Fifteen-year-old Mitarashi Anko was on night patrol near the outskirts of Konoha with a pair of ANBU when she suddenly heard crying. She glanced at the two ANBU with her, one wearing a dog mask and the other wearing a tiger mask, both nodded and they quickly tree hopped towards the sound of the crying. All three landed stealthily in the foliage of a large tree and looked at the scene in front of them.

On the ground was a small boy of about three or four was lying next to the body of a young woman crying his eyes out. The woman was obviously dead, with many wounds apparent on her body. Looking at the child Anko felt like her heart was breaking, he looked so helpless and alone. Making a few quick hand gestures to the ANBU with her, signaling that she was going out alone and for them to cover her, Anko dropped down from the tree and slowly walked towards the child.

As she got close to the edge of the tree line Anko go a good look at the boy and the body of the woman in front of her. The boy looked about three or four, he had somewhat long and gravity defying bluish-black hair (Think super sayan hair except blue-black instead of golden). He was wearing a pair of blue pajamas with no shoes so it looked like he just got out of bed. The woman looked to be in her early twenties, she was wearing standard shinobi garb, blue ninja sandals, black tight ninja pants, a loose fitting blue gi top and a Hitae-ate, although Anko couldn't see the symbol on it, as well as several pouches for her ninja tools.

As soon as she stepped onto the road the child noticed her and got a look of terror on his face. He quickly grabbed a kunai from the woman's pouch and held it out towards Anko with an unsteady hand. "Stay away from us." He yelled at Anko, while standing protectively in front of the woman's body. "You won't hurt momma again."

Anko was not really surprised by the kids reaction, but she decided not to use her usual tactic of scaring people half to death since with this child she might actually kill him due to fear. So instead she took a non-aggressive pose with he hands held up in front of her. "Whoa there gaki, I'm not going to hurt you. I just came to find out what all the yelling was about." Saying this Anko squatted down in a crouch until she was eye level with the boy. "It's ok, I promise that I wont hurt you." She said soothingly to the child.

The two ANBU in the trees were amazed at what they were seeing, here was Mitarashi Anko, the snake mistress and one of the most frightening kunoichi in all of Konoha, sounding for all the world like a concerned big sister to a random child.

The child looked at the purple haired lady in front of him and slowly lowered the Kunai he was holding. "You promise you won't hurt me or mom?" The child asked Anko in the desperate pleading way that only small children are capable of. Seeing this Anko felt her heart breaking all over again.

"Of course I promise. What's your name gaki? Mine is Mitarashi Anko." Anko said as she gave the child a little two-finger salute.

The child looked thoughtful for a moment before answering. "Well my name is Ryld, I don't have a last name." The boy said sadly while looking at the body of his mother. "She woke me up and we left our village in the middle of the night, she said we had to get away to some place called Konoha so that we could be happy. She had me wrapped up in a blanket but I could hear yelling all around us. There was lots of crashing and it was really loud. Mom thought I couldn't see anything in my blanket but I saw a few things, I saw some people making weird hand signs and throwing knives like these all around the village." He said while showing Anko the kunai he had pointed at her before.

Anko was fairly surprised by his story; he had survived what sounded line a full-scale assault on his village and his mother had obviously risked her life to bring him to Konoha. "Well Ryld I guess you have some luck left in you." Anko smiled at the child's confused expression. "You see gaki, I am from Konoha." Anko said while pointing at the Hitae-ate she was wearing, it had a metal plate on it with a stylized leaf in the center.

Ryld looked at Anko with a surprised expression on his face. "You're from Konoha?" He asked in a slightly awed voice.

"Yup I sure am. Now since you were going to Konoha, why don't I take you there, it's still a pretty good ways off and I don't want anything to happen to you." Anko offered in a very soothing voice.

Ryld looked hopeful for a moment before his face fell. "What about mom? I can't just leave her here in the road." He said in a sad voice.

Anko had already thought of this. "Its okay gaki, I have some friends close by that will bring your mom with us to Konoha." Anko said as she signaled to her two ANBU companions. Both ANBU appeared in front of Anko, causing Ryld to jump at their sudden appearance. Turning back towards Ryld Anko said. "Listen Ryld, my friends here are going to go through some of your mothers things, this way we can figure out who she was." Ryld nodded at Anko, who in turn nodded to the tiger masked ANBU.

