Clare inspected herself in the mirror and smiled to herself. She was wearing a white tank top that was so thin that she could see her black lace bra through it and a thong that matched her bra underneath her short shorts. Her hair was curled the way Eli liked it. She put a light layer of eye liner on, enough to make her eyes stick out. She focused her attention onto Eli.

Clare giggled quietly at the sight of her boyfriend. She was proud of her work. Eli was laying on their bed, his hands and feet tied to the rails on the bed by scarves. He was sprawled out with his arms and legs spread, completely naked. She watched in amusement at him while he continued to sleep, completely oblivious to the fact the he was tied up and nude in front of his girlfriend. Eli slept in only boxers so Clare had pulled them off easily.

She crawled on top of him and kissed his jaw line. She straddled his stomach and folded her legs so that one of her feet was resting on his penis lightly. Eli stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes sleepily. "Wh-What…?" He asked, groggily. Clare made her way to his lips and kissed him with fervor. He kissed her back, plunging his tongue into her mouth. She pulled on his hair hard and he tried to move, but realized he was in restraints. "Why am I tied up?" He asked when she pulled away.

Clare kissed up his jaw line and her lips met his ear, nibbling on his ear lobe. He moaned quietly and stopped struggling. "I'm in control," She whispered in his ear. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself.

"Go ahead and have your way with me," Eli said. Clare knew it wasn't going to be that easy. She was going to make him beg. She grabbed his penis and it hardened under her touch. She squeezed it tightly in her hands. Eli's eyes snapped open and he moaned. She moved her hand along the length agonizingly slow and he bucked his hips to try to get her to go faster.

"No," Clare ordered, pulling her hand away. Her lips crushed his again and he whimpered in her mouth, wanting to be touched. Clare pulled away from him and their lips made a popping sound. She got off of him and took in the sight in front of her. Eli, the one who always teased her, was on the bed bucking his hips pointlessly, trying to get Clare to touch him. She giggled and he glared at her.

She pulled the straps of her tank top and Eli watched her intently. Her hands moved to the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. He moaned in his throat and his erection got even harder and started to hurt. He looked at her chest, her breasts nearly pouring out of her black lace bra. She pulled her shorts down, leaving her in a thong that matched her bra. She crawled back on him, making sure her thigh brushed his dick lightly. He moaned at the contact. Her ass rested on his stomach and he felt himself grow even harder.

She thrusted her whole body against Eli's top half, avoiding his penis. "You fucking tease," He growled at her. Clare giggled and shoved her breasts in Eli's face. He sucked on her nipple through the thin fabric of her bra and Clare's breath hitched in her throat. She arched her back, allowing Eli more access. She moaned loudly, before remembering what she was doing. She pulled away from Eli's mouth and whimpered at the loss. She unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Eli tried to ignore the painful throbbing in between his legs, but was unable to. He stared at her breasts as they bounced slightly when she giggled at Eli's torment. "Please Clare," He pleaded.

"You like when I touch myself, right?" She asked. Eli's hips bucked against Clare and she smirked at him. She got off of him and pulled her thong off, leaving her as naked as Eli. She straddled his stomach again and Eli could feel her wetness on his skin. She leaned in and kissed Eli chastely before trailing her hand down his stomach to her thighs. She moved her hand up her legs and then grabbed her breasts, tweaking her nipple and moaning. Eli watched her closely and wished he could be touching her or himself. She never broke eye contact with Eli when she kneaded her breasts in her hands. She rolled her hips down, causing her to rub hard against his stomach and she moaned loudly. Her hand travelled back down her body and landed on her inner thigh. She stared at Eli before she plunged a finger inside herself. She moaned loudly and jerked her hips. She pushed on her clit hard before rubbing it. Her eyes closed, giving away to the pleasure coursing through her body. Eli kept his eyes on her and his penis started to hurt more than it already was, as it was swelling up even more. He groaned loudly at the pain and at the sexy sight and feeling of his girlfriend masturbating on top of him.

"Clare please," He begged. She tilted her head back and her lips parted to let out a sexy moan. She rubbed her clit with more pressure and she thrusted her hips against her hand. She removed her hand from her clit and pushed two fingers inside of her, a moan ripping from her throat. Her other hand travelled to her breasts and rolled her nipple in between her index finger and her thumb.

"Mmm, Eli. It feels so…mmmm….good. Ah! Oh my God!" She moaned. Her body started to shake and she threw her head back. Her eyes squeezed shut tightly and her face contorted into a grimace of pleasure. He watched her cum on his stomach and he moaned loudly at the sight. Clare smiled at him and pulled her fingers out of herself, putting them in Eli's mouth. He licked all her cum off her fingers and gave her a pleading look. She giggled and kissed him hard.

"Just touch me. Please!" He begged, breaking the kiss. She thought a minute and smiled at him. Clare reached over him and started untying his hand. Her breasts were dangling in Eli's face and he stared at them, wanting to touch them. His right hand was free and he reached up and pinched her nipple, causing a moan to escape Clare's lips. She tried to keep her mind on untying the scarves, so with fumbling fingers, she shakily pulled the scarf off. She pulled away from him and he sat up. She rested in his lap and kissed him. Her thigh rested on Eli's penis and the contact was enough for him to control himself and not push into her right then and there. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and he groped her breasts, cradling them in his newly freed hands. She broke the kiss to moan loudly as he tweaked her nipples. His mouth attacked her neck, sucking on it until her flesh turned purple. Clare giggled as he licked the mark.

She used his shoulders as supports as she pulled herself off his lap and lowered herself onto his throbbing dick. Eli moaned, surprised that he was inside Clare. She rocked her hips back and forth on top of him. He closed his eyes tightly and groaned. "Look at me," Clare ordered. He obeyed and looked at her through half lidded eyes. She took her arms off his shoulders and gripped his hair, pulling on it hard. She lowered her head and crushed his lips with hers. He reached down and rubbed her clit, trying to get her to cum before him. She bucked her hips at the sudden contact with her sensitive bud of flesh. He bucked his hips up to meet her thrusts and hit her spot. Clare arched her back into him and moaned loudly. "R-Right there, Eli," She muttered, her head thrown back in pure bliss. She moved her head so it rested on his shoulder and she bit his skin hard. He felt her walls squeeze around him and she screamed his name as she came.

She slowed her pace; her energy drained from her, but kept moving back and forth on top of his dick. She kissed him and moved her hips back and forth, trying to get Eli to cum. He was close. So fucking close. Her lips moved to his ears and she moaned.

"I want you to cum inside me," Clare whimpered in his ear. She felt him swell inside her. He moaned loudly and groaned as he spilled his cum hard inside her. He fell back against the bed and Clare pulled him out of her and cuddled against him. He watched as his juices oozed out of her and smirked to himself.

"I love you, Clare," Eli said, pulling her closer into his chest.

"I love you," She responded, drowsily.

"You know, I'm going to get my revenge," Eli said, smirking at her. She hit his chest lightly and kissed him chastely.

"I'd like to see that," She said, sarcastically before drifting to sleep in Eli's arms.

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