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(12 years ago)

The great Swamp of Termina, the kingdom of the Dekus. The land here was blessed by much plant life and different insect like organism's that thrived in this misty and murky environment. Two wet for the Goron race, and yet two dry for the Zora race, but the Dekus all lived happily in this land surrounded by nutrient rich soil and clean running fresh water.

Today was a busy day for the Deku's, the annual clock town's Festival of Time was a mere week away. The Deku Scrubs who resided in this land were all busily harvesting whatever they could so they could all fly on the day of the carnival to sell their wares. In the Woods of Mystery, flying above in their signature propeller like leaves, a group of two Deku merchants and the Deku King's butler were scavenging the land in search of any of the mushrooms that grew here.

The few humans that lived in the swamp had certain agreements with each other. For the potion master Witch that lived here; if she could make rare and valuable blue potions, then she could live on their land. Not only that, but blue potions were one of the Deku's few exports that accommodated all race's that lived in Termina thus ensuring that the land would have little to no economic problems.

People even came here constantly hoping to buy one of the Witch's valuable drinks, which spurred tourist and eventually different tourist attractions. The King's butler was using one of his Majesty's family Heirloom, the scent's mask to locate the rare mushrooms that grew here.

Though the butler was not of royal decent, he and the king had been friends ever since the two were mere saplings, the king would trust him with such a valuable treasure. As the butler was looking around the two attendants that came with him were conversing with each other to pass the time.

"So did you reserve a spot for the carnival?" the first Deku asked. "You bet, I got a spot right in the center of Clock Town," the second said.


"Yes, right in front of the clock tower."

"Quite impressive, you'll certainly make a large profit with that area."

"Yes, it's like my father always said about business; "Location, it's all about Location"," he said imitating his father's voice.

"You better hope the king doesn't hear about your luck, he'll tax all he can from you," the Deku said.

"Are you sure you should be talking about his majesty in such a manner?" the butler asked looking over his back while hanging from his spinning umbrella like plant.

"Oh uhhh-," the first stuttered. "S-Sorry sir, w-we didn't mean any disrespect," the second said.

"chuckle, relax," the butler said lightly laughing, "I will not say anything, and even if I did his Majesty is not a tyrant, he would not stoop so low as to take money from his people for his own gain."

"Ahh, uh right," the first Deku said nervous.

"Besides, he has been far too busy with his time, ever since our Kingdoms princess was born he's been spared little time for himself. Even if he wanted to I doubt he has the time to even draw up the proper paper work to make a new tax law," the butler said again laughing at his own comment.

"Uh yeah, good one sir," the first Deku said.

"How is the princess sir? No one people like you in the royal family have even gotten a glimpse of her," the second asked trying to steer the conversation.

"She's the spitting image of our queen, the doctor said that she'll be able to leave her roots and walk just in time for the carnival," the butler said with pride for his friend the king. "Oh so this'll be her first celebration?" the second asked.

"The King hopes so, but the queen has become so protective of her. In fact I think your fear would be better spent on the queen, she nearly cut my hand off when I tried to water the soil in her bed thinking I was some assassin," the Butler laughed remembering the time.

"She tried to cut off your hand, oh boy, maybe we'll all have to wait until our princess becomes queen before any of us see her," the second Deku said. "Hmm?" the butlers suddenly stopped flying and the two behind him stopped as he hovered in the air.

"Why are we stopping? Have you found something?" one asked. The butler raised up his mask to get a better view of the forest floor. "I thought I caught a whiff of something," the butler said putting the mask back on his face.

"Is it mushrooms? We already have a lot, though a few more would be nice," the Deku said. "No… it's… I smell a human," the butler said. "A human? In these woods?" "Is it the witch sisters? Cause if they can't fly they're going to get lost."

"No, we should go and investigate, if a human has gotten lost in the woods we should lead him out," the butler said. The two Deku merchants nodded and the three flew down to the ground where they touched down.

"I don't see anything." "You sure it wasn't another monkey?" the two said looking around, digging through the bushes and grass.

