I have been dreaming of this story for a while. If it turns out like my dreams, then it will be my favorite fic ever that I've written. Thanks for taking the time to read. Please let me know what you think. I'm always nervous to start a new story. I wrote it listening to "Someone Like You" by Adele on repeat track. That's for getting me addicted, CB!

Kurt Hummel remembered exactly the day...the moment even, when he forgave David Karofsky.

It wasn't on his first day back at McKinley, when Dave cornered him in a small classroom and offered a stumbling apology.

Nor was it when Dave joined Glee club, and become a part of their small group. A part that they'd accepted begrudgingly, but a part none the less.

It wasn't when he'd found his cake topper and an envelope full of cash labeled "for ruined clothes" shoved into his locker.

It wasn't even when Dave distanced himself from all of his jock friends, and could no longer be accused of even a whisper of bullying.

Kurt hadn't forgiven him after all of that. Wouldn't consider trusting him. Instead, he waited nervously.

For the other shoe to drop.

For Dave to unveil whatever elaborate and cruel joke he was playing.

A person just didn't stop being a bully.

That kind of thing only happened in cheesy after school specials. Not in real life. Not at McKinley. And certainly not with Dave "The Fury" Karofsky.

But then came that day. That moment.

Kurt had been waiting for Finn to get done with practice so that they could ride home together. Burt had said that, with gas prices being what they were, they both did not need to drive to school as their schedules were almost identical.

Except for Wednesdays.

On Wednesday Kurt got done tutoring freshmen in French at 4:15, and Finn wasn't done baseball practice until 4:45.

So; every Wednesday; for 30 minutes, Kurt waited.

That day he was waiting on the front steps of the school. It was a bracing late spring day. The sun was shining, but the air still had a hint of chill. Only 6 more weeks of school, and they'd be off for summer break.

Kurt was counting the hours. He was working on his dad, trying to get him to agree to send Kurt on a 2 week Contiki bus tour of Europe. He'd found a great deal online and he would be technically old enough to go on his own. He wanted and needed to get out Lima. Just for a little while.

On that Wednesday, he had been dreaming of Paris; head tilted back to capture the warmth of the sun, when he heard something that; though he hadn't known it at the time, would be the catalyst to changing the way he saw the world.

He heard the sound of someone crying.

Kurt normally didn't get involved in the drama of people he didn't know. It was mentally exhausting, with no emotional payoff.

But whoever was crying sounded absolutely desolate.

And that was a feeling that Kurt could relate to. The feeling that had driven him away from this school in the first place.

Sighing, he had stowed his bag under a nearby bench and went to investigate.

Walking around the perimeter of the building, he heard the sound of crying escalating, but it was now intermixed with something else.


Oh God, someone was being bullied.

Suddenly, his heartbeat was shaking his whole body and his palms itched with sweat and nerves.

He hadn't been bullied; not once since coming back to McKinley. He'd almost convinced himself it wasn't happening to anyone else either.

Clearly he'd been deluding himself.

Kurt Hummel wasn't a coward. His father hadn't raised him to be one, and dealing with being openly gay in a small Ohio town had made him even stronger. He'd run once, and learned that it didn't solve anything, didn't make the problem go away.

Maybe he couldn't help this kid who was crying, but running wouldn't make the problem go away either.

Bracing himself; fixing a look of defiance onto his colorless face, he took the first step around the corner.

Before he could take even one more step, the scene exploded before his eyes.

Frantically his brain processed the information in front of him.

Small, red headed kid. A freshmen. In the band, with glasses and head gear for his braces.

Backed up against the brick wall.

Surrounded by 3 jocks; ones Kurt remembered from his days of being bullied.

They'd knocked his glasses off, his tuba lay on the ground, and his terrified eyes were welled up with tears; a black bruise already forming around the edge of one. He was visibly shaking, his chest heaving with muted sobs.

All of this registered second in Kurt's mind.

