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So, this is Henry's POV.

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A sigh. She once again left the room with a sigh. Henry Branwell noticed that lately, that is all he ever gets from his wife. Her sighs, her silence, and her patience.

Henry shifted his position, making sure his ankle was not bothered as he sat back on the couch. He once again opened his book about human-like mechanisms which he has read more times than he can care to remember. But instead of seeing the words and figures in his book, his mind was seeing something else. Vivid memories from the time he first entered the Institute.

Henry shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He began reading once again but after a few minutes, he found it hard to concentrate. It is this room, he thought, it has been a while since I spent much time in this room, which holds too many memories.

He looked up from the book the he was reading to the door where his wife, Charlotte, has just exited. How ironic that the first time he saw Charlotte was when she entered this room years ago. Yes, he was still a boy back then, barely a man. He was around Will's age when he asked Charlotte's father to allow him residence in the Institute where he can continue his studies and innovations.

Then a gentle knock on the door announced the presence of a beautiful young lady and the moment they were introduced Henry knew two things for certain: one, he was attracted to this beautiful lady, Charlotte, and two, he has absolutely no chance of ever having her.

Time passed with the two of them living together peacefully- well, as peaceful as one would expect from a Shadowhunter- and little by little, Henry grew to know Charlotte. He found out that she was patient, kind and encouraging. She even tried to defend him from the others who were taunting him. She was also very organized and proud. She once even tried to understand mechanics and his inventions and he was more than happy to explain everything to her. But try as she might, she still was not able to understand his world.

Henry began to frown as the next waves of memories hit him. It was the tragic night that sealed their fate forever. Charlotte's parents- the kind and generous people who welcomed him warmly- have died. It was the first time he saw her vulnerable, weak and helpless. The charlotte he knew, which was to him as dainty as a cat yet as deadly as a tiger, was replaced by someone so broken.

He tried to help her, to comfort her. But he didn't know how to fix her. He knew mechanisms- how cogs and gears work together- and how to fix almost anything that has been broken yet he had absolutely no idea on how to fix Charlotte. So he did the one thing he could think of, he held her hand tightly, wishing that he could somehow give his strength to her.

Charlotte slowly got better after the funeral. She tried her best to run the institute despite her young age. But there were other who wanted the Institute for themselves. And then there was the condition that the Consul gave which almost shattered his world. His Charlotte has to marry in order to keep the Institute. Henry thought this was the end. Charlotte would be gone from him forever… unless. I could turn this misfortune into an opportunity he thought. So he offered to marry Charlotte. He knew she received many proposals and that his chance was slim but he had nothing else to lose and everything to gain.

Surprisingly, Charlotte accepted her proposal and they were married. Many questioned Charlotte's decision to marry him. Even he asked himself that but Charlotte never answered any of them. Rumors started that she only wished to marry him so she could have total reign in the Institute. Some said it was because she pitied him. Some think Charlotte had made the biggest mistake of her life.

Henry tried to be a good husband. But he didn't know what to do. Charlotte remained the same, never asked for anything, and never showed anything. He found himself more confused than ever so he retreated to the only thing that he was certain of, that he can decipher- his inventions.

Their life as a married couple was no different from the life they had before. He allowed her to run the Institute as she sees fit for it is her right to do so. He never got in her way and continued to support her. She never tried to interfere with his projects as well. Although sometimes, he would see Charlotte looking at him with an odd expression in her eyes. And before he could understand what it is, she would change her expression.

He saw how Charlotte strived to gain respect from their peers and he felt guilty for not being able to help her up. Instead, his failed inventions dragged her down. But she still did not complain. Whenever his inventions would explode, set fire or fail, she would just ask him to be careful next time.

While others laughed at his failures, Charlotte would just give him an encouraging smile. And because of her smiles, he tried again and again to make something that will benefit the Shadowhunters- that would help his wife. Perhaps, if he could be successful in inventing something helpful, his wife might find it in her heart to love. Perhaps he could be worthy of being her husband.

That has been his goal for the past few years. The reason why he would incessantly work on long hours in his laboratory, a way to attain her love.

Henry was startled when the door to the den burst open and Benedict Lightwood stood at the doorway.

"Where is your wife?" Benedict asked imperiously.

"I don't know. Perhaps in the library. Why do you ask?" Henry inquired.

"We have some Enclave business to discuss." Benedict answered then looked at Henry's appearance. Henry realized that his clothes may have been stained with grease and soot and his foot was injured.

"Another invention mishap, I presume?"

"Yes. You see, I was trying to improve the Phosphor's usefulness by adding more combustible chemicals to the core then improving the valve which carries the-"

"Henry, I do not understand half of what you are saying nor do I care for it." Benedict interrupted, "sometimes I wonder why Charlotte chose you. You only weigh her down."

"That is enough, Benedict. I will not have you disrespecting my husband, the master of this household, while you are in here." Charlotte's clear voice said fiercely.

"Master of the household? We both know that is not true. Now, where is the meeting taking place? I do not want to waste more of my time in this idle chit-chat."

"In the library, where it is always being held ever since the first time." Charlotte replied acidly. Benedict grunted and went past her. But he paused and looked back at Henry.

"I assume you won't be joining us, Henry? As always. Ever since the first time." and without waiting for a reply, he went out of the room.

"Don't let him get to you, dear." Charlotte said, walking towards Henry and laying a hand on his shoulder.

"Not to worry. By the evening I may have forgotten whatever it is that he said." Henry assured her.

"Alright. I must go now to the meeting. I'll tell you whatever will be discussed." She said, walking out of the door once again.

"I doubt I'll be much help but thank you, sweetheart."

Charlotte once again looked at him with that odd expression before she left the room.

And once again, Henry was confused as to what that means. He picked up his book and began reading, fully concentrated now. Benedict's words echoing in his mind.

One day, he will discover and invent a magnificent mechanism that will benefit the Shadowhunters. And once that happens, he will be worthy.

Now all he has to do is to find the mechanism- the mechanism that will bring him love.

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