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The large wooden doors opened up allowing the four to step out into the bright sunlight, looking around they saw many people were walking by casually doing their own business. The people paid the four no mind as they passed by them.

"What?... Where are we?" Leek said looking around the area.

"Huh? Oh thank goodness," Ling said looking up, the other three looked behind themselves as well and saw what Ling did.

"The Clocktower?" Lingston said. The large building they were in turned out to be the Clocktower in the south district of Clock-Town.

"Wh-What the Din? What were we doing there?" Lingston asked.

"Eh who cares, could have been farther away than this, least we don't have to walk that far to get home," Ling said sounding optimistic.

"You're not the least bit curious about why we were in there in the first place?" Lance asked him annoyed.

"Buddy," Ling said putting his arm around his shoulder, "we'll figure that out later, you need to focus on the positives," he said smiling at him.

Lance picked up Ling's hand and took it off of his shoulder, "First of all, I'm not your buddy, if you can recall from that short amount of time if your able to I had your neck at blade point. Second of all what do you find so positive about this situation?" he asked annoyed at him.

"It could be worse," he said shrugging his shoulders.

"You're an idiot," Lance said turning around and walking towards the left.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Leek asked him.

"I'm leaving, this whole trip was a waste you people are nothing but a bunch of idiots who are less of a threat to me and my people than an Octork on dry land," he said, he left them before Leek could stop him.

"Well I guess I'll be going too," Ling said, "you dudes have been a load of fun, stop by the milk bar later. I have got to show you two to my other friends," he said before shuffling his feet and leaving as well, he waved off before he was out of sight.

"Uh… well it's just us I guess," Leek said awkwardly.

"Well I need to go back and see my brothers, didn't you say you were with someone here?" Lingston asked him.

"Wha-AHH! THE PRINCESS!" Leek suddenly yelled slapping his hands on his face, "WHERE DID SHE GO!" Leek began looking around the area wherever he could in a panicked frenzy.

"Whoa Whoa Brother!" Lingston grabbed Leek by the shoulder stopping him from running around, "Look it's fine I'm sure your precious princess is safe. She's probably still around the town," he told him keeping his still.

"You don't understand! She's just a little sapling! She doesn't have a lot of experience in this world! She could be hurt, or taken, or worse! AUUUGGH! Why did I let her talk me into this? She's my responsibility! I'm supposed to-!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Lingston shook him a bit keeping him from panicking, "Listen, let's not worry until we know she's in trouble alright? Now look me and my brothers are still here, I'm sure if I ask them then we'll all help you out looking for her," Lingston told him.

"Ah! R-Really?" Leek asked still sounding panicky.

"Sure no problem, we're Gorons, we help everyone that asks," Lingston said.

"Ohhh thank you so much," Leek said relieved.

Leek and Lingston both left and headed for the western part of Clock-Town to look for Linston's brothers, but when they got there they had a problem. Lingston looked around the area looking for any sign of Gorons but there was nothing.

"Huh… where'd they go?" Lingston said as the two walked up the steps.

"Are you sure your brothers are here? I mean I heard that Gorons don't really eat food they eat rocks or something like that," Leek said.

"No they really eat Rocks, but they're very picky on the kind of rock. And usually around this time of the year there's a guy who sells rocks for Goron's, but he's not here that doesn't make any sense," Lingston said.

"Huh… yeah now that you mention it this place is pretty clear," Leek said.

"What does that mean? You expected this place to be dirty?" Lingston asked.

"Uh no… well yes, what I mean is that this place is pretty empty. Usually during the carnival this place is really packing with people, but it's been pretty empty," Leek said.

"Huh…," Lingston agreed looking around the area with Leek, "Yeah now that you mention it this place really is clear."

"You think something happened? Or something's wrong?" Leek asked him, sounding like he was worried.

"Hmm… probably, we should find my brothers, they should be able to tell us if something's wrong," he said.

