Hi everyone. So after making in thru a good chunk of the awesomeness that is the Pendragon books I decided to combine them in a fic with my other great love Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I'm not sure where this stands within the books timewise but just roll with it. Also I wanted to some experience writing from the female perspective so go easy on me, and without further ado onto the story!

Journal #1

Second Earth

Hi Clarisse! So I know I've been gone for a few days and you must be wondering where I've been, but don't worry I'll fill you in on all the details; well I've got some cute new cloths, I've been to the most amazing places, and… it turns out I'm part of this group of people who travel across time and space to prevent an evil demon from taking over all of existence! Okay you must be really freaking out so I'm gonna start over, from the begging.

So it all started a few weeks ago reallllly late at night, I woke up in the middle of a realllly good dream, I can't quite remember what it was about though. Anyway, what I do remember happening next is that I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I glanced up I first thought it was Percy, I mean the guy looked almost exactly like him, but no he wasn't Percy.

For one thing Percy has black hair and sea-green eyes, but this guy had brown hair and brown eyes, but all the same he did bear a strong resemblance to Percy, and he was wearing a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Okay who are you and how did you get in Aphrodite cabin, wait I've never seen you before, are you new to camp, did you sneak in…"

"Slow down Silena you're gonna talk me to death at this rate!" laughed the guy, but not too loud for fear he might wake my cabin mates.

"Alright, then start with who are you."

"Pendragon, Bobby Pendragon, lead traveler and the traveler from Second Earth."

"Okay… I have no clue what you just said."

"Look this is going to be a lot to wrap your brain around, but just bear with me for a minute here," said Bobby. I don't know what it was, maybe it was he calming soothing voice, maybe it was his athletic body that was soooo hot, but for whatever reason I listened to Bobby.

"Okay so the first thing you need to know is that there's this thing called Halla, it's every time and every place that's ever existed, and within Halla there are these ten places called territories. So these territories are other planets located in other universes and in other times… well technically First Earth is Earth around 1937, Second Earth is present day Earth, and Third Earth is Earth around 5010, but it works out in some weird way."

"So do you know about the gods and all of that?" I asked.

"It's really more of a recent development, but yes we know about the gods and Greek mythology and all that."

"So who's we, and how do I fit into all of this?" I asked.

"Well like I said you've got the ten territories of Halla, and from each territory you've got a traveler, a person who travels from territory to territory to battle to evil maniac name Saint Dane. See each of the territories is reaching a critical turning point and Saint Dane wants to push it the wrong way so that the territory will be plunged into chaos and he can gain power from that chaos because he wants to rule all of Halla, and as travelers it's our job to make sure the turning points of the territories goes the correct way and stop Saint Dane's evil schemes. Now what we've recently learned is that within each territories there are sub-territories, and they have travelers of their own."

"So the hidden world of Camp Half-Blood and the gods and mythology… that's a sub-territory?"

"Well it wasn't the most original name, I mean you've got ones like the sub-territory of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is the traveler there, and then there's Gallifrey… admittedly we haven't figured out the name of its traveler, he just call himself The Doctor, but cut us some slack we're very busy with Saint Dane and all," said Bobby.

"And you want me to be the traveler from Camp Half-Blood?"

"Silena I now this is a lot to take in…"

"No you don't understand, I may be a half-blood but I suck at fighting, I'm into fashion and makeup and cute guys, my hand-eye coordination is almost no existent, I pride myself on being a girly girl, and there is no way in Hades that I'm going to blast halfway across Halla or whatever it is to fight some guy who is your problem and not mine!" I exclaimed, a little loudly.

The next thing I knew Bobby had one hand on my wrist and the other hand around my mouth and then he dragged my outside my cabin, the look in his eyes somewhere between compassion and rage.

"So you don't have the right stuff to be a traveler eh? Well guess what; when I first started out as a traveler I just an average nothing special kid from Stony Brook, Connecticut, and just look at me now! You're a traveler, look I may be the lead traveler but I barely understand this any more than you do, but for whatever reason we've been chosen and that means we're here for a reason, and that reason is to stop Saint Dane. And you can try to run from it all you like, but the point is eventually Saint Dane will come for Camp Half-Blood, will you be ready when he does?"

