Darkness Won't Consume You


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Chapter one: Maturity

Heavy panting of Hermione's rough breaths can be heard by none other than Draco Malfoy. Currently he's scissoring his fingers in her feminin arousal causing Hermione to moan softly. Her knees have long buckled, but Draco is holding her up with his body to prevent her from falling or escaping for the matter.

'Welcome back,' Draco murmured sensually in Hermiones left ear before he commenced nibbling it while using his long fingers in another way to explore her velvety wetness.

'D-draco!' Hermione could no way control her cry of pleasure.


One year and a few months ago, Hermione Granger was sent to attend Beauxbatons for sixth year. Ron Weasley was sent to attend Drumstrung. This was all under the order of Dumbledore himself.

Each student (Ron, Hermione) was to train privately under the headmasters - due to their different personalities they were sent off to train under different masters in foreign countries.

According to Hermione, these experiences were likely to have them get used to a new environment. Secretly she was pleased; her inner desire to blossom into a woman finally came.

Ron was excited; he is finally accomplishing something neither his brothers have ever done - he was sent to train intensivly under the headmaster of Drumstrung himself!

Harry on the other hand was saddened; he'd have to go one year without his bestest friends in the whole wizarding community - or the whole world for that matter.

'Don't be that way Harry,' Ginny said, 'You have me, Luna, Neville, and the rest of D.A to guide you.'

And with that, all the events in sixth year has happened, but it was none other than the most loyal friends of the DA who have been there for Harry when Katie Bell was cursed and they suspected Draco Malfoy of being a Death Eater, etc.

When both Hermione and Ron have received owl letters informing them of the death of Dumbledore, they were about to abandon their mission half-way but Harry stopped them. He needed them to be ready when the time comes.

Through the years the trio has been apart, they all grew up more maturly and self-discovers have been made.

Unfortunately due to the shock of Dumbledore's death, each member of the trio are forced to stay with their assigned mentor (exception Harry) and train even harder.

The only reason Harry stayed sane is because he receives encouragements and news hiding nothing from his friends everyday. Everyone from Dumbledore's Army stayed loyal and stood by his side no matter what and so Harry went through facing Dumbledore's death.

The start of 7th year Ron came back. He has grown taller over his absence and he walks millitary-like; a straight back and a sharp expression. His taste in clothes have changed considerably and it matched him perfectly; a proud Drumstrung student.

When his mother saw him step into platform 9 3/4, her cries of joy pulled all attention towards him. Anyone would admit Ron stands out and he's certainly handsomer with more masculine appeal.

Ron softens when his family came. But when he saw Harry, the hard/soft expression dissolved completely and he was back to his old schoolboy personality: 'Bloody Harry you're as tall as me! I didn't expect that!'

True, even though Harry lost weight and sleep over Dumbledore, Molly has been taking care of him and so were the aurors. Harry is attractive in a different way than Ron; he has become pale and smooth and skinny. The type of boy that would wear skinny jeans in the muggle world and be treated like a rock/punk star. He was almost emo-ish, he has a gloomy aura but not enough to be classified as suicidal.

'Mom's really been taking care of you...' Ron's face fell; he was at Drumstrung all summer and hasn't seen a familar face for almost a whole year.

'Awww Ronnie-poo has grown bigga!' Cried Fred or George while slinging an arm around his equal height little brother.

'Ron! How'd you get muscles!' Ginny finally respects her older brother and shows genuine admiration.

'OI! B-bugger o-off-a him would ya,' Molly interjected between sniffles, 'it's been so long and with Percy gone...'

'...Bonkers,' finished the twins at the same time.

'Percy... please don't speak of him that way,' Harry said while his pretty face fell.

Awkward Sudden Silence.

'Dear, Ron is back and oh dear look at the time, you boys better be headed to the train in order to attend Hogwarts. I certainly have no desire to have you stealing my car anytime soon son!' Arthur affectionatly pats his children one by one, including Harry, and goes off to stand by Molly who is giggling at his joke referring to an event five years ago (flying cars).

'Yes, Fred & George I expect those luggages are clean when you take them up with yo-'

'Mom!' interrupted the twins in unity, 'we don't attend Hogwarts anymore, remember! That luggage is what we prepared for Ron'

'Oh. Right. Well I tend to forget seeing how you grow so fast...' Mrs. Weasley glances at Ron and her tear ducts broke.

The twins hug their mother affectionately. George said, 'you guys have fun at Hogwarts and say hi to Hermione for us. Harry we would like to thank you again and please visit our shop anytime you like. We're currently working on making undectectable gadgets against Flinch's secret scope or whatever it was called. Blimey! Look at the time, dad wasn't kidding!'

Ron and Harry both jumped when the five-minute departure Whistle blows.

'Gotta run!' they both cried in unison. Before they left (Ginny left long ago) they hugged everyone and Ron later swears he felt Fred or George sneak something in his pocket.

Watching them leave, Fred, who has been shackled off by his mom, turns to George at the same instance George turns towards him.

In unison they cried, 'Blimey, those two are becoming more and more like us day by day!' And they high-fived.

And off does Hogwarts Express goes.


Draco Malfoy sat in an empty compartement, void of expression.

Even though he worked under the Dark Lord, everything about him looks good. In fact he is number one on the most desirable Hogwarts stundents' list.