"Well where are they?" Leek asked him.

"I don't know, usually they like to spend their time here, maybe somebody saw them," Lingston said looking around again. Lingston saw the strange excitable man who ran the Clock-Town bank, knee sitting on the front counter slapping his legs every few seconds. "Excuse me sir," Lingston said to him.

"Hmm? Oh hello hello hello! Can I help you today sir? Making a deposit? Making a withdrawal?" he asked him excitedly.

"Uh no, nothing like that, I was just wondering have you seen any Gorons go by here recently?" Lingston asked him.

"Gorons? Yes! Recently? No," he told him.

"W- Recently no?"Lingston asked him confused.

"Oh the Gorons haven't been around this area for a long time, not since the Carnival last year," he told him.

"Las- Wait last year?" Lington asked him surprised.

"You don't mean today? Or yesterday?" Leek asked him.

"What are you talking about, the last carnival was a long time ago. In fact the next carnival is in a week from now, the carpenters are just beginning the bridge for this year," he told them happily. Lingston and Leek were both silent and looked at each other with confusion.

Lingston quickly and forcefully opened up the door to the bomb shop, inside were the same man who ran the front counter.

"Hey watch it!" the shop owner said, "That door isn't a steel plate, if you break it you're payin-," the man stopped when he saw who was at the door.

"Lingston… is that you?" he said.

"Hey Barnes," Lingston said. Lingston and Barnes had a small acquaintance with each other ever since Lingston had started coming out to deliver bombs.

"Listen have you seen my brothers?" Lingston asked him, but Barnes wasn't listening.

"Hey Ma! Ma get out here! You gotta see who showed up!" Barnes yelled out, the old lady who also ran the shop came out of the back to from the back of the shop.

"Why… do my eyes deceive me?" old lady said when she got a good look at Lingston, "It is! Lingston you're okay," she said sounding happy.

"Uh yeah I'm okay? I saw you not too long ago didn't I?" Lingston asked sounding confused.

"Not too long? It's been nearly a year since you and your brothers all came here," she told him.

"Wh-What? What are you talking about?" Lingston asked them even more confused.

"Faero wind boy, what are YOU talking about?" Barnes said shocked, "You've been missing for a whole year, where have you been all this time? The last time we saw you was at the carnival last year!" he exclaimed.

"Last year? That's what the banker said!" Lingston told him.

"You really have no idea do you?" the old woman asked gently.

"Uh I don't mean to interrupt," Leek said, "But we sort of woke up a while ago, we me and Lingston don't have any idea what happened before we went to sleep," he told them.

"Went to sleep? For a year?" Barnes asked.

"Maybe I should ask my brothers what's happened," Lingston said.

"Your bro- oh boy you haven't heard have you?" Barnes told him.

"Haven't heard what?" Lingston asked.

"Lingston," the old woman began, "I don't know where you've been, and neither do you, but you've obviously been gone for a long time without any idea of what's been happening," she told him softly.

"Well what has been happening?" Lingston asked her.

"Lingston… one way or another, I don't know how to explain it, but you really have been gone for a whole year. You've been missing for a long time, no one knows where you've been for this whole time," she told him.

"A whole… wh-ah- this…," Lingston stuttered. What he was hearing was impossible to him, a whole year gone. He was fine the last time he remembered, he didn't remember going into the Clocktower though, or even laying down to take a nap. "That's impossible!" Lingston told her.

"Even I have a hard time believing it, but it seems to be the only explanation," she told him.

"W-Where are my brothers? This is just some Joke your playing right?" Lingston asked him.

"I'm afraid your brothers aren't here," Barnes told him.

"What? T-They just left me?" Lingston asked them.

"Yes, but not because they wanted to," the old woman told him, "many strange things have happened while you were gone."

"Monsters have been acting up even more than usual, traveling outside of the town is more dangerous than usual. Plus there's been more earthquakes happening, and storms too," Barnes said.