Okay that was a whole lot to take in and the way Bobby had said it really drove the point home! I mean my impulse was to refuse and stay at camp and think about cloths, makeup, and guys instead of Halla, travelers, territories, and Saint Dane; yet there was part of me that wanted so much to go, if only to prove to everyone (I'm looking at you hunters of Artemis!) that the children of Aphrodite can actually do more than just look like supermodels, a chance for me to prove to myself that I could actually do something. I guess that was why ultimately I said in a whisper, "Okay, I'll be a traveler for Camp Half-Blood."

Bobby put his hand on my shoulder and smiled warmly, "I guess I was a little harsh there, but believe me this is no game, I've lost many friends to Saint Dane and that number keeps growing by the day. Now before we leave we've got some business to attend to."

Bobby gave me a ring that was like one of those class rings, only this ring was silver and had a gray stone in the center with a bunch of weird symbols around it; Bobby also told me that travelers have these people call acolytes, people from their territories who have to keep the journals travelers send them of their adventures, and acolytes also have to prepare stuff for travelers when they arrive on a territory. Clarisse you're my best friend, I was there for you with Chris Rodriguez and you were always there for me, so in the morning you'll find an acolytes ring on your bed stand and maybe this journal too. So before we left I packed a few cloths and some makeup (okay it was a lot, but I'm an Aphrodite girl, it's in the description) into the magic suitcase my mom Aphrodite gave me as a gift.

Remember the one I have that can fit all that stuff into it and then shrink so small it can fit into your pocket, well that's the one I used.

"Okay Bobby I'm ready!" I called in a sing-song voice.

"Hobey Ho let's go… that's an expression my friend Spader uses, he's from Cloral, the motor cycle's not too far from the camp entrance on that road next to the top of the hill over there," said Bobby.

"You know how to drive a motorcycle?" I asked.

"Well they don't exactly have driver's ed. class on Eelong, Zadaa, and Quillan… well pretty much none of the territories except the Earth territories, I drove a car on First Earth once, and I got here in one piece didn't I?"

"That's true… wait what are Eelong, Zadda, and Quillan?"

"Territories," said Bobby as he tossed me a helmet, and I'm not sure how he knew but Bobby had gotten a hot pink helmet just for me!

Okay I'd really not like to conjure up the memory of the motorcycle ride into New York, but Bobby says I have to record everything in these journals so here goes. Well right off the bat Bobby was driving on the wrong side of the road! I mean come on where did he think we were England or something?

As if that weren't bad enough Bobby would do things like take turns at full speed, slam the brake just barely in time to avoid a wreck, and generally do thing that made me pray to every god and goddess I could think of, but especially to Hermes and my mom. In order to keep myself from having a heart attack I asked Bobby some questions to pass the time.

"So why are we going to New York again?" I shouted over the rush of the wind.

"It's where one of the two flumes on Second Earth is located, it's in an abandoned subway in the Bronx; see the flumes allow travelers to move between territories, just shout out the name of the territory you want to travel to and you're off," replied Bobby.

Eventually the ride from Tartarus was over and we were in the Bronx next to an old abandoned subway station like Bobby had said, but it seemed like we'd gotten to the city faster than we should have (of course I had had my eyes closed for most of the trip). We had to travel along the edge of the subway track so we wouldn't get shock by the third rail or something like that, but still even if we were safe I was seriously going to kill Bobby if the grim on the wall messed up my outfit. Eventually we came to a door that had a star on it.

"Okay that's weird, the quigs are usually here by now," said Bobby.

"Quigs?" I asked nervously.

"Horrible beast that Saint Dane uses to guard the flumes, they look different depending on what territory you're on, and on Second Earth they're monster dogs."

"Oh…" I squeaked.

When we got inside it was like a never ending tunnel made of grey stone, not really sure how this was gonna get us half way across the universe but okay.

"Alright this is it, now since I'm giving you a crash course in being a traveler I'll take you to where I got my start on… Denduron!"

The instant Bobby shouted the name of the territory the walls of the flume turned to see-through crystal, beyond which I could see a field of stars that took my breath away, and soon I could feel an invisible energy pulling Bobby and me deeper into the flume and off to a new world.

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