"No, I'm certain I smelled something," the butler said.


The butler suddenly heard a noise, as though something was trying to hum for the first time.

"Did you hear that?" the butler asked.

"WHOOA!" one of the Deku's suddenly gave a surprised yelp as he was digging around the bushes.

"What's wrong?" the butler asked. "Uh sir, you might want to get a look at this," the Deku said. The butler made his way to the location that the Deku Merchant was pointing at and looked though the thick bush.

"What-? What is-?" the butler was flabbergasted at the sight. Laying on a plump and soft Deku flower wrapped in a raggedy blanket covered in leaves was a small baby.

"A human Child?" the butler said surprised, "Who would leave a child here?"

Up in the tall Snowhead Mountains in the middle of spring, the Goron's, a race of rock like people had made their home here. The cliffs and mines here were full of different stones and rocks which the Goron's found tasty.

It also gave the Gorons their greatest export of gunpowder which helped them make the lands most powerful bombs. Many times the land of Temina would call upon these powerful creatures to help clear a land away for construction.

Obstructions that were impossible for most creatures to clear, would take mere minutes for Gorons, half the time they just needed to walk in the right direction. Racing through the Mountain village in the Goron style of rolling through the ground, was a young Goron who was in his middle teens.

The Goron stopped rolling when he got near the shallow stream and uncurled his body.

"Phew," the Goron gave an exhausted breath as he dipped his hands in the water and brought a sip of it to his mouth. For a Goron, even at his age, he was very muscular, more muscular than most Gorons ever got in their lifetime.

"Can't believe I got away, I'm sick of the Elder always making me try and learn from Medigoron. Like I need to learn how to make Powder Kegs, I'm a stronger force than any bomb would ever be," he said, he started rolling off again heading up to the top of the mountain in his attempt to get away from his education. He rolled passed the small pond where the group of frogs were singing their chorus of songs.

However when he passed them and started heading up the mountain he noticed something strange. The Frogs that would always sing non-stop, suddenly stopped.

"Huh?" the Goron found this strange, in all his years of passing this area the frogs songs were heard non-stop during the warm seasons, but now. "Is something wrong?" he thought to himself. He rolled back down to the pong to look for the cause of the silence. When he looked around not only were the frogs not singing, but they weren't even in their usual spot on the lily pads.

*Ribbit* "Huh?" the Goron heard a small frog noise. He saw the source, underneath the shade of one of the trees was a small rock where the other frogs were.

"What's this?" the Goron thought heading over to the area to investigate. The moment the frogs surrounding the stone saw the Goron, they immediately scurried back to the pond to hide in the water out of fear.

"H-HUH?" the young Goron was surprised at the sight of what he saw.

"Mnngh, that Darmani, where has he gone?" back at the Goron Village a tall and brittle looking Goron was looking around for a certain other Goron. This Goron had grown so old that he had begun using his front arms to help him move around. His back was ragged and rocky, he had long lost the ability to roll around on the ground.

"He can't even sit still for one moment, always going off on his own. I'm getting too old for this," he said.

"ELDER!" he heard a loud voice calling out to him, "WAAAAHHH!" along with the sound of crying.

"Darmani?" the Goron elder looked towards the village entrance as he heard his name being called. He saw the young Darmani rushing in, which was strange given his destructive nature. Darmani always preferred to roll around the area regardless of what he could crash into (or had crashed into).

As soon as Darmani was close he saw the reason why he wasn't rolling, he was carrying the source of the crying. It was a young human, a baby, wrapped in a blanket which was dusty and covered in rock shards.

"Darmani? Where have you been, and what's this? Don't tell me you kidnapped a child?" the elder said worried trying to ignore the child's loud crying.

"Wh-No! I found him up in the mountains, he was all alone!" he said in defense.

The Great Bay of Termina was one of the more popular places to visit, the gentle sound of the beach waves, and cool refreshing water was a nice place to relax especially during the summer season. Far out in the ocean was a stone like gathering in the shape of a fish fin diving into the water.