"And in the mountains," the old woman said.

"What's wrong with the mountains?" Lingston asked.

"Ever since winter began, the mountains had been snowed in, far more than usual. The place is frozen over by ice and sleet no one has been able to traverse the mountain, even the Gorons have not come down here in a long time," she said.

"We're running really low on bombs and bomb material, we can't even get the cheap materials at the bottom of the mountain. It's way too cold to even approach," Barnes said.

"The mountains are frozen?" Lingston said, his voice was very worried, "Wh-What about the Gorons?" Lingston asked them.

"Your brother Darmani was here as long as he could looking for you, but when winter started he was needed. He said he would return… but that was months ago," she said.

"Darmani… t-they're all okay right?" Lingston asked her, worried and afraid.

"The Gorons are very strong willed, I have no doubt that they are still alive... but if the winter does not stop soon then even they will not survive," she told him as gently as she could.

"Well then… w-what are we waiting for?" Lingston asked them, sounding like he had renewed vigor, "If they're still okay then we should go help them!" he said.

"You don't think we've been trying boy?" Barnes said, "We've been trying to figure out a way to get past that dang ice, but we haven't the material or power to do it. The people ain't no use to us, they're all too busy worrying about their own problems."

"Then I'll go, monsters aren't a problem for me," Lingston told them.

"Oh I wish it were that simple, you are strong yes, but as we said the mountain is frozen. There is no way to even enter the mountains, even with the few explosives we have the ice is far too thick, and it gets thicker with each passing day," the old woman said.

"So there's nothing I can do?" Lingston asked them.

"Oh I don't think so," Barnes said, "I have a way for you, it's a long shot, but it should work," he told him, Barnes went into the back of his shop where there was a large bookshelf in the back. Barnes took one of the books on the shelf and brought it back on the counter.

"What do you plan to do?" Lingston asked him.

"There's not enough good material for us to collect at the mountains, but there may be something better at the swamp," Barnes said.

"The Swamp?" Leek suddenly spoke up.

"Me and Ma have been looking around and we both thought that these might work on that frozen peek," Barnes said opening the book and showing a picture. Leek and Lingston both took a look at the page Barnes was showing them, it had an image of what looked like some kind of flame with leaves under it.

"What's this?" Lingston asked him.

"Ember seeds," Leek said recognizing the picture.

"Ember seeds?" Lingston asked him.

"Well you certainly know your botany study," Barnes said surprised.

"What are ember seeds?" Lingston asked again.

"Seeds that come from Ember trees, but the seeds are the special part. When they're cracked the contents inside of one can ignite and catch fire," Leek said.

"It's as the boy says," the old woman said, "A few of these, and we could make a bomb that would burn even through ice," she told them.

"But these seeds are very rare," Leek told them.

"That's one problem we have, but there's two more," Barnes said.

"The Mountains are not the only one that have been effected by these strange times, the southern swamps have had their share of issues as well," the old woman said.

"What?" Leek's interest suddenly perked up, "W-What problems, is the Deku princess alright?" he asked them worried.

"The princess? Why would you mention that?" Barnes asked.

"Sh-She and I came here one day… I-I guess it would have been a year ago like Lingston, but I was supposed to be with her-."

"Whoa wait!" Barnes started, "You're the reason that that brat was here?" he asked, his voice sounded like he was angry.

"Wh- yeah, do you know where she is?" Leek asked.

"YA Thick Headed skullfish!" Barnes yelled out angry, "You're the one who brought her hear? You know how much trouble you caused for us?"

"Uh… no?" Leek said nervous.

"When you brought her here the entire Deku army came lookin for her! You nearly cause a civil war for us!" Barnes said.

"The Deku's came here?" Lingston asked.

"Yeah, they took the princess and almost took out our town as they left!" Barnes told them angry.

"She's safe?" Leek asked.

"As far as I know!" Barnes said.

