(Dietrich's Lament)

Sung to the tune of "Stars" from Les Misérables
(with apologies to Boublil, Schoenberg, and Kretzmer)

There, out in the darkness
Four Rats are a-gunning
Riding in jeeps
Riding in jeeps
Manfred's my witness
I never will quit
Not even for sleep
Not even for sleep

They know their way in their jeeps
But so does the Afrikakorps
And though I follow a path through the desert
I know what's in store
And if I see them over the hill
Once more!

In their funny hats
Driving me crazy
Filling the darkness
With explosions and fright
They are commandos
Lucky, for sure
Driving off in the night
Driving off in the night

You know that they always win
It's the source of their fame
And each episode they will return
And it's always the same
And every convoy that I lead
Will explode in flame!

And so it has been, because it was written
By whom, I just don't know
If anyone falters or falls in this tale
It'll be you-know-who

Oh, let me find them!
That I might see them
POWs at last!
I will never rest
Till then!
I don't care!
I must swear
At those Rats!