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"So do you want to go get some coffee after rehearsal?"

Blaine didn't hear Kurt's question at first. The rushing sound in his ears and the lightheaded feeling were distracting, and Blaine was having a hard time focusing on simply making it down the stairs leading into the Warblers' common room without falling. Blaine knew this was bad; this was the first time Blaine had felt this way since his first week at Dalton, and that hadn't ended well.

"Blaine?" It was Kurt's hand on his arm as they reached the bottom of the stairs that caught his attention. "Blaine, are you okay?"

Blaine couldn't be sure if he answered Kurt's question, because he was no longer standing there with the younger boy.

Blaine watched from the audience as Kurt danced on a familiar stage. But the boy wasn't performing as a Warbler, and something told Blaine that Kurt wasn't a warbler any more. But what struck Blaine the most about the vision was how happy Kurt looked singing and dancing with his old glee club. Blaine couldn't help his smirk at the white tee shirt his boyfriend wore, black letters proclaiming that Kurt "likes boys."

The next thing Blaine knew was that he was on the ground, lying on his side with a balled up blazer under his head. Every muscle in his body ached and he was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to close his eyes again and fall asleep. But there were people talking and he knew that he really didn't need to fall asleep on the floor of the rehearsal room. "Wha…?"

"It's okay… just relax." Blaine recognized Kurt's voice and he tried to turn towards the younger boy's voice. "You're okay now." Blaine slowly started to sit up, aided by multiple pairs of hands. He wasn't completely aware of what was going on around him; all Blaine really knew was that Kurt was there with him, carefully holding onto Blaine so that he didn't fall over.

"The paramedics are here… how's he doing?" Blaine turned towards Wes, noting the concerned look on his friend's face.

"I think he's okay now… what the hell was that?"

"He had a seizure." Blaine blinked a few times, his brain slowly processing what Wes had said. "It's the first one since his freshman year. He thought they were under control…"

"Wait… he's epileptic?" Blaine wanted to say something, but he couldn't get his mouth and brain to connect. "Since when?"

"I don't know… he just said he'd had seizures for as long as he could remember. He's been on the same medicine for years…" Blaine closed his eyes and leaned over to rest his head against Kurt's shoulder because he was just too tired to keep himself upright without the younger boy's help.

"What's his name?" Blaine opened his eyes at the unfamiliar voice, trying his best to make his mouth work so that he could protest that he didn't need to see a doctor.

"Blaine Anderson," Wes replied. "He has temporal lobe epilepsy, but this his first seizure in more than two years. It was almost five minutes long, which is why we called."

"Do you know if he took his medicine today?"

"Not yet. He normally takes it right before dinner at six… I don't know if he took it yesterday or not." Blaine nodded slowly, attempting to answer the man's question.

"Did he hit his head?"

"Not as far as I know." For once, Blaine was glad that Wes knew and understood so much about his condition because it made this part so much easier. Even once he was aware of what was going on, Blaine had a hard time talking for a while after a seizure. It was just easier to have someone there who knew what was going on and could explain everything if necessary.

"Okay… Blaine, we're going to take you to the hospital."

"N-no…" Blaine finally managed to get his mouth to work. "I just… just need sleep."

"Blaine, you just experienced a breakthrough seizure and I don't have any explanation as to why," the paramedic replied. "You need to see a doctor, have some tests run…"

"I have rehearsal…"

"You're excused, Blaine… just go, let a doctor take a look at you," Wes replied. Blaine managed to find one of Kurt's hands and he squeezed it gently, closing his eyes again. He was out of excuses, and he wasn't thinking straight enough to come up with something else. He finally nodded, letting Kurt and the paramedic help him to his feet and lead him over to the stretcher.

By the time Blaine woke up, he was already in a hospital bed with padded sides, an IV in his arm. "You said he's been under a lot of stress lately… you know that can cause seizures. I'm still convinced that was at least a contributing factor last time he ended up in here."

"So you don't think we need to adjust his medication?"

"Not right away. If he has another seizure once he's had a chance to relax and get some rest, then we'll talk about it." Blaine opened his eyes, turning towards the sound of his father's voice. Neither of the men in the room were paying any attention to him as they spoke.

"How soon will I be able to take him home?" Blaine's father asked.

"As long as he doesn't have any more seizures tonight, I'd be willing to let him go some time tomorrow. But no school for the rest of the week, and he shouldn't be left alone for a while."

"I'll see what I can do about rearranging my schedule for the next few weeks, and I'll try to get his aunt to come in from Philadelphia for a few days."

"Aunt Mel's in Paris until the end of the week," Blaine commented, finally getting their attention.

"Then we'll figure something else out. How are you feeling?" Blaine sighed, closing his eyes.

"Like I had a seizure…" Blaine let his voice trail off. "How long have I been here?"

"About four hours. I just made some of your friends go home, but Wes and Kurt are still here, if you're feeling up to seeing them." Blaine bit down on his bottom lip. He knew that he needed to talk to Kurt; they had always been honest with one another, but Blaine wasn't sure that it would be considered honest to completely ignore something so huge.