"Oh thank Nayru!" Leek said, he kneeled on the ground out of relief, "She's safe… thank goodness. I was so worried."

"Hey! Did you hear what I said?" Barnes said trying to get his attention.

"Barnes," the old woman started, "It is fine, nothing bad had happened," she said.

"rrrgh, well because of his little stunt the once peaceful Dekus have become more aggressive, we can't even get into the woods as freely as before without angering them," Barnes said.

"Oh don't worry!" Leek said standing up, "It's my fault the princess came here, I'll take responsibility Leek told them."

"You?" the old woman asked, "You wouldn't perchance be the attendant for the princess would you?"

"Uh yes? I was sort of raised by them at a young age by the royal attendant before me? Why do you ask?" Leek said.

"Quite an odd story you have, the princess was the reason we nearly had a civil war," she told him.

"Wh- she was? But she would never want to start a war or fight or anything like that," Leek said.

"When the Dekus took her away they had to drag her out forcibly, the whole town could hear her crying something about not leaving without her attendant. When they couldn't find you she blamed this town, it took a while but she was finally forcably removed when the King of the Deku's showed up," she said.

"Oh… yeah I… yeah that definitely sounds like the princess," Leek said feeling embarrassed.

"But if you are the attendant that she was asking for then this makes things easier for us," she said.

"Yeah, as long as he doesn't cause any more problems," Barnes grumbled.

"Barnes hush."

"You said there was another problem though," Lingston said.

"Right, as I told you the mountains aren't the only place having problems. For some reason, the southern swamp waters have become poisoned," she said.

"Poisoned?" Leek asked.

"Yes, but do not worry young man. The Dekus are not in as much danger as the Gorons, though I won't say there not better off," she said.

"How did the swamp become poisoned?" Leek asked her.

"No one is certain, some say that it was a monsters doing. Others are saying that the goddesses are angry at the Dekus, but no one knows for sure," she said.

"Then I need to get home right now, the princess could be in even more danger," Leek panicked.

"And I shall go with you," Lingston said, "If Ember Seeds will help my brothers than I have no choice but to go and look for them."

"But these seeds are really rare, they may even be extinct," Leek said, "Even I've never seen these seeds before, and I've lived in that swamp my whole life."

"'Difficult' is not the same as 'impossible', if there is even a small chance then I must take it," Lingston said "Leek, I will need your help when we get there. You say you know the swamp well?"

"Uh… well alright, I suppose, but I can't promise you anything," Leek told him.

"Trying will be more than enough," Lingston said.

"Well then now that that's settled we need to get to work," the old woman said, "You go and get the materials we need, we'll begin construction on what we can. We will wait for you to return," she told them.

"*YAWN* Man I am not in the mood for this," Ling said still feeling tired. When he left Lingston and Leek the first place he headed for was the Milk Bar. He knew exactly how much trouble he was going to be in when he walked through that door. Lulu would nag his ear off about the importance of etc, Evan would yell at him for possibly missing a band night (or not, he didn't know how long he slept), and worse of all Mikau and Japas would be calling him lightweight for not being able to hold his milk like a Zora/Man whatever the term they were going to give him was when they started making fun of him.

"Alright, just gotta think this out," Ling said, when he arrived at the door of the bar he took a deep breath and readied himself.

"Oaky, what's a good excuse?" he thought outloud, " I tell them that I'm sorry but I… fell asleep… because of… well I could blame the milk I guess, but then Mikau and Japas would definitely make fun of me. Although if I tell the truth then Lulu's not only gonna scold me but get really mad at me…. Face teasing by Mikau and Japas, or be yelled at by Lu- Why am I even comparing them? There's no comparing with Lulu," Ling said. Ling twisted the door knob and tried to walk inside.

*rattle* "What the?" Ling tried to twist the knob but it wouldn't twist at all. *rattle rattle* Ling gave the door a few more experimental twist, but it still wouldn't open up.

