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My Enemy, My Mate?

Chapter 1 – Revelations

The serene quiet of the forest was disturbed by the thundering steps of something moving, moving fast. A beautiful russet wolf ran at break neck speed through the foliage. It was a magnificent looking creature, larger than any normal wolf, its coat of auburn shimmering in the rays of the sun that managed to find their way through the thick canopy of trees.

It was a rare sunny day in the cloud covered grey of the small town of Forks. The wolf broke through the trees into a clearing that led away to some cliffs overlooking a beach.

A few seconds later a naked young man stood in the place of the wolf staring at the sea in the distance. He was a perfect specimen of the male form, from the tan skin that glowed in the sun to the sinuous muscles that rippled as he stretched; every curve and plane of his body was taut and smooth. In spite of all the musculature, he wasn't bulky, instead looked lean and toned. He stood tall at 6 feet and 3 inches; he seemed to exude power and swiftness with each movement.

His coal black hair was long, shoulder length and only served to add to his good looks. He quickly put on a pair of cut off jeans which had been tied to his ankle. A gentle wind picked up and the young man relaxed his large frame against some rocks and decided to soak up the sun which had put in a rare appearance in the otherwise rainy weather.

Jacob Black sighed in content, reveling in the feeling of being at peace. Unlike the "good old days" as he liked to think of them, he hadn't been his usual happy self for sometime now. He missed his carefree attitude to life when the biggest worry would usually be around a pop quiz at school. This past year had been tumultuous with the changes it brought and threw the course of his life into a completely different direction. His expression turned pensive as he thought of all the events that led him to this moment…

It all began with the arrival of Bella Swan, Charlie's daughter to Forks. Bella made friends at Forks High School, and these friends turned out to be none other than the infamous Cullen clan.

He had heard stories about the Cullens from his father and grandfather. These stories were part of the folklore and legend of how the Quileute tribe came to be, and they were passed down from generation to generation. The Cullens were the Cold Ones – Bloodsuckers, Vampires. His tribe had descended from Wolves and the legend spoke of certain people within the tribe with the gene that remained dormant until they were required to become what they had always been – Shape shifters, Protectors, Werewolves. The Cold Ones were their mortal enemies. The Shape shifters were honor bound to protect both their tribe and any other humans from the Cold Ones.

Jacob had heard the stories many times and thought them to be just that – stories. It was only when he found himself running a temperature of 108, maintaining it with no discomfort, phasing to a huge russet wolf at will, healing within minutes of any injury, no matter how severe did he realize that the stories were all true.

The Cullens were different from their other brethren. They didn't hunt humans to satisfy their urge for blood; they sustained themselves on animals instead. A long time ago when the Cullens had first come to these lands, a treaty had been signed between the tribe's chief – Jacob's great great grandfather and them. The treaty divided the lands between the Quileute and the Cullens. An invisible boundary that they must adhere to at all times. No Cullen would be allowed on the lands of the Quileute, though the tribe was free to go anywhere. The Cullens were bound to hunt on their part of the lands and not allowed to harm any humans in any way while they were staying in Forks. If any of these conditions were violated in any way, a war would be called upon them.

It was strange to Jacob that he was living proof of the legends and stories that he had listened to with fascination as a child. Jacob Black had descended from the chief who had first made the treaty with the Cullens – Ephraim Black. It came as no surprise to the tribe elders that he was one of the few chosen to carry on the legacy of the Shape Shifters. When Bella had started dating one of the Cullens, Jacob had thought nothing much of it except for harbor a feeling of jealousy against the guy who took up all of her time. Bella however wasn't ignorant of the true nature of the Cullens. She knew them for what they truly were, and accepted them. Infact she was adamant to become one of them in order to stay with her boyfriend forever. All of this was unknown to Jacob until one day the Cullens left town.

Bella went through an emotional break down and started spending all her time with Jacob.

He had become her anchor, her support, her best friend. Jacob hoped that with time she would allow him to be more. The phasing began when some other bloodsuckers came visiting Forks.

In that one week Jacob learned that the stories he had heard around the campfire were no laughing matter. Jacob was happy that he could protect Bella from the danger of the bloodsuckers that were after her. They were killed in a matter of weeks by the pack. The next turn of events was something no one had expected.

Bella decided to leave Forks for good. She couldn't deal with all the memories of Edward and the Cullens. She was ecstatic and then furious when he contacted her after her cliff diving episode and disappeared again. "He said it would be like he never existed! Then why did he call? It's ok for him to break his promises, but it's not ok for me! Why does he think he can just walk into my life and make me believe he cares and then just walk out again? Alice just tell him to stay out of my life. He is never ever to contact me. I don't want him to. I can't take it. I just can't take it anymore." Bella had screamed in rage through her tears at Edward's sister.

Jacob had begged her with everything he had to offer not to leave. To give him a chance. Just one chance. He would never break her heart or hurt her. He would spend his whole life proving his love to her. He loved her so much…couldn't she try to stay for his sake? "Jake I love you ... but I don't love you as much as him…" It tore at his insides to hear that. She had left the next weekend vowing to never return to Forks. She left Jacob a small note of apology, and then she was gone. Jacob had lost his best friend and the girl he was in love with.

Sure he had the pack, but eventually, even they had tired of the constant flow of thoughts running through his head. "Jake, please man, we love you and all but you gotta get a hold of yourself…enough with moping over the Swan girl!" Embry had told him, exasperated. Their minds were connected as if one being when they were phased, all the wolves could feel the thoughts and emotions of each other.

They could view the memories as if they had experienced those themselves. The link was a double edged sword. The pack didn't want to experience any more of the morose emotions rolling off of Jacob.

