Chapter 2:

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Normal Speech "Yo" Normal thought "Yo"Demon Speech "Kit"Demonic Thought "Kit"Jutsus "Katon : Goukakyuu no jutsu" Robots"Mutant detected"

"So why aren't the X-Jet heaters on Logan?" Asks a thirteen year old boy wearing a red long sleeved hooded jacket with loops that goes over his thumbs and silver trimmings. He also wore a pair of silver with red trimming pants, and red, black, and silver Nike track shoes. "So I can prep you for the Canadian cold Naruto." Says a gruff looking man in a yellow and blue costume identified as Logan. Naruto leans towards Logan and whispers "So when are we going to let kitty know that we know she is there?" "When we touch down in Jean Lesage International." Wolverine whispered back towards Naruto.


Why couldn't Scott someone else to watch the duo destruction. I mean it's not like Kurt was doing anything today. I really wanted to spend my day off with Piotr today. Besides every time they stick me with these two I end up causing an electronic disaster somehow, luckily they don't hold it against Naruto on mission reports.


Naruto starts to move around the cabin as the Blackbird start to descend towards JLI Airport. "I still can't believe you make this thing look like a private with just the press of a button" Naruto said as he changed into his civilian attire consisting of grey 501 Levi jeans, a blue and grey checkered button down over a blue long sleeve, Blue and grey Asics track shoes, and a Toronto Blue Jays New Era fitted cap. "The complicated blessing of Shi'ar technology." Logan says already dressed in his civilian attire consisting of blue jeans, red flannel button down over a wife beater, brown leather boots, and a cowboy hat. The duo grab their bags from behind their seat and head towards the door of the jet. "Come on Kitty, it's time to get off." Naruto says as exits. "How did you know I was here?" Kitty asked as fazed her way out of the folding seats compartment and exited the now disguised Blackbird. "Because you're the only one who never made it pass page ten of the employee handbook." Logan says as he walks down the ramp with his bag slung over his shoulder. "What does that have to do with anything?" Asked Kitty as she followed the two males. "The headmaster and ONE teacherwatch over a student on his/her supervised missions, even I know this and I'm just a student." Naruto says as he walks through TSA. Logan set off the metal detector as he walks through, then turns to the guard and says "I have inserted metal rods and plates from a motorcycle accident." The duo walks five feet before turning to see Kitty still at the check point. "I think we broke her Logan." Naruto said as he looked at said man. "She better catch by time we get to the truck." Logan says as he walks away.

Twenty minutes later in some random town

"So why are we looking for Wade again?" Says Naruto as he looks at the town they just pulled into. "To be honest we're not, I just needed a cover because I'm not supposed to investigate anything related to Weapon X." Logan said as he stopped the truck. "So what do we do while you're looking an abandoned base that might not even exist?" Kitty says as the group gets out of the truck. "Simple, you look for Wade so the cover story holds up when Slim Jim come to confirm the mission." Logan states. With that the trio separate and goes their own ways.


"Well this will be the easiest mission I've ever done." Naruto thought to himself as he shows random people a picture of Deadpool and ask if they know of his whereabouts, until he runs into a blonde woman with her hair in braided pigtails. "Are you looking that man? Because he's around the corner at a stand." She says before walking down the street and around the corner in the opposite direction she indicated. Naruto looks after woman and says "No way." He takes off around the corner and stops halfway down the street. "You've got to be kidding me." Naruto says before he moves closer to hear what Deadpool is saying to people passing by. "Hey, have you seen this guy? He's a short hairy Canadian named Logan and he has a bad temper." Deadpool asks as holds up a crudely drawn picture of Logan. "Fuck me." Naruto says when he hears who Deadpool is looking for. "Oh hey Naruto!" Deadpool yells when he catches a glimpse said boy. "Oh fuck me sideways!" Naruto exclaims before walking out of the alley he had ducked into. As he walks towards the mercenary, he reach in his pocket and activate an emergency distress beacon to get Logan and Kitty to his position. "So what is an X-Brat doing here and with no Chimichanga too?" Deadpool says when Naruto finally reach the front the stand that he had set up. "So what you doin in Canada in Wade?" Naruto asks. "To find Wolverine so he can fix my head, and to see if they have Chimichanga in Canuck land." Deadpool answers as he grabs Naruto's shoulders and guided him towards a bar's parking lot. "Well you should stop looking cause he just found us." Naruto says with a smirk on his face.

Standing in front of the bar was none other than Logan and Kitty with scowls. "Gggrrr what do you want Wade." Logan says as they walk towards each other. "Well I need you to snikt my head to fix it because I'm starting to become sane, snikt me, snikt me." Deadpool explains as he grabs Logan's fist and put it to the side of his head. "I don't have time for antics Wade and besides being sane might make you a little smarter." Logan responds as he pulls his hand away and starts walking away. Kitty walks towards Deadpool and says "That's right, he doesn't have time for your games so just get lost …." "Speaking of games, ever played Street Fighters?" Deadpool ask interrupting Kitty with his question. "Please I wouldn't be caught dead ..." "Shoryuken!" Deadpool screams this time interrupting Kitty with a jumping uppercut that sends her flying over the bar. Logan turns around hearing everything that occurs and starts charging towards Deadpool as Naruto teleports said mercenary to a foot in front of Wolverine's claws, resulting in said claws finding their way into the skull and brain of Deadpool causing blood to splash all over Naruto's head and Logan's hand. "That tickles, thanks old pal. Oh and F.Y.I. I blew up that Weapon X I told you about." Says Deadpool before teleporting mumbling about killing a guy with a bell for a head. "Well that was weird. I don't think I have ever met anyone that was willing to let you give them a lobotomy." Naruto says as he takes off his blood covered cap and put it away. "Yeah well Wade aint normal so don't dwell on it, now let's go find Kitty so we can get out of here and get you a mission complete." Logan replies as he shake the blood off his hand.

Twenty Minutes Later

"He is so lucky he disappeared otherwise I would have dragged him to the center of the earth for that sucker punch." Kitty says as she pouts with her crossed. "Yeah, whatever. Hey what's this?" Naruto says as he pulls a folded piece of note addressed to Logan out of his pocket. Said feral mutant takes the note and read it out loud. "Dear fur face I wrote this for you because I forgot I took a job for a hit on you during all the fun we probably were having before you read this note soooo I planted a bomb on your plane, T.T.F.N." Logan finish reading the note with wide eyes as Naruto start to say something "Fuck u ….." BOOM.

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