*knock knock* "Hello!" Ling said knocking on the door.

*BANG BANG BANG* "HEY!" Ling yelled trying to get someone's attention.

"We're closed during the day!" Ling heard. It was Mr. Barten the owner of the milk bar.

"Mr. Barten? HEY!" Ling knew something was really wrong, Mr. Barten always left his place open for the Indigo-Go's when they came here to practice.

*slide* The little peep slot on the door opened up and Mr. Barten looked through it. "Sir I'm telling you we're closed right now, if you don't stop I'll have to call the autho-," Mr. Barten stopped, he got a good look at the person who was standing outside.

"Great Nayru's Love," *slam* the sliding hole was instantly closed up, the sound of keys turning was heard and Mr. Baten had opened the door in an instant.

"Hey dude, what's with locking me out? You always leave the place open for us," Ling said.

"Ling… you're… you're here?" Mr. Barten said with disbelief.

"Yeah hey Mr. Barten, look I'd love to talk but I really need to get back to practice," he said, Ling walked right past him and down the steps to where the other's were. Unfortunately they weren't there, nor were their instruments, or any of the stuff that they brought with them.

"Uh… where is everyone?" Ling said looking around the place.

"Ling… they left… a long time ago," Mr. Barten told him.

"They left? Where?" Ling asked.

"Back home, at the Great Bay," he said.

"The gr- They Left Me!" Ling yelled.

"Well yes… Ling where have you been this whole time?" Mr. Barten asked him.

"Uh… well I guess I fell asleep somewhere," Ling said.

"Asleep? For a whole year?" he exclaimed.

"What? No for a day or two, what do you mean a year?" Ling asked him.

"You've been gone a whole year!" Mr. Barten said.

"Wh- A Who- What the Din was in your milk?"

Mr. Baten took the time to explain to Ling what had happened. That the Carnival last year was already done and over with, and the next one was coming up soon. The band was gone and Ling was presumed missing for nearly a year.

"And they just left me?" Ling asked him, Mr. Barten was back behind the counter. Ling had taken a seat on one of the barstools, and Barten had given him a mug of some more of his milk.

"Well Ling you've been gone for a long time. They didn't give up hope believe me, but this town isn't exactly the best home for a Zora," Mr. Barten told him.

"Can't argue with that," Ling said taking a sip of his drink.

"So you have no idea where you've been this whole time?" Mr. Barten asked him.

"No… I mean one second I was here drinking… then the next I'm at the bottom of the clock tower sleeping under the water," Ling said.

"Peculiar… there's no possible way that you've been asleep there the whole time though, you would have starved to death," Mr. Barten said.

"Well at least that didn't happen," Ling said taking a last gulp of his milk and passing the empty mug to Mr. Barten, "Well thanks for everything, but I gotta go," Ling said.

"Go?" Mr. Barten asked him.

"Well yeah… I mean I can't stay here right? I gotta get back to my friends… Oh man Lulu's gonna either hug me to death or… just death," Ling said.

"What do you… oh that's right, you haven't heard," Mr. Barten said.

"Heard what?"

"The Bay's been completely closed off my boy, getting in isn't possible," Mr. Barten said.

"Closed off?"Ling asked him.

"Well you know about the pirates that had made their home at the Great Bay correct?" Mr. Barten asked him.

"Oh yeah, in a lot of ways," Ling said smirking, remembering the last time he, Mikau, and Japas messed with one of them.

"Well while you've been gone those pirates were coming into town, making a mess of the place," Mr. Barten said.

"What why?" Ling asked.

"Well for some reason it seems that the waters at the Great Bay have gotten warmer than before," Mr. Barten told him, "And with all the abnormal water the normal fish and other aquatic food they harvest has become pretty hard to come by. For a time they came up here and pillaged whatever they could from us."

"What? Is everyone okay?" Ling asked.

"Oh don't worry yourself about that boy this was a long time ago, see this is why the wall was put up. Even your friends agreed it was for the best," Mr. Barten said.

