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So in this story Eli and Clare are grown up with kids and spouses that are not each other…initially. They won't really be that out of character though. Reviews are greatly appreciated. Enjoy. Oh and this story was the idea of TVIsMyDrug4. Thanks for the wonderful idea ma'am. I hope I can do this story justice to how you saw it playing out in your mind. =)


Blake was supposed to home five hours ago. I sent Violet to stay with my mother tonight for nothing. I cooked this meal for nothing! I bought this nasty ass liquor for nothing and I put on heels in vain! This is my last attempt to try and save our marriage. It's clear to me he doesn't want to make it work so I won't press the issue any longer. When I get up in the morning I'll call my attorney and this can be settled.

I walked through the house crying and wiping off the makeup I'd put on. I took off the jewelry and I kicked off my heels. After I took off the dress I jumped in the shower. Once it got steamy I put my face under the spray so that it could finish wiping away the evidence of this night. I couldn't stop crying. I just… I tried so hard to be the wife he wanted. I grew my hair long even though I liked it shorter. I started wearing acrylic nails and I lost a ton of weight. All of this was so I could be the perfect wife to him. It was because this is what he wanted but my effort meant nothing to him. It didn't matter that I was starving myself or crying myself to sleep every night. All he cared about was his job and that bitch that leaves lipstick on his collar and the scent of her perfume on his clothes every night. I could hate him for this… I could hate them both for this.

Once I got out of the shower I put on a pair of leggings with a hoodie I got in college. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and I went to answer the phone that seemed out of place ringing in the middle of my nervous breakdown.


"Hello, do you know a Mr. Blake Bright."

"Yes… he's my husband. Why?"

"Well… There's been a terrible car accident. We did all we could but I'm afraid your husband is dead."

"Car accident? Dead?"

"Yes… of course we need you to sign the papers to let us get his organs. He is an organ donor."

"Yes I know. We both are… I'll be right there."

I went to the hospital. Everything seemed a little surreal. Blake didn't stand me up tonight? He was dying… He's dead! The part of me that was angry earlier suddenly got saddened and shocked. My husband is dead!

I saw his bruised and mangled body before they carted him off to surgery in an attempt to harvest all the organs they could. Who will have his heart?


"Mr. Goldsworthy Julia is completely brain dead. We have her hooked up to life support but it's basically useless because she's never coming back. However, we can't turn off the support until you agree."

"How did this happen again?"

"From what the police say…she was in the car with a gentleman when the brakes went out on a moving truck. It killed him as well."

"She was with him… She was with him when she died but she was supposed to die with me! We were supposed to die old and gray together surrounded by Taylor and Thandie's children! You hear me Julia? You were supposed to die with me! Not him! You were supposed to help me raise our daughters! Did you forget about Taylor and Thandie! You did didn't you?"

"Mr. Goldsworthy. She can't hear you… she's dead."

"She'll never come back? Are you sure?"

"Positive. Once brain activity is lost…it's not regained."

"Then… I'll sign them. I don't want to keep her like this."

"Very well. Would you like to donate her organs?"

"Sure. Why not? Do you know who will get her heart?"

After signing the papers I walked out of the room. They carted Julia off the surgery to take her organs. I was sad that she died but something inside me was filled with rage. Why was he the last one to see her and hold her? It was supposed to be me! I'm the one who slipped the ring on her finger, quoted the vows and raised a family with her. I deserved to get to die with her.

While I was walking into the waiting room I saw Clare Bright from across the street. Her kids and mine play together and they are on the same soccer team. I wonder what she's doing here. Unless the entire neighborhood just knows about Julia.



"What are you doing here?"

"My husband just died."

"So did…my wife."


"In a car accident."

"Julia too."

We looked at each other as if there was a realization. There were just too many coincidences between their deaths. All these months I've been wondering who she'd leave to go see. All these months I've been wondering whose cologne it was caught in the fabric of her sweaters and bras. Now I know that the culprit was probably right across the street all along. Oh Julia.


Greedy pigs. All they are concerned about is food. All they cared about was how the body looked. Why should that matter when it's going underground? They don't care the Violet will have to grow up without her father and they seem to just omit the fact that death parted Blake and I before it was time. At least that's the way I see it.

Violet sat in her dad's favorite chair with her pigtails dangling to her sides. I walked over to her and I lightly scratched the top of her head. She looked up at me with tears running down her face. I sat down in the chair and I put her in my lap. I hugged my daughter and she hugged me back.

"Mommy who are all these people?"

"I was just about to ask you the same thing… Do you want me to tell them to leave?"

"Yes. Everybody but grandma and grandpa."

"Alright then. I will tell them to leave."

I asked the people to leave. They did but not before packing up mile high plates of food and desserts. At least my aunts were nice enough to clean up my kitchen before they left though. I have just never understood how people can be so inconsiderate during such a trying time.

When everybody was gone my baby and I sat together and remember her father fondly. Even if these last few years have been bumpy… He was still my husband.


I sat in a chair and I watched my two raven haired girls sleeping on the couch. Dammit Julia, how am I going to raise two girls? I don't know anything about girl stuff. How will I know how to style their hair and deal with the other things that come with them being females. Thandie woke up and looked around. When she saw me she ran over and I placed her on my lap.

"Why did mommy die?"

"I don't know."

"Are you going to start drinking absinthe and hanging out at the graveyard?"

"No. Who told you that?"

"Cousin Susan… Daddy… what's absinthe?"


"Why would Susan say something like that?"

"Because she's an idiot."



"Are you going to die too?"

"I hope not sweetie… I hope not. What makes you ask that?"

"Because I heard Grandma Cece telling Grandpa Bullfrog that she's afraid you'll kill yourself."

"It's not nice to eavesdrop. What else did you hear?"

"Well… Aunt Wanda said you had a stupid haircut and a stupid car and that she can't believe they let you teach college."

"Well I could say the same thing about her wigs, Tina Turner dresses and her driving but I won't..."


"Yes Thandie?"

"Are you going to have to send one of us away to live somewhere else? If so can you send Taylor? I heard Uncle Kip needs help on the farm."

"No I'm not going to send one of you away. You are both staying here. Why would you want to send your sister away anyway?"

"She's mean!"

"She's not. She's just like your mom at that age."

"You knew mom when she was seven?"

"Yes… She used to beat me up, put gum in my hair and make me eat dirt."

"Ha ha…dad you got beat up by a girl."

"Laugh if you want but she was tough… She always has been."

Even though I felt like I was going to fall apart, talking to my daughter and telling her funny stories from my childhood helped me get through it. I used to never understand how people could think their children's laughter and happiness would make everything okay but now I see why. Their little giggles are infectious and even though it feels like my heart will fall right out of my chest and onto the floor, I know it won't and I know that I'll get up tomorrow and live life. Not because I want to but because I have to. If not for myself then for Taylor and Thandie… for my girls.

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