When Granger Mudblood left he became the top of the academics. When Weasley Weasel left he became the top of his athletes. With Dumbledore Dumdum gone, Malfoy has somehow become more sinister.

'Scratched that' Malfoy's lips curled into a smirk, 'I am evil.'

Narcissa believed in sixth year, Voldemort undertaking Malfoy as his personal student was a revenge against Lucius. She couldn't have been more right. Draco, though, exceeded Voldemort's expectation.

From the start of sixth year, Voldemort has been injecting a type of magical venom meant to poison and darken Draco's very core existence. Not only did this became successful, but Draco's magical capabilities sky-rocketed. Non-verbal magic, legilimency, unforgivable curses, everything the Dark Lord knew passed on to Draco easily and efficiently.

For at one point, Voldemort decided to have Draco as his next body vessel when the time comes.

This made the newly improved Draco come up with a way to avoid this situation, of course when the time comes.

Draco is the most powerful wizard of his time.

Here he was going back to Hogwarts; the time is approaching for many things. He needs to "help" Harry defeat the dark lord and he needs...

The loud thumping of the two thirds of the Golden Trio running to the prefects compartement has disrupted his thoughts.

And thus he resumes his impassive exterior, no one knows what's going on in the interior; swiftly and silently he proceeds to head towards the prefect compartement himself.


A few months have passed where Ron and Harry fell back into their old companionship. Even when they have grown apart and found different interest, their friendship still stayed through and through.

Of course they were curious to find out why Hermione has not arrived; they sent her letters and she only replied with the following:

'Harry, Ron,

'Don't worry about me. The time will come when Madame Maxime feels it is time to send me on my way with newly aquired knowledge.

Okay besides that, I'm doing extensive research, the French magical specialist have publish better throughly research books than the British, sad to say, and as I mentionned before Madame Maxime has insisted I become a proper lady before I return.

Basically I learnt frivolous charms that Lavendar or Parvati would die to get their hands on; hah! A woman's charm is her secret and I shouldn't wish to disappoint Madame Maxime.

Okay I have changed somewhat, but I grew and I really like myself (wow cheesy Hermione!)

I love you guys,


If Hermione ever accomplished anything to get these two blokes interested in anything, it is to know how she changed through her experience at Beauxbatons.


One November, Draco was just walking aimlessly around. He was not occupied with any scheme to harm anyone, and he was a prefect without any shifts that day. Cool air sounded nice.

He needed to feel. He needed to feel besides numb. The poison has surpressed a part of him and he may be on the verge of losing that key piece that Voldemort lacks - what may even kill him.

He was there, at the entrance to Hogwarts, feeling the wind whip around him.

And then the entrance suddenly opened; dispite Draco's disinterested facial expression, he looked.

At the grand open gates stood a woman. She was wearing casual day clothing; a knee length skirt that flew, dancing with the wind, a blouse equally dancing with the wind, and long soft curls surrounding her head. Draco looked at the girl from her feet wearing dainty silver heels, up her endlessly long legs, to her curvy hips, small waist and rounded bust, and finally he fixed a look at her face. The whole time, he was very hard in his manhood. He couldn't remember if lust ever hit him this hard.

And looking at her face, he reconized her instinctly and for some stupid reason, his unmoving heart leapped to life and started to beat in joy.


She has finally arrived after a long walk from the train station in heels towards the grand gates. As if sensing her return, the gates opened up for her and her luggage which still consists of books that she knows by heart. A strong gust a wind blew and she had to hold her hair at the side of her neck to keep it from getting in her face. Her lips parted slightly and her she knew her cheeks were slightly blushed from the walk in the cold. But dispite this peacefulness, she can feel something coming up ahead.

When Miss Hermione Granger looked up, she look right into the eyes of Draco Malfoy.

Honey Chocolate meets Silver Mecury.

Sweet meets Toxic.

And she felt she has finally came home.


Studying his posture, Hermione sucked in a sharp breath and flushed a bit.

Draco was sitting on a huge rock in front of the gates, completely at eased as if he owned the place. He was staring at her, not missing anything.

Hermione actually felt nervous, this is her first time seeing a boy - no, a man- after so long. And during that interval she learnt so much on how to seduce a man.

In theory of course.

Hermione stiffened remembering hearing her roomates gossip about their experiences with a waiter or a stableboy over the holidays or weekends. She blushed profondly looking at how good-looking Malfoy is. Delicious really.

'Delicious, Hermione? Are you mad! This is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. Surely I'm dilirious from the train ride!' Poor girl can't handle nor control her thoughts.

Through his buttoned up tailor shirt with a few buttons loose at the top, and with rolled up sleeves, Hermione can have a clear view of his muscles. His face is arrogantly sharp, but if anything it creates an appeal. His hair amazingly is hung low around his head; he probably outgrew the gel. Whatever happened to him, it certainly has done him well.

Hermione has no idea how right she is. She was too innocent to know what Draco has gone through.

Malfoy made a signal for her to come nearer. She was shy, she did approach, but precausiously and she only stopped at a safe distance of three meters away.

'It hasn't been proven I bite,' he said in such a deep voice, 'come here.'

Hermione came a little closer to Draco's satisfaction.

And perhaps that proves to be a mistake to lead them both into the right path.


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