Hiatus notice:

Dear readers,

I know some of you will be disappointed by this, but I have decided to put "The Partisans of Goblynsrefuge" on hold for a while. There are two reasons for this: the first is simply that I didn't update for so long; I was in Russia for eighteen months in the past couple of years, and during that time I was too busy to work on this, and the time gap left me with some difficulty getting back on track. The second reason this is now on hiatus is a long period of writer's block. I have tried to continue this several times since my return from Russia, but reading "Partisans" over, I've found a number of problems and mistakes that will make it difficult for me to continue the story and remain consistent to what I've already written.

I've intended to write a revision of this for some time, which I've started, so that should appear soon. I may leave the original up on other web sites, but I'm taking it off . The revision will start off like the original, beginning from Book 6, but after about eight chapters it will start to cover the four years between Harry's disappearance and the start of Ginny's mission to find him and his allies.

I then will continue with a more revised version of "The Partisans of Goblynsrefuge." This will be much more detailed and will delve much more into both Harry's and Ginny's characters.

Thanks for your patience. I will leave the prologue up as a preview.