Link played the song taught to him on the Ocarina. He felt light-headed for a minute, then stumbled forwards. He turned to look at the statue he had spawned behind him, and his eyes met it's own. Those cold, dead eyes stared back at the boy, it's face contorted in a permanent grin. It was almost sinister, when he thought about it. Link blinked, and he was suddenly in a different place. Behind him, the Happy Mask Salesman sat playing a piano in the corner of the strange, upside-down room he was now in. The merchant stopped playing, and turned to Link. He gasped with delight, and rushed to the boy.

"YOU'VE RETURNED!" he cheered. Link jumped, not expecting the outburst. "This is fantastic. I see you've learnt the Elegy of Emptiness! That should come in handy." the Salesman smiled. Something was wrong, though. The man was jumpy, something Link was used to... but something was far different now. The statue had followed him to the room. The Salesman grabbed the boy, but he pushed him away. The HMS stood still for a second.

He giggled.

"You shouldn't have done that..."

Link turned to the statue, and noticed something different, but had no time to realise what it was, as it shoved him to the ground, freezing him in place. The HMS stared into his eyes, turning him into a statue... just like the Elegy of Emptiness. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" the salesman chuckled. Link screamed, but no sound came out. He looked back at the statue towering over him.

It had no eyes.