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Eli sat across the street from the large white church in his hearse. Clare was late. He sighed, turning his music off and slowly driving into the parking lot. He pulled into a parking spot and turned the ignition off, getting out of the car hesitantly and cringing at the holy building in front of him.

Eli had not expected Clare being a half an hour late. He ran his shaky fingers through his hair and walked towards the front doors, pushing them open and stepping inside. He looked around the group of people crowding the front hall for his girlfriend. People were glaring at him as he walked through the crowd. They were all dressed in their "Sunday best" and Eli was wearing his leather jacket and black skinny jeans.

His eyes snagged on a cute girl with curly auburn hair. Her light blue dress brushed over her knees and there was a light blush painted on her cheeks. Clare was standing in a corner talking to a guy about her age.

Eli clenched his fists in anger and walked over to them. "Clare?" He called over to her. She glanced up and gave him a weird look.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him, pulling him away from the crowd. He frowned at her and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"You were late and I came in to get you," Eli said, pissed off. "Who's that kid?"

"That's Jake. He's a family friend," Clare said, crossing her arms over her chest. "You don't have to get so jealous."

"Let's just go," Eli said. Clare hugged him tightly and apologized.

"I'm just going to say bye to Jake first," She said, gripping his hand tightly in hers. He rolled his eyes and trailed behind her, holding onto her hand protectively.

"Clare, who's this?" Jake asked as they approached him.

"This is Eli," She said. "We are gonna go home, so I'll talk to you next week." He smiled at her and then at Eli. Eli rolled his eyes and fake smiled back at him.

"Can we go now?" Eli asked, irritated. Clare sighed, annoyed, and nodded.

They were making their way to the door when they heard a booming voice say, "Clare Edwards." She dropped his hand, immediately recognizing the voice.

Eli sighed and turned around, along with Clare. "Father Steve," She said, smiling and shaking his hand.

"Who is this?" He asked.

"This is my friend, Eli," Clare said, smiling still. Eli's eyes darkened when she called him her 'friend.'

"Nice to meet you, Eli," He said while Eli smiled at him.

"We have to get going," Clare said. "Good job today." Father Steve smiled his thank you and shook Eli's hand, walking to the next group of people. "I have to pee," She whispered to Eli. He smirked at her and followed behind her as they went to the bathrooms.

Eli stood outside the door to the women's bathroom, waiting for his girlfriend patiently. When the door opened, Clare stepped out. "So why did you tell Father what's-his-name that I was just your friend?" He asked, cornering her into a wall.

"You know that I can't be parading you around as my boyfriend in church, Eli," Clare said, pushing Eli out of the way and pulling him into an empty hallway so they could talk.

"Why not, Clare?" He asked, frowning.

"Because they will assume things," Clare said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Like what?" Eli asked.

"What do you think?" She said, avoiding Eli's eyes.

"It's our own business… And it's not like you'll be announcing that we live alone together," Eli said.

"I get it," Clare said, defeated.

"Plus, sex isn't always my idea," Eli added, smirking at the shocked look on her face.

"Eli," She hissed. "Not here."

"I can't mention our awesome sex life in the house of God?" Eli asked. "What's the fun of that?"

"Eli, shut up," Clare said, raising her eyebrows. He smirked at her.

"We aren't doing anything right now," Eli said.

"And let's keep it that way," She finished for him.

"Or… We could have a little fun," He said, placing his hand on her thigh.

"Or we could wait until we get home," She said, swatting his hand away.

"Is that a promise?" Eli asked, smirking at her.

"If you can keep your hands off of me, it is," Clare said, pushing his hands off her thigh once again.

"But wouldn't it be one thousand times sexier if we did something here?" He whispered huskily, his mouth next to her ear.

"Stop, Eli," Clare demanded.

"We both know I'm already going to Hell. Why don't you join me?" Eli growled in her ear.

