Disclaimer: I do not own any part of a great movie called Country Strong nor would I like to make any money from it. I have always been intrigued with life in the south and have been a fan of country music for a while now, which can be surprising living in a remote tropical island, but it's a common love amongst us islanders. And of course the stars of the show just take the movie beyond imagination. And for that, I must pen mine in electronic format.

I Love Gwyneth Paltrow, not only for the fact that she is an Oscar-winner, but mainly for her ability to revive songs and make them sound so cool again, and Tim McGraw who is just the epitome of a sexy, sexy man, who can act quite decently. I love watching him play something other than a strutting macho cowboy all clad in black. Yes there is something about that Stetson hat of his. I've also become a recent fan of Garrett Hedlund in Tron. I also thought Leighton looked a lot like a young Juliane Moore.

Just to give you a clue about my plans for this story. I named it after the original title, which I learned from Leighton's interview with Rachel Ray. I'm glad they changed the title, though to Country Strong.

I'll be using the titles of the songs in the 2nd soundtrack in homage to the actors who did an excellent job in singing their songs. The titles are the themes to the story line. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 Silver Wings

She was on again, rapidly climbing up the charts with her song. He heard it a dozen times, every time he tuned in on L.A. 's very own country radio station. It had felt like a year since they last had been together, but that was his heart translating the days for him. In fact, it had only been one day since she left for her tour, and it always felt like this for him, every time this beautiful songbird would awaken in the middle of the night to spread her wings, and fly to the heights of stardom. As often as he left the cage open, his songbird never missed flying back to him every chance she got, until one day….

Beau had just finished his last set with more soul and depth in his voice than the regular crowd had ever heard. Just becoming aware of the crowd's approval, he found himself snapping out of his reverie and just noticed he was eyelocked the whole time with his dearest fan, Chiles Stanton. Most of the people in the crowd were still very much in the loop with Country Music Fair even all the way in L.A. and knew exactly who were the up and coming acts in Nashville. Chiles' popularity soared after the death of Kelly Canter. The album that she had previously worked on with James had the song Kelly used on her last concert "Coming Home". Everyone knew that Chiles had the great privilege to work with her idol, Kelly, and in the public's eye, both women had formed a close bond with each other. James spun the story to the media, and the fans chewed it up by buying her debut album in the millions.

They sat together at the bar, and Beau attempted to order for her, "two beers, please."

"Actually one would be fine, and a bottle of water for me, thank you, " Chiles revised. The look on Beau's face compelled her to come up with an explanation.

"Oh Beau. Don't look at me like that." She blushed, and sighed before continuing, "I just don't want to end up dependent on it ever, after what I saw with Kelly. You know what I mean."

They both looked down, knowing the mention of her name had stirred powerful bittersweet memories.

"How's James these days?" Beau asked before taking a big gulp of his cold beer. It helped wash away some of the painful memories of Kelly from his mind. It was swirling with a bunch of emotions that Chiles seemed to bring out of him.

Chiles had started out with a withdrawn tone then suddenly spat out her opinion. "He's busy, promoting. People would say that was his way of coping with Kelly's death. In my viewpoint, he is just replacing her this time with an overly ambitious blonde ditz."

"Whoa! Chiles, you're not telling me you're going blonde?" Beau slid from his chair to give her a little venting space, and to put in frame shot an image of her as a blonde for a second.

"No! You silly! He picked up another girl, and he gave her my songs, all because I wouldn't …"

She nodded her head, looking away from him.

"Because what?" Beau asked, taking that last needed chug of beer. He had a gut feeling of what she might say, might as well, fill it up with something a little more agreeable.

"I didn't want to go to bed with him." She answered, and then whispered, "anymore."

"Shot of Jack, straight! Over here!" Beau called out to the bartender.

"Beau. I have t tell you.." She began but he held up his hand to silence her. As soon as he got the shot he drank it, and let the liquor flow through his veins which somehow gave him the courage to look back at her.

She reached out for his arm to keep him from moving away, and drew her honest eyes close to his.

"I couldn't get you out of my mind. I thought I was one of those who would do whatever it takes to get to the top, but I'm not. I thought I could put you behind me. But I can't Beau. All it took was one time, and I knew. No one should be touching me, but you."

"So what does this mean? You just came back to get your fill? Is that it?" Beau asked, feeling the liquor talking.

She laughed, and he followed suit, but was still unsure about what to make of her revelation.

"No! Beau, I'm done with him. James has put me on hold until after he's done promoting or if I come up with some songs. So I told him. I'm done, and I'm going to join you."

Beau sat back on his stool and leaned in closer and asked her, "How'd he feel about that?"

This time she stood to close the gap between them, "He said Beau who? I said it's Hutton. That's who, and he's the real deal. Even Kelly knew that."

They both laughed.

Beau teased, "That definitely didn't come from your pageant training, did it?"

"Naw. I picked it up from touring with a bunch of guys, especially from one pretty sarcastic fella."

He took her in his arms and gave her a big warm hug. As much as he wanted to kiss her, he needed to figure out if her intentions were genuine even to herself.

Chiles woke up in an unfamiliar environment. The room was dark, but she could make out the sunlight outlining the curtains across from the bed she lay in.

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