"But… you mean the bay is cut off from me forever?" Ling asked him worried.

"Oh now don't worry… actually you might need to worry… see there is a way for Zora's and other people to get through," Mr. Barten said.

"There is? How?" Ling said.

"Well… that's the problem, it was kept a secrect from us, but not to the Zora's," Mr. Barten said.

"W- what, I don't understand," Ling said.

"You see, the wall that was built was made with the help of the Gorons, they only told the Zora's the secret to getting around their large wall, but no one here knows. If you wanted to get around the wall you'd have to ask for permission from one of the Gorons. However there haven't been any Gorons, and I have no way of knowing who's been across that wall either," Mr. Barten said.

"Alright, so I'll just ask a Goron," Ling said.

"That's going to be a problem," Mr. Barten said, "You see the Gorons own home has been hit with an unusually long winter. No one has been able to get into the Mountain, and no Gorons have been able to come down," Mr. Barten said.

"You mean I'm stuck here?" Ling asked him.

"Yes… unless you know of any Goron's yourself," Mr. Barten told him.

"I don't… wait… AH!" Ling rose up in realization.

"What did you just say?" Lingston asked. "You know those big rocky guys, eat the stone walkways half the time, bunch of simple minded folks," Ling said.

"You know what, go ahead and kill him! No better, let me kill him," Lingston said. "What? What did I do?" Ling asked confused.

"You're insulting my brothers!" Lingston said.

"You're a Goron?" Ling asked almost forgetting that a blade was being held to his neck.

"No! Rgh, I was raised by those so called simple minded folks!" Lingston said.

"I do know someone!" Ling said jumping off the stool.

"Wh- Ling? Where are you going?" Mr. Barten tried to stop him.

"Thanks for the help Mr. Barten, but I gotta go before it's too late," Ling said. Before Mr. Barten could ask him Ling was already up the steps and out the door.

"Where in the world is she?" Lance thought looking around the town. When he left those morons the first thing he did was look for that Garo Ninja Sango. She wasn't at their rondevu point, and she wasn't anywhere he could see. Why should he care though, he most likely missed their meeting time and either went looking for him or left. He really needed to get home, he was not looking forward to reporting in when the sun went down. All this searching, senaking out, awol'ing , and that supposed sneak attack was nothing more than a town of idiots having a celebration. Vice captain was going to give him guard duty for months. Lance found the east gate of the town, the one he entered the last time he came into this annoying place. The Guard did nothing to stop him as he passed by him.

"Heading off sir?" the guard asked him.

"Yes," Lance told him not bothering to look at him.

"Well be careful if you head into the canyon," he said, Lance stopped walking in an instant.

"Why would you tell me that?" Lance asked him.


"Why would you tell me to watch out if I went into the Canyon?" Lance asked him.

"Huh? Well because it's become in-traversable," he told him.

"In-traversable? In what way?" Lance asked him intently.

"Wh-Uh, well you know, the recent Earthquakes around the area made a bunch of rocks and boulders cave in around the only pathway into the Canyon," the guard told him.

"The path into the canyon is caved in? I can't just climb over it?" Lance asked him.

"Wait you really plan to go into the Canyon?" the Guard asked him.

"Just tell me! The path into the Canyon, you're saying that I can't get through it because of a rockslide?" Lance asked him.

"Well, not just the rockslide, the place has become cursed," the guard told him.

"Oh… well I can handle myself," Lance said, he was worried for nothing. He knew how to climb up a flat wall of rock on the Canyon wall, a pile of rubble would be nothing to him. And he didn't need to worry about that curse, he lived with them.

"Are you sure? I mean a lot of people have tried climbing the walls, but the Skulltula's are everywhere," the guard told him.

"Wait? Skulltula's?" Lance asked him, "You don't mean the Stalchild?"

"Those? No we know not to get near them, I'm talking about another curse," he said.

