Chapter 12: (Un)Holy Shit

"Damien!" Aerin rushed to his friend's side. "Are you okay?"

"I…uh…" That was good question: Was Damien okay? Physically of course, he was perfectly fine, but there was so much suddenly rushing through his head. Mostly the question of why he allowed Pip to talk him into carving his mark into him. "I…" He buried his face into his hands. "I'm…I'm not sure…"

Hesitantly, the redhead asked, "Damien, d-do remember that one guy, Shawn Masterson? He was a serious jerk to you?"


"Well…that jerk…he's…" He glanced away from Damien for a moment and then looked back at him before continuing, "He's coming over, with that Seer who saw the pregnancy coming."

"No," the noirette said sharply as he stood. "I won't allow it!" He didn't care if a fucking Seer was involved; he wasn't going to allow that jerk off anywhere near Pip! Especially not now that he was pregnant!

"And why not?" Aerin stood as well. "Can't you just let go of the past you two have together, just this once?"

"Give me one good reason why I should let that bastard anywhere near Pip!"

"Because he's my boyfriend, Damien!"

Damien's face dropped in shock. What? "You're dating that asshole?"

Aerin sighed, "I didn't want to tell you alright…? I knew that you wouldn't take it well. Apparently I was right. I'm sorry."

Seeing the distraught on his best friend's face, Damien sighed and put one hand on his shoulder. "Sorry Aerin, I guess I overreacted… I have to talk to Pip." He walked over to the bedroom door and then stopped with his hand on the doorknob. "Regardless of that though, I stand by my original decision. I don't want him near Pip."

Angered, Aerin crossed his arms over his chest and looked away as Damien walked into the bedroom where Pip was leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed, resting. The anti-Christ sighed and leaned against the door as he silently closed it, just staring at his beloved. How could he possibly convince the blonde that he was pregnant? He'd be called crazy. But that was the risk he ran when he still had unprotected sex with Pip being fully aware that he could get pregnant after being marked.

"Pip," Damien drawled softly, "you still awake babe?"

Sleepily, Pip looked over at Damien. "Yeah…" He grabbed onto the noirette's arm when he sat down next to him. "What did Aerin tell you?"

Damien bit onto his bottom lip and then repositioned his sitting position so that he was leaning against the same wall Pip was with one arm around the blonde's shoulders. "Pip, this is gonna be hard for you to believe, but please just listen."

Pip snuggled into Damien's chest and nodded. He could clearly hear the serious tone to his beloved's voice, but he didn't care. He hadn't gotten the chance to snuggle against Damien for over a week, he missed the feel. "Okay. What is it?"

The anti-Christ gently grabbed onto Pip's chin and lifted his face so they could look into each others' eyes. In his own, extremely rare tears threatened to spill over. "Pip…"

"D-Damien?" Pip moved so he could cup Damien's face in his hands. "What is it dear? What's wrong?"

Though his heart fluttered amazingly at being called "dear," he ignored it and continued: "Pip," Damien rested one hand on the small bump of Pip's stomach; he could feel a sudden tiny burst of energy pulse through his hand, (Aerin was right… He thought with distress.), "you're pregnant."

Pip's face dropped. How could Damien say something like that? It wasn't even funny. "That's not possible Damien. Besides, you know I'm a boy."

"I knew you wouldn't be able to believe it. But I'm not lying, I swear this to you." His hand gripped onto the fabric of the t-shirt the blonde was wearing. "It's because of the mark."

"The mark?" One of Pip's hands gripped at the fabric where he knew the scar of the inverted cross was. "I don't–" He stopped himself. Damien had tried to tell him something two weeks ago but Pip had stopped him. "Damien…you were trying to tell me something two weeks ago… What was it?"

Hesitantly, Damien said, "With my mark, you cannot go on holy ground."

"…What else?"

"…There's a possibility you can get pregnant. Receiving the mark of a demon, of a devil can do this."

Pip began to tremble. Oh God…he…he was telling the truth…this was happening… His bottom lip began to shake with the threat of a sob as he clutched at Damien's shirt so he could be closer to him. "D-Damien…" He soft sob slipped past his lips; the anti-Christ's arms instantly encompassed him. "I…I…" A single tear fell down his face.

"You're scared," Damien whispered.

"Yes… I didn't even think this was," another sob came from him, "was possible…"

Damien tightened his arms around Pip. "I understand your fear, I'm scared too."

"No." Pip shook his head. "You don't understand. You're not the one wh-who's…carrying a child!"

Damien allowed his eyes to slip closed and he buried his face into the familiar golden hair. Pip was right; Damien couldn't possibly understand his fear. The thought of carrying a child–the knowledge that he was indeed carrying one, was terrifying to say the least. A living being was inside of him! So that's why he's been sick then. It was his body trying to tell him he was pregnant.

"Oh no!" Pip yelled as realization smacked him in the face.

"W-What?" Damien's eyes opened to looked at his beloved as he looked back up at him.

"The medicine you've been giving me! You…You don't think its hurt the baby, do you?" Regardless of his shock and fear, Pip's mind suddenly rerouted itself from still thinking it couldn't be real to a genuine, motherly concern that they may have done something to harm their unborn child trying to ward off the "illness."

Damien drew in a sharp breath. Oh hell…they could've. All the medicine he had Pip take the last week, the liquid and the pills, could easily harm their child. "N-No," he said to calm Pip's fears, "your body's been rejecting most of the medicine, so surely no harm has been done."

Pip relaxed just a bit and smiled softly. "That's good." He rested his head against Damien's chest. "…I'm sorry."

"For what babe?" The noirette's eyes softened. What could Pip possibly have to apologize for?

"For getting pregnant," the blonde felt Damien tense, "I should've listened to you when you were telling me what could happen. And I understand entirely if you," another tear fell down his face, "want to go back to Hell or go be with Aerin. I just want you to know I'm–"

"Pip, don't ever apologize for this!" Damien ground his teeth together, his arms tightened around Pip once again. "And don't ever act like I'm going to leave you! I love you dammit! I wouldn't leave over this!" Pip looked up at him again. "I'll never leave your side," he said softly, "I promise."

"Damien…I just don't want you to-to hate me later because you want to leave."

"I could never." He touched their lips together gently for a moment. "It's a shock, yes, but it's no reason to leave when I'm so in love. Besides, I don't want to be like my father. I didn't even meet him until I was five, when my mother died, and even now he acts like I'm a burden - he wants nothing to do with me. I will be here for you," one hand moved back to rest on Pip's stomach, "and for our child. Always."

A sad-happy smile crossed Pip's face. That was just what he wanted to hear. "Thank you, Damien."

Damien mirrored his beloved's smile. "Are you still tired?"

Pip nodded. "A bit."

"Well then," Damien moved them so that they would be lying down with Pip resting on his chest, "get some rest babe." He kept one arm around Pip's waist, resting his hand on the side of the blonde's stomach. "We can talk more when you wake up again."

"Mm-hmm…" Pip's eyes slipped closed.

When Pip woke up five hours later, he was convinced everything him and Damien had talked about was a dream. He couldn't be pregnant, it just wasn't possible. But regardless of his mind saying that, his hands went to rest on the small bulge on his stomach all the same.

His hand rested over Damien's and he stopped to look up at the sleeping face of the anti-Christ. He looked neither peaceful nor restless, but something in between that Pip had never seen before. It almost made Damien look like a fallen angel, and suddenly he wanted him.

Pip moved himself so he could plant a kiss on Damien's half-exposed collarbone, then his throat, and then his jaw line. He stopped at the noirette's lips and blushed. I shouldn't be doing this while he sleeps. He lowered his head back down to Damien's chest.

"Why'd you stop?" Damien muttered. He opened one eye and looked down at the blonde in time to see him jump.

His face began burning brighter. "D-Damien! I didn't realize you were awake!" Oh no, why couldn't he have just been asleep?

"I wasn't." He smirked playfully. "That is, until someone decided to seduce me in my sleep."

"O-Oh…I'm sorry Damien, I…I didn't think that would wake you up."

Damien chuckled and flipped them so that Pip was underneath him. He sat up, sitting lightly on the Brit's legs as his own straddled his waist. "You don't have to apologize, sleep is for night anyway. Besides, if you want something from me, just ask. I belong to you as much as you belong to me. So," he fell forward, bracing himself with his hand on either side of Pip's head, "is there something you wanted?"

A light blush still present on his face, Pip wrapped his arms around Damien's torso and gripped at the back of his shirt. "Y…Yes."

The noirette lowered himself to his elbows. "What do you want?"


Damien brought their lips together and slid his tongue into Pip's mouth, earning a soft moan from him. One hand traveled down to the hem of the blonde's shirt and lifted it up slightly as it traveled up his front. Pip disconnected their lips to strip his and Damien's shirts off before continuing, his hands ran down the anti-Christ's chest to the button of his shorts but he was stopped.

"What…?" Pip pouted. He was just told all he had to do was ask for something and he'd get it. Why was he stopped?

Damien smirked at the disappointed pout. "Calm down my Pip, I'm not stopping you. Maybe this time we shouldn't take it so fast though." He kissed him again. "Just this once, maybe we should go slow."

Even though he knew Damien really wanted it, Pip continued to pout. "If you wanted to go slowly, you have the first few times. Now that I'm pregnant, we don't need to stop and think, and go slow with things. What else could happen if we just got to it?"

Damien's eyes narrowed slightly. Pip was unusually feisty and horny today; the noirette was truly taken off guard by it. "I know where you're coming from Pip, and I know I should've gone a bit slower when dealing with you so that I could be certain it was what you really wanted, but Pip," he cupped his beloved's cheek with one hand, "I can tell you that we both need this. We need to just enjoy the light and teasing touches for a bit before we 'get to it,' as you said. Believe me," his hand traveled to the mark over Pip's heart, "feeling love with the lightest touch is much better than just fucking and going about our business."

Pip's eyes softened and he rested one hand over Damien's. He smiled. In response, Damien chuckled. "Though I have to say, I do love this more horny side of you," Pip turned red again, "we should definitely explore it sometime."

Pip smacked the noirette's chest lightly. "If you want this, do it now before I change my mind!"

Damien laughed and leaned down to lick at Pip's chest where the mark was. "Gladly."