He went over to the woman's body and slowly turned her over, revealing the Hitae-ate that she wore with the symbol of a stylized flame in the center. Tora (Tiger) was not familiar with this symbol and turned towards his two companions to see either of them knew this symbol. Both Inu (Dog) and Anko shook their heads, neither recognizing the symbol. Tora then went about searching the body in a quick and precise manner. He found standard ninja equipment, Kunai, Shuriken, explosive tags, etc., as well as several scrolls. One of the scrolls that caught his attention had the same Kanji as the Hokage's hat, meaning it must be for him to read. Tiger held that scroll up for Anko. "Anko-san we must get this scroll to Hokage-sama. It may reveal things about this child."

Anko nodded and turned back towards Ryld who was looking at the body of his mother with tears in his eyes. She squatted down in front of him and looked him in the eyes. Up close she noticed that he had a very lean face and his ears were slightly pointed, his face reminded him slightly of a wolf's face, especially with his bright golden eyes that seemed to catch the moonlight and glow. "Alright Ryld, were going to go to Konoha now, my friends are going to carry your mother and I'm going to carry you. We're going to go really fast so you need to hold on to me tight okay?" Anko asked the boy in front of her.

Ryld nodded and walked over to Anko and grabbed a hold of her. Anko picked the boy up and hugged him close while Tora took the body of the woman. All three shinobi looked at each other before the leapt into the trees and took off towards Konoha. Ryld was surprised by the speed at which they moved and tightened his hold on Anko's tan trench coat. Despite how fast the three shinobi were moving it would still take them most of the night to get back to Konoha, after a few hours Anko looked down at the boy she was carrying and noticed that he was fast asleep snuggled up against her. This made the purple haired snake summoner feel very warm inside, as most of the village hated her for her association with Orochimaru, and the few that didn't hate her never got this close to her.

Finally near daybreak they made it back to Konoha, as they approached the gates they were met by the Chunin gatekeepers, Kotetsu and Izumo. "How was your night patrol?" Kotetsu asked before noticing the cargo the three ninja were carrying. "Wow looks like you guys had an eventful patrol." Kotetsu said looking at the body that Tora was carrying and the boy in Anko's arms.

"We need to take these two to Hokage-sama immediately." Tora said to the two gate guards, both nodded and went back to filling out their paperwork. At the nod of the gatekeepers all three ninja disappeared as they shunshined towards the Hokage tower.

At this moment the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure Sarutobi Hiruzen was sitting at the desk in his office looking at the bane of all Kage, paperwork. He was currently debating on just destroying the entire pile of it with a well-placed Katon jutsu, but decided against it, as it would just increase the amount he would have to do. His musings about his hated foe were interrupted when his secretary knocked on his door and poked her head in. "Hokage-sama, Mitarashi Anko and the two ANBU you sent with her are here to report on their patrol mission."

"Very well send them in." The Hokage stated as he finished signing his latest piece of paperwork. As soon as he finished Anko walked into the room carrying a small child followed by Tora holding the body of a young woman and Inu taking up the rear to close the door. Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at the cargo his shinobi had but said nothing. Anko walked over towards the offices couch and attempted to lay the sleeping boy down on it, however he tightened his grip and snuggled even closer to Anko, who had a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

"Well it appears you three had a very eventful patrol mission." The Sandaime said with a slightly amused smile on his face as he looked over at Anko who didn't seem to know what to do with the child holding on to her. "Anko-chan you can sit down on the couch with the boy, it doesn't look like he is going to let go of you anytime soon." Sarutobi said, Anko nodded slowly and sat down on the couch. As soon as she sat down, the boy shifted slightly so he was sitting on her lap still holding on to her coat for what seemed like dear life and snuggled his face onto her shoulder.

Tora had in the meantime laid the body of the woman on the floor of the office and taken off her hitae-ate so that he could show it to the old Hokage. "Hokage-sama we came upon these two in the forest on the outskirts of Konoha, we heard the boy crying and went towards the noise, we found the boy lying on top of the woman holding on to her and crying. Anko-san went and started speaking with the boy; she calmed him down and finally called us to come look at the body. She was wearing this Hitae-yate that none of us recognized, also she had this scroll that has the kanji for 'Hokage' on it so we assumed that it was meant for you to read." Finishing his report Tora handed him both the scroll and the Hitae-ate.

