Legend of the Bhaalspawn

AN: Ok, This is a cross over of season one of Legend of the Seeker and Baldur's gate. It takes place just before the LotS epesode "Kalabra" and a few months after throne of baahl. The BG protaganist is named Abdel and he's a chaotic good druid/ranger (I know they don't exist in the game but I always wanted to play that combo) sory if this prolouge seems a bit dumb, but I wasn't sure how to get the ball rolling. If anyone thinks they can make better use of my ideas than me feel free. Please read and reveiw!

Prologue: Signs and symbols

Richard Cypher Glanced about the forest clearing warily. His hand rested on the hilt of the Sword of Truth, but he didn't unsheathe it.

Instead, he stooped down and examined the ground. Just like all the other times he had checked, the forest floor seemed free of human footprints aside form that of his own and his friends. Yet he still felt wary. The ground seemed almost too neat, as if… as if some one or some thing had expertly done away with its tracks.

"You keep staring at the ground like your expecting Darken Rahl to jump out boy. Sometimes dirt is just dirt." Richard stiffened and sighed. He'd been so absorbed in his search he hadn't heard Zed approach.

Sighing again, the Seeker turned to face the old wizard. "I can't be sure Zed, but the ground looks as if someone was here but covered their tracks like an expert. I've been finding signs like these outside our campsites for almost a week. At first I didn't think anything of it, but now…." Richard trailed of ominously.

Zed's eyes darkened. " You think someone's following us?" he asked. Richard nodded grimly. Zed grimaced. "We'd better start keeping watch then. There's no telling what it could be." "Whatever it is, it's no stranger to the forest." Richard added. "For now we need to focus on the task at hand. Our spy in the army told us that twelve ranking officers of the Dragon Corps are traveling to a secret Daharan outpost somewhere in these Mountains to meet with some kind of elite band of mercenaries. We have to find out what they're up to. So far our only clue is a note, a map, and this."

Richard reached into his pouch and brought out a small, round token. It was deceptively heavy, and though shaped like a coin, no one could figure out what it was or what is was made of. The token pulsed with a strange, sinister energy. Emblazoned on the token was a grinning skull, surrounded by two circles of drops of what was likely blood.