"It's different," Sherlock announced suddenly breaking John's concentration.

John looked up from his newspaper towards Sherlock who was lying on the couch. He'd been lying there lost in his own thoughts for hours. His fingers were pressed together in concentration, his blue eyes glassy, staring at the ceiling. "I'm sorry?" John frowned, "What's different?"

"You," Sherlock replied continuing to stare at the ceiling, "You're different."

"Right," John answered. When Sherlock didn't elaborate he sighed in frustration, "Are you going to explain that? Or should I guess?"

After lying fixed and motionless for hours Sherlock suddenly became animated. He leapt up from the couch and began to pace the room, agitated, "Since the whole five pips, bomb thing..."

"Ah," John replied, "I suppose so." He smiled at his friend chiding him gently, "It was a brush with death, Sherlock."

Sherlock frowned and continued to pace, his agitation growing as he muttered to himself, "Yes you nearly died...for a moment there I thought you were going to die...that I was going to lose you...he noticed of course...figured it out before I did..."

"Who noticed?" John asked his face screwed up in concentration as he desperately tried to follow Sherlock's ramblings.

"Moriarty, of course." Sherlock replied quickly showing his usual frustration at John's inability to keep up.

"Noticed what exactly?"

"The differences...it was more subtle then...but even then it was all there to be observed. Well, obviously, it must have been because Moriarty observed it. How did I miss it?"

John cleared his throat, "Right, back to the differences. So how am I different dare I ask?"

Sherlock stopped his relentless pacing and sat next to John, his attention seemingly for the first time on him. His blue eyes locked with John's, "That's what we need to discuss. Give me your hand."

Obediently John held his hand out, "If you're expecting it to be shaking again that hasn't returned."

"No, I'm not expecting that," Sherlock replied taking John's hand in his own, "Well? What do you observe?"

"Er," John answered frowning in confusion, "Nothing. You seem to be holding my hand."

"And?" Sherlock demanded.

John continued to frown and shrugged his shoulders.

Sherlock sighed. He ran the fingers of his other hand up John's arm and back with one gentle stroke. John's breath caught for a moment and his swallowed heavily. Sherlock grinned, "You see?"

John cleared his throat, "I'm afraid I don't."

"But it's all there for you to observe!" Sherlock answered frustrated, "John, your heart rate and breathing are both elevated and your pupils are dilated."

John's face flushed slightly.

Sherlock laughed, "and now you're blushing."

John's blush deepened and he pulled his hand back, "Sherlock, I...er...it..er."

"I've noticed on a number of occasions now your eyes following me around the room, you seem to pause whenever we touch as if prolonging the moment, your interest and concern about my daily affairs is far beyond that of a friend..." Sherlock continued unrelenting.

John, still blushing tried to answer but all he could do is open and shut his mouth like a fish.

"Oh," Sherlock added as one last observation occurred to him, "You've also been masturbating more frequently. I deduce I'm the cause."

"Sherlock!" John exclaimed as his powers of speech returned. He was now a deep beetroot red, "You can't...you can't say..."

Sherlock laughed, "John, when will your powers of observation improve? There's really no need to work yourself up into such a frenzy. Give me your hand..."

John hesitated ,clearly terrified at what further revelations Sherlock might make.

"John, just give me your hand." Sherlock repeated more forcefully.

John sighed and held his hand out for the second time. Sherlock took it in his, "What do you notice? About me I mean?"

John gulped, "Um...well..."

"Look at my eyes, John." Sherlock directed him.

"Ah, your pupils are dilated..." John answered shocked at this revelation.

Sherlock moved John's hand to his own chest, "and my heart rate?"
"Accelerated..." John gulped.

"Exactly," Sherlock replied smiling, "My eyes seem to be drawn to you constantly, I hunger for your company and, John, it was no coincidence that Moriarty picked you to strap to that bomb. He could see even then what I could not. You are my heart..."

All at once John's embarrassment and fear melted away and his eyes welled in tears.

"Oh," Sherlock added, "And my sexuality has awakened from a long slumber. From the content of my fantasies it is quite clear that you are certainly the cause..."

John began to laugh heartily, "Sherlock, this is a very strange way of seducing someone..."

"Seducing?" Sherlock smirked thoughtfully, "I suppose I am seducing you aren't I? So what's the next move?"

"Well, a kiss would be traditional..." John smiled.