"What other curse?" Lance asked him.

"You haven't heard? Where have you been this whole time?" the guard asked him.

"Just tell me about this other curse," Lance told him annoyed.

"Sheesh, bossy, anyway a lot of strange things have been going on in Termina. Monsters acting up, Swamps become poisoned, Mountains are still in winter, and Bay waters gotten warmer. Though in the Canyons all of those Skulltula spiders have become more active, they aren't staying in their damp and cold places like they're supposed too. What's more strange is that they actually seem to be guarding the place from anyone who even gets close to that place," the guard told him.

"… … I see," Lance turned around and went back into the town, "Thank you for telling me, keep up the good work soldier," he said before he left.

"Uh… okay, thanks?" the guard said confused.

In the market district Lance had taken a seat on one of the bench's, one of the shops had an interesting small green man who sold him a map of the land at the east.

"Let's see," Lance said thinking. If what the guard said was true then he had no way of getting back into the Canyon the same way he left. Lance had had his share of fights when he climbed up walls Skulltula's had already occupied. The first time he got lucky when he survived, lost a good man, John, poor John. Lance had made sure that the Skulltula had paid the price. However this is different, Lance had asked around, and to their knowledge there was indeed a wall infested with Skulltula's. Lance knew that it was impossible to get back now, at least in the normal way. He could avoid getting taken out by one Skulltula, but an infestation? Lance knew that you never go against impossible odds in war, no matter how good you thought you were.

"Let's see…," Lance looked around the map he was holding, these people were idiots, but they definitely had information he could use. These maps of theirs were surprisingly accurate, he could tell that whoever drew this out had captured a bird's eye view of Ikana. Lance traced around the map, if there was another way to get into Ikana then he was certain he could find it. But the only path he could see was the only one he knew about, there were no other landforms he could see that he could get to or scale. Lance knew this game well, and remembered a bit of wisdom from one of his fellow veterans. 'If you can't win the game, then play a different one' Private second class, soldier Lemon.

"Hmm… there," Lance said pointing at the bottom most Canyon. In that area was a river, the same area he and Sango had their first fight. Looking at it and with his knowledge of the land the river headed west, and if Lance was right there was a Bay in the west where that water would obviously flow to. This was the path he would need to take, if he couldn't walk back home then he would have to swim. Lance wondered what his fellow brethren would say, or if they were even alright. If there was an infestation of Skulltula's then they might be in trouble. Whatever the reason was for their being an abnormal amount of monsters he knew that he had to go back as soon as possible, which would still be a while. He didn't know anything about the Bay, and he knew even less on the river he'd have to swim up to get home.

"There must be someone who knows that place," Lance said, "… … … Oh Nayru," Lance groaned.

"You're a Goron?" Ling asked almost forgetting that a blade was being held to his neck.

"No! Rgh, I was raised by those so called simple minded folks!" Lingston said.

"Oh really? I was raised by Zora's," Ling said.

That idiot in blue, Lance had heard a few tales from his other friends. About how a long time ago during the Great Coast war, when a rivaling kingdom tried to take over Ikana from the far west by going through the Bay.

One soldier in particular, Corporal Jay Strucker, had mention the many stories he had during that war. When he fell in the water during a storm a bunch of Zora's had saved his life and taken him back to the beach. Zora's were a natural inhabitant of the Great Bay, and if that idiot really was raised by Zora's like he said then he would indeed be able to help him. And he needed his help, no matter how much he wish he didn't.

"I'm regretting this already," Lance said, he hoped that that moron had not already left.

Kisdota: Okay so all of you know what's going to be the main style and their reason to get together? Okay so if this story is still confusing you all for some reason don't worry, everything will be made sense of soon enough. There's more going on than meets the eye. And before anyone asks I'm not doing the same Moon Doom trick in Majora I got a new Danger, Which is coming from the same enemy, but with a different plot then before, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA