Exit Wounds- Part 09

Authors Note: Well, thank you guys for all the reviews and the input on the character pairings. They all helped, but I've decided that I'm not going to make this story much longer because, well, It's called 'Exit Wounds' and now Emily is back.

I'm usually abrupt when it comes to by endings because, well, I suck at planning everything out and sorting my time out that way.

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"I have to tell them Emily... or at least Hotch." JJ said to Emily, Emily looked over at her with her eyes widened. "It's been 3 weeks. I can't keep lying to him. Do you know how many times he's asked me if I've heard from you? He's worried and he's going to find out sooner or later.."

"I'll just lea-" Emily began to say, JJ cut her off immediately before she continued.

"Don't you dare tell me you'll leave, Emily. You've been here for 3 weeks. And I am fine with that. But we have to tell Hotch... or Strauss... or somebody! Do you know how much shit I'll most likely be in for hiding a supposed-to-be-dead FBI agent?" JJ asked, Emily let out a sigh.

"Fine." she said, and she wasn't happy about it. "You can tell Hotch, but no one else... we'll see what Hotch says and go from there..." Emily told her, JJ nodded and let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry I put you through all this..."

"No," JJ said as she shook her head. "Don't be sorry, there's nothing to be sorry about. I'd rather have you here then someplace I don't know..." JJ said, Emily gave her a half smile. "I'm going to head to bed..." JJ said as she stood up.

"Me too. And maybe when you tell Hotch and we get everything figured out I can get my own bed and apartment." Emily said as she followed JJ into her room, they've been sharing a bed for the past 3 weeks. There was no way JJ would let Emily sleep on the not-so-comfortable couch. JJ let out a small laugh as she got into the bed.

"Night Em."

"Night JJ." Emily said as she laid down next to her.

x x x

"Hotch..?" JJ asked as she timidly knocked on his open door, it was the next day and after everyone else left- JJ couldn't risk having everyone a witness when Hotch yelled at her. Hotch looked up from his desk and looked at JJ, who was barely in his room.

"Come in," he told her, then noticed JJ hesitate, but she walked in and shut the door behind her. "Is something wrong?" he asked, his first reaction was that it had something to do with Emily. He was worried about her; JJ that is. They weren't having those open conversations they did a few weeks earlier.

"Nothing's wrong..." JJ said. "Is this a bad time? I can come back if you want..." Her curiosity was mainly her completely chickening out.

"No, sit." he told her as he motioned at the couch, as he got up from his desk. JJ nodded and sat down on the couch while Hotch sat down on the chair across from her. "Are you sure nothing's wrong?" he asked with his eyebrows raised because she looked nervous. JJ let out a sigh.

"There's nothing wrong..." JJ said as she thought, she wasn't quite sure how to word it. Telling your boss you've been hiding someone in Emily's position isn't really an exciting or easy conversation. Hotch raised his eyebrows. Just say it. She thought, she felt like she was getting light headed and she could hear her heart beat in her ears, then she let out a sigh. "Emily came to my apartment the day Doyle died and she's been staying with me ever since.." JJ said, Hotch's face fell. He had no idea what to think; what to say. What do you say to something like that? JJ looked at him, waiting for a reaction.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" was all he could think to say.

"I didn't know-" JJ began to say, then she sighed. "I didn't want you to say she couldn't stay here... and neither did she. And that's why she asked me not to tell you right away. She is in no way a burden to me; but I can tell she's not particularly excited to wake up and do nothing all day. She needs to be able to have her own job and her own apartment.. I don't fully understand what's supposed to happen now; if she gets to be Emily again or if their going to banish her again... and if she does I want her to be able to see and talk to her friends again." JJ explained, Hotch let out a sigh.

"I'm not sure what happens now, either. At the time, I thought none of us would see Emily again and it would be like she was dead. But now that Doyle's dead, there is no saying what they will say. There's a big chance that she will have to have another persons identity for the rest of her life because if they left Emily go back to being Emily it will open up accusations about conspiracy theories. It's a tough decision for them to make..." Hotch said, JJ nodded.

