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The water wouldn't kill you if you didn't fall in, she figured, and she did need to wash the repulsion gel from her skin.

Their turret stood watch, although it didn't seem that there were any other androids this far down. Each layer of Aperture's history unraveled before them.

Chell removed her jumpsuit and began to wash herself. The water wasn't exactly clean, certainly not safe to drink, but it would have to do.

The first thing Wheatley noticed was that the burn she got earlier had healed and was now a long scar. He wanted to look away after that, give her some sense of privacy. The cameras were always watching so it was the least he could do. But his optic continued to stray in her direction.

He'd once said that he liked the way humans looked to cover up a slur he had made on one of the many occasions that he babbled uselessly, if only to fill the silence. But there was something interesting about Chell's body. She wasn't fat at all, despite what She said. In fact, the human was quite...beautiful.

What was wrong with him?