A/N: A random story, inspration from 'A string in the harp'. I haven't done any beta reading yet, so expect some mistakes and stuff like that

Run. The only goal in her mind. Trees advanced at a terrifying speed. She could hear the hounds barking far behind her. She was tired, too tired to keep it up for long. The humans were getting excited, coming within sight of her once in a while.

Without warning, her mind slipped to the future. The situation was the same. She was still running, the dogs and humans still hot in pursuit. Her two realities were absorbing her energy greedily, leaving her weaker by the second. She returned to the present, back to the hunters with spears and arrows. She had totally no control, fear increased gradually with every inch the hunters advanced. Her heart pounded hard against her chest. The interval between the time changes decreased. She could no longer indentify whether the men were with spears or with guns, the trees new or ancient, the sky night or day. The two realities seemed to become one in her mind. But still she continued running. She willed for everything to return to the way it was, but there was no breaking the magic that bonded her to the song.


(14XX-Middle ages)

The men stood over the bloodied corpse. They felt pity for the beast but no regrets; they were just doing what they had to do. Marcus pulled out his spear from the body and examined the wound. "The beast is lucky, straight through the heart," he said standing up. The men dragged the grey body back to village, just as the first light hit the land.


(A few hundred years in the future)

The other men fingered their guns nervously, half expecting the wolf to revive and crew their hands off. "Shot to the heart," Marcus commented as he knelt down. The dogs sniffed curiously at the pool of blood. "Better move it away, we don't want pass by a rotting corpse every time we come to the forest," someone reasoned. Everyone agreed and they hauled the wolf away.