This strange rock formation was the home of the Zora people's gathering place Zora's Hall. Zoras usually lived anywhere, the entire ocean was their home, but here in Zora's hall the people would always come here to gather and socialize together.

Though they were not led by a king or had a normal political system, if there was a problem or advice was needed there was a group of people the Zora's would follow, The Indigo-Go's.

A group of Zora's who's musical talent was loved and worshiped by not only the Zora's, but any people who were lucky enough to hear them.

In Zora's hall was the remains of a giant clam that once laid claim to the area before the Zora's inhabited it. It's massive shell was turned into a stage where the Indigo-Go's would constantly play their instruments. Anyone who heard their song was instantly inspired or energized by their cheerful melody. Zora's had no reason to remain in one place, but many Zora's would always stay as close as they could.

The sound of the Indigo-Go's would travel for miles in the water, though only other Zora's could hear it. In the Zora hall, the Indigo-Go's were about to practice until one of them made a suggestion.

"You want to play at the Carnival?" the large round Zora sitting in front of a groups of fish's laying on top of each other in the form of a drum set. "Yeah, it would be fun," a female Zora said wearing a blue sash around her body.

"You sure that's a good idea?" another Zora asked in front of a set of fish bones fixated to look like a piano.

"I'm not that good at dry land Lulu babe, I mean my skin gets all itchy if I don't keep it moist," a man with a crab shell in the shape of a bass guitar. "Have you heard the rumors the humans are making about us right? "The songs of the ocean spirit" or "the melody of mermaids". We should share our music with the whole world not keep it to ourselves," the Zora known as Lulu said.

"Again, the main issue I and a few of us got is the dry land. None of us dude's are made to last on dry land," the Zora with the crab bass said.

"The humans will have water in their town, and we won't be there so long that we'll shrivel up," Lulu said. "Wellllll… I always did wanna see the carnival," the one playing the drums said. "It would be nice to be recognized as real people, and not be the product of god like rumors," the one playing the fish keyboard said.

"But what about the fans we got here? I mean I don't want to disappoint the fans we have now to get new ones," the bass player said.

"Well… maybe we could find someone else to play for us in our absence, my daughter Lulu has been asking me nonstop to try and sing up here," Lulu said.

"Not all of us have kids of our own," the one playing the keyboard said.

"Actually… I do know someone who's could replace me. A young guy like me, says he's my fan, been practicing on his own set of fish drums. He's pretty good," the large one said.

"Ooh you two, I got a fan of my own, he's even got a crab bass like my own. Though he's not as good looking as 'Muah'," he said.

"And you?" Lulu asked looking at the Zora playing the fishbone guitar.

"Ehh… this fish's been trying to one up me by mixing his own cords of music. Though he's not my fan," he said.

"Oh the little guppie's just being shy. I saw the little one and he just adores you," the one with the crab bass said.

"So then that's it, we go and play at the Carnival, and we let some other's play in our place," Lulu said happily.

"Speakin of which where is the little Sheila?" the bass player asked. "Oh she's fine, she and Mikau are out by the coast playing," Lulu said.

"You sure it's alright to leave Lulu with that kid? I mean he's been a bit of a rebel ever since his parent's were killed by those passing pirates," the keyboarder said.

"I know he's been a bit aggressive, but when Lulu's with him he turns into a softy. He's even been trying to learn how to play music the moment Lulu said she wanted to sing like me," Lulu said.

"What's he playing?" the Drummer asked. "Not sure what he calls it, it's like a bass, but louder sounding. He made it out of a large fish skeleton," Lulu said.

"Fish bone? The blokes gonna have a tough time gettin any soft sounds with thread from that thing," the bass player said.

"Well he's actually pretty good at playing, his music is more rough than our own. But who knows, he might be a part of our own band one day," Lulu said.

"Not if he keeps drawing Octo ink on his body he's not, what kind of person would draw that on themselves," the keyboarder asked. "Hey hey enough about that now, if we are going to play at that carnival then doesn't that mean we should practice?" the bass player said holding his instrument in place.

"You mean it?" Lulu asked. "As far as I'm concerned, if they got water then I guess I can't complain, and I wouldn't mind being remembered as a famous music player," he said.

"Well… I suppose it wouldn't hurt, I have studied a bit on how humans run a town, I wouldn't mind seeing if it would be helpful here," the keyboardist said.

"Alright, then we are in agreement. Let's get to practicing then!" Lulu said happily walking to the front of the stage.

"Alright then you guys ready?" the drummer said raising his sticks up. The moment the Indigo-Go's got into place the Zora's that were passing suddenly stopped and took their seats, excited at the sight of the Indigo-Go's about to play.

The drummer raised up his sticks giving the countdown to play.




They never got a chance to play, rushing through the crowd of people was Lulu's Zora Daughter, she looked distraught as she tried as fast as she could to get through the crowd of Zoras with as little pushing as possible. When she finally got to the little body of water that separated the main path and shell stage.

"Ahh!" *SPLASH*Lulu tripped and fell into the deep water in her attempt to get to her mother.

"Lulu!" her mother called out, she immediately jumped into the water after her. *SPLASH* Lulu went in and dove after her daughter and pulled her up with her. When they got to the surface Lulu started talking in a panicked voice.

"At the beach, near the waterfall!" she said quickly.

"Lulu! Slow down, tell me what's wrong?" Lulu asked.

Lulu mother and Lulu Daughter were both swimming to the waterfall up the fresh river where the roaring rapids ended. Near the end of the river where the water from above was crashing down was young Zora who's top head fin was decorated with a kind of spine like pattern going down his head. He was looking over something that was laying on the sand.

"W-What is this?" the older Lulu asked. Laying in the sand was a child who was sleeping soundly to the noise of the water.

"I-I just found him like this Miss's Lulu, I swear," he said slightly afraid of being blamed.

"It's alright Mikau you're not in trouble, are you sure there's no one here?" she asked.

"Yeah mama, we asked the beavers up in the rapids if it was their's they said it wasn't, and that he had just passed by them floating in a basket. We saw his fall from the rapids and fall in the water, but Mikau caught him just in time," Lulu said.

"He was just floating by, and they let him fall?" Lulu asked shocked that the beavers would allow a baby to nearly die.

"What are we going to do mama?" Lulu asked worried.

Ikana canyon, a desolate and erred region which was home to the once great Ikana Kingdom. The Kingdom had once been a very lush and beautiful land, but was now one of the most dangerous area's in all of Termina.

The past of Ikana was full of bloodshed and betrayal, many people soldiers, citizens, or whoever else was there, had died in a great and terrible tragedy. Whatever that tragedy was, a war, a plague, or a natural disaster, none remained who knew, or more accurately none alive knew.

The reason for this lands danger was not the dangerous mountains or vicious creatures, but the lingering spirits of the dead. The living dead would always roam around this land, people who had lost their mortal lives were filled with regret and roamed the canyon. Living crimes against nature, unnatural creatures who seemingly had no purpose other than to strike fear in anyone who had the guts to walk around this place.

Currently the only living person who lived in this cursed land was the grave keeper of the Ikana graveyard, the resting place of the Ikana royal army. The remains of the army's first captain decorated the side of his home, a massive skeleton with only its hands and head poking out at the top. Were anyone actually around they might say it was a fake, but the skeleton was actually the real remains of what would have been a giant human.

How a person got to this size was the question that would drive any brave researchers up into these mountains, but surprisingly that was rare. The giant remains were not the strangest part of this place though. The graveyard itself was cursed by the remains of the Ikana royal army.

Whenever night would fall the remains of the army would rise up in the form of monstrous Stalchilds. These Stalchilds were not like the regular Stalchilds one could meet by chance walking over areas where people had unfortunate accidents.

These Stalchilds had the memories of their living counterparts, every night the Stalchilds would rise with the fixed belief that the war of Ikana was still going on. It wasn't that they didn't know they weren't dead, they were well aware of it.

Yet they didn't let it bother them, in fact it made them more positive about the war. With the belief that death itself would not end the royal army, then they were truly the most powerful weapon for the greatest kingdom of their time.

Although they were unaware of the fact that their supposed greatest kingdom had already fallen centuries ago.

Currently it was night, and the Stalchilds were performing their nightly aimless patrol around the graveyard, guarding it from enemies that they did not know were already dead. Up on the top of a tall tree was the Stalchild remains of the Royal army's Vice Captain, looking out at the still living Clocktown in the distance.

"Sir? Permission to speak?" one Stalchild asked calling out to him from below giving a salute to him.

"Granted, what is it private?" the vice captain said not taking his view away from the town. "Sir not that it's any of my business, but a few of us wanted to know what you're doing up there?" the Stalchild private asked.

"Every year around this time that town over there keeps letting out signal flares and loud noise. I still haven't figured what they're doing," the vice captain said.

"Sir, are you sure it's not some party that's happening down there?" the Stalchild asked. "Don't be ridiculous Private, what kind of town celebrates during the middle of a war?" the Vice Captain asked. "Uh right, s-sorry sir," the Stalchild said quickly giving another salute.

"Sir!" another Stalchild called out running to the vice-captain and giving him a salute.

"What is it Private?" he asked. "We got a situation sir," he said.

"You think it was one of those Garo? You think it's a trap?"

"Maybe someone's trying to pull a joke on us."

"What are you talking about, who'd pull a prank like this in the middle of a war?" A small group of Stalchild were surrounding something with curiosity and interest.

They were so busy thinking that they didn't notice the Vice Captain had arrived at the scene.

"Ah-hem," the Vice faked coughed. "Ah sir? Attention, Vice-Captain has arrived," one said immediately saluting, the rest of the Stalchild followed suit.

"At ease, report, what have you found?" the Vice asked with interest.

"Sir, we were patrolling the area and we heard something, we found this," one said, the rest stepped to the side to show him what they found.

"What's this?" the vice captain asked. Crawling on the ground was a child, a little baby who was crawling around the area with interest and joy. The Vice-Captain kneeled down to get a closer look at the little child.

"Who are you? Did someone send you?" the Vice-Captain asked, he had long forgotten that people this young were incapable of speech. The small baby suddenly saw the Vice-Captain and started crawling to him laughing at him.

"Are you laughing at me?" he asked still kneeling down, "You'd be wise to back away child, I am the Vice Captain of the greatest army the world haAAAHH!" the rest of the Stalchild's were surprised when the baby grabbed onto his bottom jaw with interest and pulled on them.

"AAHH!" *CHATTER* When he let go the Vice Captain's teeth suddenly gave a jittery noise like a rattle shaking in his head.

"Ahhahahaha," the baby laughed at the funny sounds the bony man was making. The Captain grabbed on to his shaking jaw and held it still from vibrations.

"Little creaton," the Vice Captain said annoyed, the baby continued to laugh from his antics.

Most of the Stalchild were surprised at the baby's actions, long ago when there were other people around they would immediately run in fear yelling out their desires to keep safe their precious flesh and 'brains'.

It had been too long since another living person had actually been here long enough to make a sound that wasn't screaming. "Sir? What should we do?... Are we gonna… you know… just leave him?" one private asked.

"Hmm…," the Vice gave him a curious look, at first he just wanted to leave him here, but he suddenly got another idea. "Take him with us," the Vice Captain said.

"Really sir?" a Stalchild asked sounding relieved. "Yes… we'll take him in with us," the Vice Captain said. "Oh, but sir? Are we gonna… you know?" a private questioned holding up one of his 'dead' boney hands and shuffling his fingers. The Vice Captain understood where he was getting at.

"No, keep him alive," he said, a few of the private's gave a relived sigh knowing they wouldn't have to hurt a little child. "He will be a great asset to our cause if he is alive," the Vice Captain said.

"sniff sniff, uh sir," one Stalchild said as he smelled the air.

"You!" the Vice Captain said.

"Sir!" the private Stalchild said giving a salute.

"Change his diaper," he commanded.

"Uh what?"

"That's an order soldier!"

"… … sigh yes sir."

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