Reminder: This is the first book in a trilogy. Check out Paper Bullets book two and watch for book three!

Lessons learned from Amelia Grey's tale of glory:

1. Sanity

How would you survive with no one, nothing to talk to, always in immediate danger?

How would you..


Even sleep.

Normal things like you used to do on a daily basis; now as rare as running into a living breathing person.

And the most difficult thing… staying alive... used to not even drive an effort.

But how might you ask..

How would you keep yourself..

..From going insane?

2. Love

Love had always been a difficult thing for Amelia.

Her parents always taught her to say please and thank you, but then… 'I love you' too.

She misunderstood and would say "I love you" to every adult that walked in the room, a monotone hymn in her voice, and her mother would tell her 'that's enough' after a while. She said you have to feel it to say it. You have to really love someone.

Feelings like these, were a foreign language to Amelia.






And so many others she came across while growing older; they were confusing.

That was one emotion Amelia diffidently got. Confusion.

But all these things everyone feels…

…Amelia felt she did not.

3. Friendship

Friendships are a hard thing to come by in any world; apocalyptic or not, Amelia decided.

You must have similar interests, things in common, and a good chemistry of sorts with the other person.

And that is a rare thing to find, her Mother once said.

So make friends where ever you go, Amelia. Then you will never be lonely.

So when Amelia was young, she decided that if she ever did make a friend, that she would treasure that person forever.

4. Time

Time is a precious thing.

When you're young, it goes too fast. When you're old, it goes too slow.

It seems as if everyone is displeased with it.

Amelia takes it very seriously though.

Because one moment can really change everything.

5. The Past

The Past.

Our pasts.

The past is a powerful thing.

It can be both a burden and a saving grace.

An ugly reminder of your greatest mistakes, or how you came to learn from them later on.

The saddest times versus the happiest.

Which moments would you choose to remember?

Which would you choose to forget?

6. Fear


Fear is a manipulative, over ruling emotion that can take you down for the count, or push you to strive for more.

It can control, tell you what to do, boss you around- even when you feel at your best, it's always there.

It is something like Fate.

You cannot escape fear.

You cannot lock in a box under your bed, never to be seen again.

It is always there, waiting in the shadows to pounce and get you.

But there is one thing you can use to defend yourself from fear.

It stands on the borderline of the inner conflict, being: Fear versus you, You versus Fear, and Yourself versus yourself.

That weapon is Courage.

7. Death

Death is something that should not be feared, or detested.

It should be embraced, celebrated; rejoiced upon.

For it is the end of all suffering.

For it is a warm and welcoming feeling.

For it is a beautiful and complete silence.

No pain, no noise, no nothing.




8. Giving Up

No one knows what it's really like, to feel the pain on the inside.

It's a never ending mental collapse of epic proportions, driving you insane every minute of every day, every time you continue to take another breath.

You can't see, you can't hear.

Your body is numb with a dull void no person or thing can ever fill-

You are empty.

And you can't take it anymore.

Until you have to ask that question.

Is it enough to pull the trigger?

9. Decisions

When given the choice to help yourself or a million people, who would you choose?

Yourself, a selfish route of glory where the world is forever broken in a trance of apocalyptic ways-

Or to save the lives of men, women, and children of all different places around the world.

You pick the millions.


But what about the ones who care about what happens to you?

What will they do?

What will they have left?

When you have the choice, you have the power.

10. Reality

Reality is hard to come by when everything around you is falling apart.

All you want to do is curl up and hide away, hoping that you wake up soon from the nightmare.

Some wait.

Wait for it to be over.

Some sacrifice.

Help as many as you can.

Some kill.

Survival is the only way.

But some, some people fight.

A rarity in the new social standards of an apocalyptic world.

Like the girl who would be their savior.

Amelia fights.