"Yeah, okay. I just… can I talk to Kurt alone for a little while? I… I sort of owe him an explanation." Blaine watched as his father nodded, standing up.

Blaine closed his eyes again once his father was gone. He was still exhausted, not to mention the fact that pretty much every muscle in his body was sore from the convulsions. Seizures were exhausting, but Blaine knew he needed to clear things up with Kurt.

"Why didn't you tell me?" a soft voice asked. Blaine opened his eyes, reaching out for Kurt's hand before he answered. He was thankful that the younger boy was willing to allow him at least that much comfort, no matter how mad the younger boy might be at him.

"I was afraid… not many people knew. Most people don't understand…"

"What is there to not understand? You're…"

"Do not say I'm sick, Kurt. I'm not… I just…"

"You have epilepsy. Wes told me about it on the way over here," Kurt replied. "Were you ever going to tell me?"

"I hadn't really thought about it," Blaine admitted. "Until today, epilepsy was just one of the reasons I had to choke down a couple of pills every day. I haven't had a seizure since freshman year, I thought I had them under control." He gently squeezed Kurt's hand and looked up at the younger boy. Blaine was relieved to see that the look on Kurt's face seemed to be one of concern rather than one of anger. "I wasn't keeping it from you on purpose, Kurt. I just wasn't thinking about it."

Blaine moved over to one side of his bed, patting the mattress in the hopes that Kurt would put down the side rail and sit next to him. "I don't think I'm supposed to…" Blaine smiled slightly.

"You won't hurt anything by sitting on my bed," Blaine replied. "I just want you close to me right now." He smiled as Kurt finally got the hint and moved the lower rail away and climbed into the bed. Blaine closed his eyes and curled into the younger boy as Kurt put an arm around his shoulders, turning so that he could rest his head on the younger boy's collarbone.

"What does it feel like? Does it hurt?"

"What?" Blaine asked.

"A seizure. Is it painful?" Blaine shook his head.

"I don't feel anything… it usually starts with an aura, and then I don't remember anything else until it's over." Blaine glanced up at Kurt and realized that he had no idea what Blaine was talking about. "An aura… it's different for everyone, but I usually just feel kind of dizzy and lightheaded. A lot of times I hear sort of a rushing noise…"

"Which is why you didn't hear my question earlier."

"I was a little too distracted. Technically that's a simple partial seizure. It almost always progresses into a complex partial seizure – that means I'm not technically conscious. I don't remember anything after we got through the doors into the rehearsal room."

"You don't remember walking to the couch?"

"I can't remember anything else until I woke up on the floor," Blaine replied. "I sleep a lot for a day or two after a seizure. When I first wake up, I can't make my mouth and my brain function together and nothing makes sense for a while."

"So do you end up in the ER every time you have a seizure?"

"Only because my seizures are usually under control. When I was little, before they got the dosages right for my medication, I only ended up in the hospital if I hurt myself or if the seizures wouldn't stop on their own." Blaine looked up at Kurt again and realized that the younger boy looked incredibly freaked out by that prospect. "It happened once… I was seven, and things were crazy at home and I didn't take my medication for a couple of days beforehand."

Blaine jumped as he felt something vibrating against his hip. "Sorry… my cell." Blaine moved away slightly so that Kurt could answer the phone call. "Oh God… it's my dad. I forgot to call him this afternoon…" Blaine let go of the younger boy, who quickly moved away as he answered the call. "I'm sorry, Dad… I know, I meant to call but things were crazy… I'm with Blaine and his dad right now… Blaine had a seizure during rehearsal." Blaine closed his eyes as Kurt spoke for a few moments. "I'm just going to stay here tonight, if that's okay… I have an extra uniform, and Wes already offered to let me sleep on the couch in his dorm room… It's just one night, Dad."

Blaine didn't realize that he had fallen asleep listening to Kurt's phone conversation until he felt the bed shift again as the younger boy put the rail back up. He opened his eyes, holding a hand out to Kurt again. "I'm going to go… let you sleep. I'll see you tomorrow after school."

"You don't have to leave…"

"You need to get some rest. And I want to go to the library before it closes."

"You're not going to go research epilepsy or something like that, are you?" Blaine asked, raising an eyebrow. "Wes knows pretty much everything there is to know… I'm sure he'd love to give you a lecture on anything and everything you might ever want to know." Blaine dropped his hand onto the bed as Kurt walked over to the other side of the bed and leaned over to press a kiss on Blaine's forehead.

"I'll come see you tomorrow. You should get some rest." Kurt started to turn away, but Blaine reached out and took the younger boy's wrist, pulling him back.

"Please don't leave… not without a kiss." It only took a moment for the younger boy to lean down and press his soft lips against Blaine's, but it was more than enough for Blaine. All he wanted was to know that the younger boy wasn't pissed off at him.