Sam, the Alpha of the pack, called a special meeting excluding Jacob, and told all of the wolves in no uncertain terms that the pack would help Jacob get his life back on track. They were a Pack, a Team - Family. He wouldn't abandon a pack mate in his time of need. Sam made sure that Jacob got patrols alone. When he wasn't patrolling, he was surrounded by his pack mates. They would go cliff diving, hang out at the diner in Forks, go camping & trekking around the forest on the Rez, work together on the assignments for home schooling since none of the pack could go to regular school now.

Slowly and gradually Jacob had begun to heal, to forget the pain, to numb the sharp edge of the memories…today after a long time he had felt like running through the forest without worrying about being the only one phased. The sun had come out after a long absence and Jacob wanted to visit his favorite spot in La Push, the small cliff overlooking the beach. He fell asleep lying in the sun and woke when the sky was ablaze with the different hues of reds, orange, and violets. Jacob rose in one swift motion, judging by the color of the sky, it was almost time for his patrol and he was at the other end of the area he was supposed to survey. He'd need to hurry if he wanted to be on time…being tardy on duty was not something Sam was going to appreciate. Well, he'd just have to take a shortcut. Jacob phased and loped off into the forest.

Shit! I'm so freakin dead! Why did I go to sleep on the cliff at all? I have watch with Leah today and she will chew my brains out for being late! And then just to make it worse she'll tell Sam. Have to hurry.

Jacob swerved hurriedly towards the road to Forks. He ran parallel to the road in his wolf form as far as the line of trees would allow. Soon however, the vegetation gave way to picket fences and mowed lawns. He would have to cut across part of the town, but it was fine if it helped him save time and reach his destination on time. It wasn't until Jacob was running along the streets with houses, turning the last corner that he came to a sudden halt. It was awhile since he'd come here, he paused as he got closer to Bella's house. Sure, it didn't hurt as much now, but he still felt the pinprick of the times gone by.

He felt a pang of longing, which was quickly replaced with betrayal and anger. He stood across the street from her house looking up at the window to her room, lost in his own world. It had been a few minutes when he realized that this wasn't the way he was going to make up time for running behind on schedule. He shook his head to clear his mind.

Maybe I should've just taken the longer route.

"Maybe you should have" a soft melodic voice spoke. Jacob's nostrils burnt with the acrid smell of the vampire standing a few feet away from him, glaring at him threateningly. Jacob scoffed at the vampire's stance earning a low warning growl in return. The Cullens had returned a month after Bella's departure. Jacob wasn't certain why. Perhaps they thought Bella would eventually come back if she found out that they had returned.

"Just because the treaty allowed you on these lands don't think you can order me about where I can or cannot go. I will come and go where I please and when I please leech," Jacob sneered in return. He would have to calm himself, it wasn't that late yet and if he phased out of anger they could attract attention. He took a few deep breathes while staring down at the vampire watching the words have their effect.

"What do you think you're doing under Bella's window? Why are you wishing she was here now? Typical Dog. Pinning for what you can't have. Your constant unwanted advances are what made her leave."

Jacob whipped around stunned at the words slipping from Edward's lips. He was furious. A silent scream was building in his body. All he wanted to do was let it rip from his lungs into the quiet of the street. "You are a fine one to talk bloodsucker! What are you doing here? Came to count the stars? You let her go, you had her and you still couldn't keep her" His voice dripped disgust. "Face it. She dumped you. Your huge ego just can't take it. " Jacob all but spat the words, contempt, anger, and bitterness lacing his tone. He turned around taking in gulps of air to steady the molten lava of anger that was bursting through his veins. His inner beast begging him to let it take over his mind and body. He shook silently as he struggled to keep it in check.

"I just can't take it anymore …" as the memory of what truly happened flashed in Jacob's head; he heard a surprised gasp from behind him. The vampire read the truth of the words in Jacob's head. Jacob turned to see a stunned look on Edward's face.

"Yeah, shocker" he smirked.

For the first time in a long time Edward was at a loss of words. He couldn't believe what he had seen in Jacob's head. As much as he wanted to deny the truth of the memories he had glimpsed, he knew Jacob was far too emotionally distraught in that moment to have made it up. Edward had seen the hurt flash in Jacob's eyes as Edward's words had hit him. He had heard the fury and bitterness in the tone with which he had dealt Edwards his own blow.

Why? Why would Alice lie to him? Why would she tell him that Bella left because her mother insisted that she come back to Florida and because Jacob was trying to pressure Bella into going out with him? His beautiful Bella, his sweet innocent Bella… gone. He had driven her away. It was his fault and Alice had lied to him. He knew it was to protect him. It would have killed Edward to find out that she left because of the pain his actions caused.

Jacob watched the different emotions play across Edwards's usually impassive face.

Shock. Confusion. Disbelief. Sadness.

In that moment, Jacob felt a weight lift off his chest. This had been the final nail in the coffin.

He took the time to observe Edward, and realized that he truly felt sorry for the vampire.

"Then what are you doing here?" asked Edward quietly, his voice drawing Jacob from his thoughts and he noticed the vampire watching him intently. Jacob considered just running off; then he shrugged "using a shortcut, I have to reach the other side of the forest for patrol"

Both stood awkwardly waiting for the other to leave first. A thought popped in Jacob's head.

That's probably the first non-violent/insulting thing I've ever said to him. Edward chuckled.

"I agree." He responded in his dulcet tone.

Edward nodded slightly, and turned his gaze to Bella's bedroom window. He turned back to find the spot empty. Only the lingering smell reminded him that the young wolf had actually stood in the empty space a few feet away.