Monday morning. I was walking to the library to cram in some last minute studying before breakfast for the Charms test. I was so busy thinking about the various charms and hexes we needed to know that I walked straight into someone, knocking them and me to the ground.

"Sorry," I muttered quickly, scrambling to my feet. I glanced down to see who I had rudely knocked over. "Oh. It's you. In that case, I take back my apology." I snarled. Malfoy glared up at me, pulling himself up.

"Why exactly did you run into me?" he snapped. I scowled at him.

"I didn't run into you. You ran into me!"

"Why do you always blame me for everything?" he cried.

"I DON'T!" I shouted.

"Um, yes you do!" Malfoy countered. "You blame me for every single thing, even things that are clearly YOUR fault!"

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" I was growing steadily angrier by the second. "And even if I do-which I don't-it's because I hate you and you hate me! That's how it's supposed to work!"

"No, Weasley, that's not how it's supposed to work," Malfoy snapped.

"WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?" I shrieked. Wow. I was clearly losing it.

"IT MEANS THAT I DON'T HATE YOU!" Malfoy retaliated. "I LOVE YOU WEASLEY, AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T SEE THAT!" My heart literally stopped. What? He loved me? This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening!

"You love me?" My voice was soft. Malfoy's face was becoming redder by the second.

"Um….well…I wasn't supposed to say that," he muttered. "Sorry, I'll just…go now." He turned to leave, but I caught his arm.

"I love you too." As soon as I said it, I knew it was true. I loved him. I had always loved him. I just hadn't realized it until now.

"You do?" Mal-well, I should call him Scorpius now-beamed.


"Will you go out with me?" he asked softly. I nodded.

"Of course!" I responded.

"You will?"

"I said I would," I laughed. Then I stepped closer to him, stood on tiptoe and kissed him. He pulled away first.

"I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you too," I replied.