So guys, this is the last chapter. I feel like I've taken Eli, Clare, Violet, Thandie, Taylor and Chubbs where they needed to go. I've enjoyed writing this story and I hope you've enjoyed reading… Um there will probably be a sequel but for now here is their happy ending. =)


New York is busy. I've always wanted to come and now I finally have my chance. It's hard to believe that only a couple months ago Eli's book got published and now we are here for some kind of award. It seems he has the best book of the year according to the judges or whatever so we are here for this awards ceremony. Of course Fiona showed us around the city and we got to meet her twin brother Declan. The girls are… the girls. Thandie is looking at the fashion. Taylor is looking at the rude people and Violet is looking at the street performers and panhandlers and getting bad ideas.

While we walked to the place that fries Twinkies I held Chubbs. You'll be happy to know that he's walking now which is a good thing because I don't know how much longer I'll be able to carry him with my huge belly. I'm pregnant again, another boy. Who would have thought!

We finally reached the restaurant and luckily a group of college kids let us have their spot because I was pregnant. The bump does have its perks. I must admit that much. After we sat down everybody ordered then the usual table talk started.

"So dad you're a big famous writer now."

"Yeah sort of Violet. What are you getting at?"

"Okay kid, let's face it….give it a year or two tops and your face is gonna be plastered on every daytime talk show and magazine in the western world so I say think smart and start early. Be the face for something great…you write books so sign a deal to be the face of kindle…Dad I'm just looking out for you. This town can make you or break you."

"Violet stop trying to make Eli rich and famous."

"Mom… speaking of fame I've been meaning to talk to you about some issues. Chubbs is a fat baby… people like fat babies, especially fat babies who ain't scared to show a little cheek. I say stick him on a few huggies commercials and the kid is set for life."

Eli and I just laughed at her antics although I must admit her ideas are always legitimate and good. Maybe we should start listening to her. After convincing Violet that we were fine just the way we were she went back to trying to manage Thandie's career. So far she's gotten her three modeling jobs for places that didn't really need models. I guess she has a gift. Maybe I'll send her to young entrepreneur's camp this summer when Thandie goes to modeling camp and Taylor goes to karate camp. In a few short months all the girls will be gone for six weeks but it's a part of growing up I guess. Meeting new people, staying away from home and finding separate interests.

When I was done indulging myself in both fish and chips and a fried Twinkie, we all left too full to walk. Lucky for us Fiona Coyne and baby Lizzie came to the rescue along with Adam. We all hopped into her ride and she took us to her pent where we were staying.

Eli was looking over his note cards nervously. He doesn't want his speech to be too long or too short or too personal or too distant… He's been editing it and practicing it since they told him he'd be the one winning the award last week. I linked my arm with his and I kissed his cheek. He looked at me and smiled slightly.

"You know I have a speech to practice."

"You don't have to practice it; it will come naturally like the words you write."

"I just don't want to mess up. All those people will be watching."

"Eli you are a college professor…you have people watching you every day. It will be fine. We'll be rooting for you. Me, the model, the tomboy and the…female heavy…"

He kissed my lips and I should have known that we'd get caught by Adam.

"Hey now cut that out! That's how Clare got in that shape in the first place!"

"Yup Adam it sure is but I just can't stop kissing this woman…."

"You guys are sickening."

"Oh Adam I think it's cute. They still flirt. Why don't you ever flirt with me?"

"Dammit Eli, see what you and your romance has done… now you've got Fiona raising the bar. I'm gonna have to go to the gym now."
"Adam I like you as you are I'm just saying…a little romance and flirting would be nice. Do I even still make you nervous?"



"When you have that green mask on your face with those teddy bear pajamas… I can just tell that I'm about to get cursed out when I see that and it scares me."

"Don't believe him guys."

"Don't worry Fi, Eli and I know the truth."

We shared a good laugh and we made it to the pent. I sat down on the couch with Chubbs asleep in my arms. I lay him on the couch and he woke up just to crawl back into my lap and go to sleep. I don't know what I'm going to do when the other baby gets here. I don't think Chubbs is the type to share a mommy or daddy…even though there's enough of me to go around he wants it all.


We walked into the award show's venue and nervousness flooded my body again. I don't think I'm going to make it through this. All these strange faces staring at me with ridicule in their eyes and sarcastic smirks…. Clare must have known I was starting to mentally panic because she grabbed my hand and rubbing my arm to try and soothe me.

"Eli I promise it's going to be fine. Just act natural. Be yourself up there. You've done a million book readings this year so accepting an award will be a snap."

"I'm just…this is big."

"I know it's big Eli but you are bigger."

"It's big but I'm bigger."

"That's right."

We got seated at our table. The girls chatted about the size of the cupcakes that were going to be passed out for dessert and Fiona chatted with Clare about baby weight. Me, Adam and Chubbs were outnumbered by all the women so we just sat back and let them converse.

The ceremony started. It was full or excerpts, previews and most of all speeches. I didn't receive my award until the very end…

"The winner of the best novel of the year goes to a person who is relatively new to this writing business but whose work was so influential that they are getting respect from the older writers, the younger writers and reaching new audiences in mass proportions. Ladies and gentleman, the recipient of the best novel of the year away is Elijah Goldsworthy."

I got up and went on my way to the stage. Everybody was cheering but I could especially hear the people from my table…my family and my friends. I got the award from the announcer and I thanked him then I stepped up to the Mic and podium.

"Wow, I don't really know that to say because when I was rehearsing my speech my wife made me stop so I'll start by saying that I want to thank god, I want to thank my wife, our children, and our family for pushing me, believing in me and for being the first ones in line to buy my book when it was released…even though the kids weren't allowed to read it. I want to thank the judges for granting this to me. This is an amazing award and I really want to thank the readers because without you no book would be of any value. In closing I want to say that life is a book itself, it's just up to you to put the events on paper. Thank you."

Everyone cheered and I went back to the table. Clare greeted me with a hug and a kiss then we sat down. After a few more words from the host the show was over and the girls got to get their jumbo cupcakes. I mingled with a few other writers and I almost passed out when I met Stephen King. I mean who wouldn't be excited to meet the horror book mogul?

After rubbing elbows with the writers I've loved for years we left and went back to the pent where we had a little celebration. Adam popped open some sparkling grape juice… since Clare can't drink and we all had a toast. Tonight can't possibly get any better unless Clare decides she's in the mood for romance.


After the girls and Chubbs were all tucked into bed I went to the room Eli and I were sleeping in. He was sitting up in bed with a sneaky smirk on his face. I went over to my suitcase and I pulled out the pregnancy sex pillow. He didn't know I bought it but he does now.

"Clare what are you implying?"

"That I want to naked in ten seconds."

He lost his boxers and he walked over to me. He was already erect. He must have been expecting this. He pulled my gown over my head and threw it to the side before pulling me as close as we could get and kissing me on the lips aggressively. While we kissed and petted like teenagers Eli started to talk.

"Clare thank you."

"For what?"

"Everything. Encouraging me, being there for me…everything. I love you."

"I love you too and thank you."

I lay back on the slanted pillow and he entered me but not too forcefully. As he moved his length and gathered a rhythm the pleasure started to come. I tried not to be vocal but a moan slipped out. Eli chuckled at what he'd made me do. He sped up and my first orgasm hit me like and icy hot wave of niceness. I wanted to yell out but I didn't want to wake everyone in the building so I muted it by screaming into the pillow instead. Eli didn't stop for my orgasm however, he kept going causing me to cum more than once until finally he joined me and we spiraled into the blissful, orgasmic euphoria together with him slumped over me hugging me from behind and me soaking up all the love he had to give.

After we were done making love we showered together in the fancy tub and we put our night clothes back on. We opened the blinds, turned off the light and cuddled under the covers letting the lights from the busy city into the bedroom. He held me in his arms while we sat there in the silence. Finally we did speak.

"I love you Eli."

"I love you too Clare."


New York was great but when I got back to Toronto I couldn't have been happier. It's been about a month since I won the award and life has gotten a little more hectic but I wouldn't call myself a super star or anything. The girls are leaving for summer camp in a week and life just seems to be moving on….which is great. I sat in Chubbs room grading papers and working on my latest book while he chewed on a teddy bear. For some reason this is my favorite writing spot. While I was finishing up the last sentence on another chapter I heard Clare call out.

"Clare what's wrong?"

"Eli! It's time!"

I panicked and went a little insane. Luckily the girls were still here to help me get my bearings. I got Clare's bag and the girls got Chubbs, the car seat and th baby's bag…they also called our moms, the doctor, Alli and Adam. I was in charge of driving. Once we made it to the hospital they had a chair waiting on Clare. We went back and they checked her.

"Things are moving along quickly Mrs. Edwards-Goldsworthy. Too quick for pain medicine I'm afraid because at this rate you'll be a mama in forty five minutes."

The lady was right because forty five minutes later Clare was pushing out our second child together and yelling her head off. I was holding her hand for support even though it felt like she was trying to break it.

"Come on Clare you can do it!"

"Shut up Eli! You got me into this mess! Just shut up! I hate you!"


"I'm so sorry baby I don't hate you! This just hurts! It hurts so bad I ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"I know you love me Clare, but you have to push…"

She gave the doctor one more big push and then crying filled the air. The baby was fat but he didn't have Chubbs beat. He was red headed like Clare. Who would have thought? They cleaned him off and they laid him on Clare's chest. He stopped crying then. I guess he just wanted to be held.

"Hi little guy… I'm your daddy and this is your mama Clare. I'm the good parent but she can be okay when she wants to be."

"Don't listen to him baby… I'm the good parent."

After they got everything cleaned up and stable they called our family and friends into the room. The girls were in awe over the little carrot topped baby and Chubbs just looked at him like he was a strange toy. It will take some adjustments but they will learn to love each other. Clare decided to name the baby Sam… Sam Edward Goldsworthy. It had a nice ring to it huh?

When it started to get late our family and friends left giving us some privacy. It was just me, Clare and the kids… all five of them. Soon they fell asleep on the little hospital bed and it was just me and Clare up looked at the new baby trying to decide who he looks like more.

"He has my hair but he looks like you… wanna dye your hair red so we can see how he'll look in a few years?"

"Nah… I don't think I can pull it off…. I'm proud of you."


"You had a baby. Thank you."

"No biggie…"

After that we didn't say anything else because our eyes said it all. We kissed, put the baby back in the bassinet and I turned out the lights in the room. I have everything a man could need. I'm fulfilled in my career; I have a beautiful and wonderful wife with great kids and a host of family and friends who anybody would kill to have. I finally let myself go and fully forgive Julia and Blake. They were twisted and wrong and evil but without the storm they put us through, Clare and I would have never found the sunshine we have today. I guess you just gotta go through the coals to get to the diamonds.

So what did you think? Reviews please! Oh and when I do make a sequel it will have a similar name….. Thanks for reading all this time guys! I really do enjoy writing for you all!