"I'm not having sex with you in a church, Eli," She said, the words were contradicted by the shakiness in her voice and the way she clenched her legs together discreetly, but enough for Eli to notice. She blushed, realizing he was aware that she was trying to ease the growing tension in between her legs. His hands grazed up her sides and her muscles contracted underneath his light touch. "Stop," Clare said, the word sounding forced.

He crushed his lips over hers in a bruising kiss. Eli felt triumphant when he felt her tongue licking his lips, begging for an entrance. Her fingers laced through his hair and he cupped her ass in his hands. He smirked into the kiss at the realization that his formerly abstinent girlfriend was making out with him in a church. He gave her butt a tight squeeze before tracing his hands up her body again. She didn't even flinch when Eli hesitantly kneaded her breasts through her thin dress and bra. She broke the kiss, catching her breath.

"Can we go somewhere more private?" Clare asked, her blue eyes dilated and filled with lust. Eli smirked at her and nodded. She turned down a hallway and smiled to herself. Eli saw where she was going and stopped her.

"A confessional?" He said, skeptical.

"You said you wanted to try new things," Clare said, opening the door and pulling Eli in behind her. She closed the door and pushed Eli onto the chair. She crawled onto him and straddled his lap, feeling how hard he already was. She kissed his jaw line, eventually making her way to his lips, capturing them in another heated kiss. He moved his hands down her body and to the hem of her dress. He traced his fingers up her legs and underneath her dress. His hands moved up her legs to her inner thighs, where he felt her juices already spilling out of her.

"No underwear?" Eli said, breaking the kiss and smirking at her.

"I forgot," She lied, blushing. She gasped sharply when Eli pushed two fingers inside of her. He moved them slowly and she moaned at the feeling of the rings on his fingers rubbing against her inner walls. He pushed his fingers deeper inside her and knew he had hit her spot when she bucked her hips against his fingers. "Eli," Clare moaned breathlessly. He shushed her and pulled his fingers out of her. She sighed, wasting no time in pulling his belt off, along with his pants, now stained with her fluids.

She pulled his boxers down and stroked his dick lightly. Clare squeezed it, watching small amounts of pre-cum ooze out of the slit. "Shit," He moaned. She pulled her hand away and Eli opened his mouth to protest, but only a moan came out when Clare lowered herself onto his dick.

Clare gripped onto Eli's shoulders and lifted herself up and back down on Eli's cock. She buried Eli all the way inside her and watched his face contort into a look of pure pleasure. He bucked his hips up against hers and he hit her sweet spot hard. She moaned loudly and grabbed the wall, using it to support herself.

Eli lifted her off of him and pushed her so she was facing the wall. "What are you doing?" She asked. He kissed the back of her neck and pushed into her dripping center from behind, the angle making it easier for him to hit her sweet spot with each thrust. He gripped her hips tightly, pushing into her with a harsh rhythm.

He reached around her and rubbed her clit with his fingers. Her knees buckled but she gripped to the wall, holding herself up. His other hand roamed her body, gently squeezing her breasts. Eli felt Clare's body start to quiver and he put more pressure on her clit. Her back arched into him and her walls started to clench around Eli's dick. "E-E-Eli," She moaned. "I'm-I'm g-gonna cum."

"Be quiet," He whispered, watching her eyes squeeze shut and her whole body shake violently. Clare came with a low moan, sending Eli over the edge right behind her, a loud groan bubbling from his throat.

Her body fell limp in his arms and their breathing was labored. Eli pulled out of her and tugged his pants back on. Clare lazily fixed her dress and her hair. She brushed the hair out of Eli's face and kissed him chastely.

They stepped out of the confessional, a bright red blush on Clare's cheeks. She sighed in relief at the realization that no one was around to know what they had been doing. Eli's hand rested on the small of her back and he started to guide her to the exit of the church.

"Clare?" They turned around to see Jake, awkwardly standing next to the confessional. "Were you guys just having sex in there?"

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