The first thing that registered; the first thing he'd seen, had been another boy; not one of the 3 bullies, but also in a letterman jacket.

He'd been few steps ahead of Kurt, coming from the opposite direction.

And he'd taken in the scene, his feet already running.

Kurt saw him break through the line of bullies and place his body in front of the boy.

Seen him reach blindly down; still shielding the freshman, grabbing the kid's glasses and tuba, and handing them to him.

Kurt realized that he was frozen. Unable to move. Unable to believe what and who he was seeing.

David Karofsky.

David Karofsky was standing in front of the freshmen, protecting him with his body.

Kurt suddenly realized that they were speaking. The bullies.

"Oh lookie here. We've been wondering where you've been, Karofsky. What are you, some kind of Batman now? "

The 3 boys laughed.

"Yeah, what's the deal, Karofsky? First you tell everyone to lay off that fairy Hummel, now this? What are you, some kind of queer protector?"

They laughed again; as if they had said something funny.

Kurt; used to Dave's anger, was surprised to see the other boy was seemingly calm, his face expressionless.

"Yeah, I guess I am. Thanks for noticing. Now get out of here, leave this poor kid alone and go pick on someone your own size"

Kurt couldn't believe he'd just heard those words come out of Dave's mouth. From his frozen position, he gave his head a little shake, trying to reorient himself to reality. Because in the world he knew; this would never happen.

The jocks didn't appear daunted by Dave's words.

"Well, you look about our size, Davey boy. Why don't we just pick on you, then?"

Dave smiled; and even from a distance Kurt could see that his eyes were cold.

"Sure, Jones. Let's rumble. I am sure that your probation officer will have a sense of humor about it. And Harris, I'd be happy to fight you as long as you know that no amount of fighing is going to make that dick any bigger. And, McFarland, I hear you're pretty good in a fight. Oh wait...wrong McFarland. That would be your sister, wouldn't it?"

Stunned silence met Dave's coolly delivered speech. Finally, one of them; Kurt thought it was Jones, spoke.

"You know what? You're not even worth it, Karofsky… besides; I don't want to touch you. All the time you spend protecting these queers, who knows what diseases you've picked up"

The other two laughed, but it was more subdued...even a little nervous.

Backing away, they grabbed their backpacks and took off.

Kurt watched as Dave turned to the little red headed kid. He was still shaking.

"You ok, kid?"

Kurt had never heard that tone in Dave's voice. He sounded almost...gentle.

The freshmen stuttered that he was fine. He couldn't seem to stem the flow of tears cascading down his pale, freckled cheeks.

Dave smiled at him; clapping him on the shoulder.

"Trust me when I say that they do this to everyone. Just remember that the problem is with them, not you. And don't hesitate to ask for help, ok? You don't have to face this alone"

The boy nodded; swiping his hand impatiently across his wet cheeks.

Dave picked up his own book bag and helped the other kid pick up the last of his things. Then; nodding toward the corner of the building he spoke to the other boy.

"If you'll look over there, you'll see Kurt Hummel. I'm sure you've heard of him and the Glee Club. Kurt's been through what you went through a hundred times. He's the bravest kid I know. He'll have some tissues and good advice for you. Is your mom picking you up?"

Kurt was shocked. He had forgotten that he was plainly visible and he never thought he'd hear words like those come from Dave's mouth. His mind was so busy grappling with this new Dave that he almost missed the next exchange.

"Yeah, my mom's coming, but not until my brother gets done baseball at 4:45"

Dave gave the other kid a friendly push in Kurt's direction.

"That's ok, it's Wednesday. Kurt will be here until 4:45 too"

And with that; he was gone.

Not realizing that he had changed Kurt's world in those 5 minutes.

Dave protecting this kid had unlocked a door in Kurt's heart; his soul even, which he hadn't realized he'd slammed shut.

It healed some part of him he hadn't been aware was still broken.

It was on that day; in that exact moment, that Kurt Hummel forgave David Karofsky.