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I roared to a stop on my motorcycle, outside the church in Godric's Hollow, turning into a dog as soon as my feet hit the ground. No one seemed to notice the noise. Children darted through the streets, laughing and giggling, screaming with each other as they ran up the walks to the various houses to demand a trick or a treat and usually receive candy.

I picked up my pace, weaving in between their scurrying feet. Some silly child dressed as a clown reached out and tried to pat him on the head, despite common sense that one should not pet a stray dog. My claws clicked on the pavement, my tongue hung out of my mouth. I was excited to see them. I hadn't see Lily and James, or my wonderful godson in so long.

I rounded the corner and my feet skidded to a halt on the sidewalk. The house… The entire roof was caved in on a section. It looked as if it had been blown up from the inside out. I picked up the pace again, pushing through the fence and running toward the front door. I changed into a human midway up the sidewalk, scrambling for my wand.

"Lily!" I shouted. "James! Harry!... James…"

I scrambled over a piece of wood and pushed open the front door, which hung off of the hinges.

"James!" I shouted, falling to the ground next to my best friend. He lay with his face down in the rubble, glasses askew. I reached out and rolled him over. His eyes stared blankly up at me, hazel with wide ever staring pupils. A noise caught in my throat. I held my hand to my mouth, closing his eyes. I moved to my feet, leaning against the doorframe, starting to cry. My brother…

But there was hope… Lily and Harry. There was still a chance they made it out alive. I shook my head, shaking the hair out of my face, wiping away the tears. Hands shaking, I walked into the sitting room, which was completely destroyed. Except, James's wand was lying on the sofa, untouched, in perfect condition. He must've left it there, thinking it had to be me approaching… but I had come too late. If I'd come just seconds before, I could've helped them,,,

I passed into the empty, undisturbed kitchen. The only thing that happened there was a pan fell off of the counter, landing upside down in the floor, the remnants of dinner in it. Then a loud cry jerked me out of the trance.

"Harry!' I shouted, running for the stairs.

I hurried up the stairs, one of which was caved in. I followed the cries down the hallway, and to the bedroom, I knew to be Harry's.

"Lily," I said, my voice falling silent again. She was splayed on her back on the floor, her face still wet with tears, green eyes shimmering in the yellow light. Behind her, there was Harry, sitting still, hands at his sides, tears pouring out of his eyes as he screamed and cried. Across his forehead was a torn up looking scar, in the exact shape of a lightning bolt. At the sight of him, I began to cry too. I reached out and picked him up, pulling him into my arms. He wailed against my shoulder as I rocked him back and forth, as the world shattered around the both of us.

"What happened? Where did Voldemort go?" I demanded. He just screamed into my side. "It's okay… Harry." Even though it wasn't. "I'll take care of you, Harry. I'll take care of you." I rocked him back and forth, unsure of what to do. And then it crashed on me.


Anger clenched its fist around my stomach, locking tight as iron around the organ. I nearly vomited. He had betrayed them. He had sold them out to Voldemort. His best friend. James. He had always been… when we were in school. I had no idea… how he could've done this.

"Oh Merlin!" I heard from downstairs. And then there was more wailing.

I turned around and headed down the stairs, leaving Lily on the floor, because all I could do was hold Harry, he was all that there was. Why hadn't Voldemort killed him? He was what he had been after all along. I knew… of all the things in this world, I had to protect him.

Rubeus Hagrid was standing in the entryway of the Potter's house, crying puddles out of his eyes, which he blotted with a handkerchief the size of a table cloth.

"Lily an' James…" he said, sobbing loudly.

"Hagrid…" I said, patting him on the arm.

"Black, yeh need ter give Harry ter me," he commanded through the sobs.

"I can't…' I said. If he took him from me, I would find Peter. I could find him. I knew I could. Sniff him out like the rat he was.

"Yeh got to," Hagrid said. "Dumbledore said so. Bathilda Bagshot told him what happened."

"But… Voldemort…" I said, clinging to the child in my arms who had finally grown silent, though tears still were streaming out of his eyes.

"He's gone," Hagrid said. "Vanished. Somethin' happened when he tried ter curse Harry. He… He tried ter kill Harry, an' Harry survived…"

"He survived a killing curse?' I demanded, incredulous. "How does Dumbledore know…?"

"I dunno, don't ask me," Hagrid said. "Dumbledore has his reasons. All I know is he said ter give Harry ter me, and I'm suppose ter meet him in Little Whinging, in Surrey…"

"Right…" I said. Thoughts running through my head. Peter. He had to… I had to find him. I realized I would probably kill him. "Take my motorbike. It's parked outside of the church. I won't be needing it… I don't think"

"All righ' then," Hagrid said, slightly confused and taking Harry from me. The baby fit in one of his hands. I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.

I watched them walk out of the house, Hagrid carefully stepping over the body of my best mate. I looked down at James.

"I'm sorry James," I said. "I should have never suggested the change. I'll make sure Harry is safe… But I need to get to him… first…"

I scrambled over James as well and ran out into the dark. I apparated before I reached the road.


The end.

Completed July 18, 2011

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