"Hotch.." she said, Hotch looked at her. "Can we at least let them see her again?" JJ asked, then she could tell by his facial expression that he didn't want to say no, but that was the answer. "I don't want them to go through their whole lives thinking their best friend is dead when she's really not. They deserve to know." JJ said, Hotch let out a sigh.

"I can't just..." Hotch sighed again. "I could get in a lot of trouble." he said, JJ looked down at her feet, he looked at her and closed his eyes for a second before opening them back up. "I agree with you. They deserve to know." He told her. "And I think Emily would like to see them again before anything comes official and I have faith that they will keep this a secret if need be." he said, JJ smiled.

"Thank you... Emily will be so happy... and so will they..." JJ said, Hotch gave her a small smile.

"I'm going to tell Strauss and everyone else Monday..." he told her. "So you should figure out a way for them to see each other before hand." he said, JJ nodded. It was now Friday, so she had the weekend.

"I'll let you know too." she said as she stood up. "I'm sorry for not telling you sooner..." she said again before leaving.

"It's okay... it's a tough situation." he said, JJ gave him a half smile before walking away.

x x x

"Hi Rossi... It's JJ..." JJ said into the phone the next day. "I know it's our weekend off, but I just needed to ask you something." she said, she felt completely awkward calling him, but she didn't want to ask over a text message.

"Is everything okay?" was Rossi's first reaction, would JJ really be calling him if everything was okay, it was either that or a case and she didn't say anything about a case, she he assumed.

"Yeah.. well, sort of.." JJ began to say, she was going to proceed to ask him if he was busy tomorrow so she could get everyone together, but then Emily walked in.

"Where's the wine?" she asked, a little louder than she normally would because she just got finished listening to music with earbuds in and the volume up way to loud so it temporarily damaged her hearing, JJ's eyes widened.

"Uh," JJ said as she put the phone away from her face. "I'm on the phone with Rossi, Emily!" she hissed at her, Emily threw her hands up.

"Sorry, jeez." Emily said as she walked away, JJ rolled her eyes and put the phone to her ear.

"Sorry about that..." JJ said as she bit her lip, waiting for Rossi to reply. "Rossi?" she asked after a few seconds, Rossi hesitated to answer.

"Was that Emily's voice, Jennifer?" was all Rossi could ask, JJ closed her eyes for a minute. "And you just called her Emily?" Rossi said, JJ opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't find the words.

"Rossi... I..." she began to say.

"I completely understand what's going on here." Rossi said, he was old and wise enough to know what happened, "It all makes sense now..." he said, and it did. He now understood that they needed to fake Emily's death in order for her to be able to live. He's seen it before, he had enough years in the FBI and other government things to know what they do.

"I didn't want you to find out on the phone, I wanted you and everyone else to be able to see Emily before Hotch goes to Strauss on Monday to tell her what is going on... so I was going to ask them over to my apartment.."

"Your apartment?" Rossi asked, with slight amusement to his voice.

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"Well, if you're going to have people over to tell them that someone they presume to be dead is really not, you mine as well not do it in a crammed one-bedroom apartment, no offense JJ." he said, JJ rolled her eyes.

"Well I think it's the safest place to have people over.." JJ said.

"Well, why don't you have them over here? It's much less crammed then a 1 bedroom apartment." he told her, JJ shook her head.

"I don't know, Rossi... that's not why I called, I don't want you to feel like you have to.." JJ told him.

"I know I don't have to. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't. You know that. I want to, JJ. I'm glad you've decided to tell us, and that Hotch turned the other cheek. I understand how much trouble both of you could potentially get into." he told her, JJ smiled.

"Thank you Rossi..."

"Tomorrow around 4? We'll have a barbeque." he told her. "And another thing JJ..." he said.

