily. When Rafael had returned he'd told Jewel he'd found a pond nearby, and after dragging Blu for about twenty minutes instead of getting him a drink she had shoved him forcefully into the water nearly falling in herself.

"Well how's this for a bird bath." said Nico jokingly as he covered himself in the water. His shirt was off revealing a tanned chest with no feathers just yet.

"Ugh my feathers weigh like twenty pounds now!" said Pedro aggravated. "This is gonna take forever to dry!" Nico grinned and bent down to dunk his head in the pond. "Uhm Nico, what that?" asked Pedro. Nico looked up.

"What's what?"

"There's something coming out of your pants." Nico twitsted himself to see, then blushed lightly.

"Oh, my uh tail feathers." as expected Pedro burst out laughing. "Well at least I still have abs!" Nico shot back.

Rafael chuckled. "They're like kids aren't they?"

"Well we're all like kids." said Jewel as she looked at herself. Her own blue wings were shading her like Rafael's pure black ones were shading him.

"So then you won't be mad when I do this!" yelled Blu yanking his foot causing Jewel to stumble and fall into the water.

"Blu!" The boys burst into laughter. "You're gonna pay for this!"

"Run Blu run!" Nico and Pedro yelled before falling into the water laughing hysterically. Rafael smiled as he watched them, reminded of his own kids back home and of course of his beautiful wife.

"Eva." he mumbled looking at his hands. "Are you still going to love me even like this?"

"I'm starving!" Pedro announced.

"Yeah me too, I haven't eaten since I don't know when." said Rafael, "Like real food, not that crappy bird seed stuff."

"I got it!" said Nico and with that he opened his blonde canary wings and bolted into the sky, his feathers shaking off the water that had been on them. he was wobbly at first, but soon managed to right himself. Blu stared at him, wishing he could do the same thing as well, although with his own belly feathers weighing him down he didn't think he'd be able to fly.

"So Blu, I don't think I know where you're from." said Jewel with a smile, plopping herself down in the water so that her waist and below was in the cool water. Blu sighed and plopped himself down as well and Pedro made his way over.

"Are we having a story circle?" Blu laughed at that.

"Well I come froma place called Minnesota."

"Is it small?" asked Pedro. "Is there like a Medisota and a Largesota too?" They laughed.

"That's in the United States right?" asked Jewel.

"Yeah, and almost all year round there's snow on the ground."

"Really?" asked Jewel. 'I've never seen snow before."

"Well with the weather being so hot here I doubt you ever would." said Blu. "So where are you two from?"

"Brazil." said Jewel. Blu glared. "I know what you meant, I was trying to be funny." said Jewel. Pedro laughed.

"Didn't know you had a sense of humor in you!"

Jewel smiled. "Actually, I came from Rio, my dad owns an aviary there. It's actually funny, I always wanted to be a bird so I could get his attention and well look at me." she said with a sad smile looking at the taloned feet and wings. "Wonder if he'd really notice me now."

"He probably would." said Pedro. "Weird though, you're only a little older than me and we've never seen each other! I mean my home streets are Rio too, although then again I never meet Nico either and he claims he's from there too."

"I wonder why Rio, I mean there are dozens of other places to kidnap people where it would probably be a lot less suspicious you know?" said Jewel. "It's like they want people to know we're missing."

"Hey Ralfy why don't you come join us!" yelled Pedro, although Rafael seemed content in being on his own.

"Honey I'm home!" came Nico's sing song voice as he darted into the clearing, his wings flapping once more before he plopped to the ground. "There's a lot of fruit in this jungle! If we wanted to live here we'd be set for life!"

"Awesome dude!" said Pedro grabbing something random and stuffing it into his mouth. "Oh yeah that's the good stuff."

"Agreed I'm starving." said Jewel helping herself.

"Uh what is that?" Blu asked.

"Fruit, you know stuff that grows on trees." said Nico.

"I mean what kind?"

"I dunno, but it sure is good!" said Pedro with his mouth full as the juice dripped down his chin. "Try it!" With that a fruit was stuffed into Blu's mouth. Blu's eyes widened and he swallowed going completely quiet.

"Well?" asked Nico. He didn't need an answer, for in seconds Blu had grabbed a bunch of random fruit, and was now jamming them into his mouth earning laughter from the others.