"Yeah?" JJ asked.

"Call me Dave when we're not at work, it's more casual." he said, JJ laughed.

"I'll be sure to, Dave. Thanks again."

"Any time JJ." he said before hanging up, JJ hung up and gave Emily a look, who was watching her, as she let out a sigh and looked at her phone to call another person.

"Please don't say anything this time, Rossi is more understanding than anyone else I'm about to call." JJ said as she dialed Penelope's number.

"The wine?" Emily asked, JJ let out a sigh and showed her before calling.

x x x

"All right, so what's the deal? Rossi would never let us have a barbeque at his house unless something big was about to happen." Derek asked as he sat down with his drink right as JJ walked into the room after talking to Emily and telling her what was going on. JJ glanced over at Rossi.

"You're right." Rossi said as he looked back at her, JJ let out a sigh as she saw everyone's eyes on her. Penelope's, Derek's, Spencer's, Rossi's and Hotch's. Although only 2 of them knew what was going on, she still felt as if she were breaking the news to them all by herself; the biggest thing she worried about was them not being able to forgive her.

"Right.. well a couple months ago, when I told you Emily didn't make it off the table, she did... I had to tell you guys that she didn't because it was the only way for Emily to be safe..." JJ told them, then she saw the shock on all three of their faces, before she noticed Derek's turn to betrayal.

"You lied to us.. after all we talked about?" he asked, JJ felt her eyes start to burn as she opened her mouth to say something.

"You have to understand that we had to." Hotch told him.

"You mean, you knew too? How could you just sit there and let us all think Emily was dead?" he exclaimed as he stood up.

"Derek..." Penelope said to calm him down, she was more shocked, but she didn't like when he got angry like that and spoke to them like that.

"No," he said as he looked away. "I'm going for a walk." he said as he walked away, JJ looked at Hotch, she felt completely guilty.

"Let him go. He needs to clear his head." he said, JJ nodded as she looked at Spencer and Penelope.

"I'm sorry you guys.." she said as she sat down closer to them.

"It's all right..." Spencer said as he looked at her. "I get it, you had to... to keep Emily safe." he said, JJ nodded and thought about how he felt when she told him that she never made it off the table, then they heard Emily clear her throat and they all looked at her.

"Hey." she said with a smile as she walked over to them, she talked to each of them for a little big before talking to JJ about Derek. "And he just left..?"

"He went for a walk..." JJ said, Emily nodded. "You gonna go out there?" JJ asked, Emily nodded. "Tell him I'm sorry..." she said, Emily nodded as she walked out to the door. She noticed Derek standing with his back to her a ways down the driveway, Emily walked down and stopped as the sound of rocks crunched from underneath her feet.

"I don't wanna talk right now." Derek said, he expected it to be Hotch coming to talk to him.

"Really? Well that kinda sucks, because I want to talk." Emily said as she crossed her arms across her chest, Derek turned around and looked at her.

"I wasn't expecting you to be here.." he told her, Emily laughed.

"What's the matter, Morgan? You look like you've seen a ghost." she said with a smirk, Derek smiled and shook his head. "You know it's not her fault.." Emily said. "JJ's." Derek let out a sigh as he turned his body slightly.

"I know." he said. "It's just..." he said as he shook his head.

"She told me about how much you guys talked to her about it... she felt so guilty for lying to you about it, and I feel horrible that she had to in the first place, but she had to." Emily said, Derek nodded.

"How long are you here for? You're supposed to be in hiding, I know you don't stick around for long." Derek asked, Emily shrugged.

"I'm not sure. Since Doyle's dead, Hotch is going to talk to Strauss and see what she says on Monday." Emily said, Derek nodded. "Can you at least do me a favor, Morgan?" Emily asked, Derek raised his eyebrows at her. "At least act like you're happy to see me." Derek chuckled.

"You haven't changed one bit, Prentiss." he said as he pulled her into a hug.