Sarutobi looked at the Hitae-ate and got a very shocked look on his face, he did indeed recognize it. It was the symbol for Kakushigakure, the Village Hidden in the Flames, one of Konoha's most secret allies. Almost none knew the village even still existed, most believed it had been destroyed in the Second great Shinobi War. While the village had taken massive casualties during the war it had not been destroyed, instead it had made a secret alliance with Konoha and destroyed the site where the village had been. The remaining villagers then went into hiding and started slowly building their strength back up, the last that he had heard of them was that they were nearing the strength of some of the smaller hidden villages like Amegakure or Takigakure. Sarutobi wasn't sure what to make of this development, it seemed that a Kakushi ninja wanted to bring her son to Konoha to live.

The Sandaime Hokage took the scroll and saw that it had a blood seal on it, meaning it could not be opened without the blood of the person it was for. He quickly bit his thumb to draw blood and ran it along the length of the seal. The seal smoked for a moment and then vanished. Sarutobi opened the scroll and began reading.


My name is Kimiko and if you are reading this then I am most likely dead. If I am dead then I hope that my son Ryld survived and is safely in Konoha. You are most likely wondering why I have come to Konoha from Kakushi and the answer is simple, Kakushigakure no Sato is no more. The Village Hidden in the Flames has been completely destroyed.

My son and I are the last survivors of the village. To answer the question that is most likely first upon your mind, yes I know who destroyed my village. They were shinobi of great strength, and while I never saw a Hitai-ate on any of them the one person that I did see was their leader, and this person was the criminal Orochimaru, the snake Sannin and criminal traitor of Konoha. He led the shinobi that destroyed my beloved village. The village elders and veteran shinobi were unable to defeat him, however they were able to distract him and his forces for long enough that it allowed my son and I to escape.

The reason that they risked their lives was to protect my son. Ryld is the container for the Rokubi no Okami, the six tailed demon wolf, and before you jump to any conclusions about it, the Rokubi is not an evil creature. It is actually the guardian of our village. The Rokubi is placed inside a human not as a means of containment, it is in fact to allow the Rokubi to better protect our village.

During the Second Great Shinobi War Kakushi was nearly destroyed due to the combined might of Kiri and Iwa, it is during this time that the Rokubi first decided to protect those of our village. It was with its help in its Bijuu form that we were able to escape the slaughter of our village. Once it helped us get to a new and more secure location it actually suggested to our current Kazankage (volcano shadow) that it be sealed within a human vessel, so that it could better assist with always being the guardian of out village. Ever since then we have used the seal that the Rokubi gave us to seal it within the bodies of a single line of shinobi; that of our Kazankage's most trusted friend.

This man was my grandfather, the first container of the Rokubi no Okami, upon having the Rokubi sealed within him my grandfather decided that our clan would give up their clan name and live only to be the guardians of Kakushi. When my grandfather died the Rokubi was re-sealed within my father, and now the Rokubi has been passed on to my son.

I humbly ask you Hokage-dono to allow my son Ryld to live within Konohagakure and be raised as one of your shinobi. Ryld knows what is contained within him. He had his duty as protector of our village taught to him from the cradle. He was just beginning his shinobi training when the attacks started. Most likely the Rokubi has already begun speaking with my son to further teach him about his role and to assist with his training. If you feel that you do not want a Jinchuuriki living in your village then I understand, however I do beg that you allow this to happen. My son will become a very powerful shinobi and would greatly help Konoha as one of its protectors, it is what he has been raised for his entire life.

Should you allow my son to stay in Konoha there are a few things that I would like him to have, these items are sealed within this scroll that I have given you. The first two are a pair of swords that were forged specifically for my son. I would like them to be presented to him once he graduates from the ninja academy and becomes a Genin. The last item is a summoning contract. I would like this to be presented to him at a time when he is participating in the Chunin exams for the village. This summoning contract can only be opened and used by someone of our family's bloodline; we have made a special agreement with the being of the summoning contract and they only allow those of our blood to summon them. Even if someone of a different family signs the contract the beings will not respond.


Kimiko of Kakushigakure

Sarutobi finished reading the scroll and heaved a heavy sigh. Once he got to the ending of the scroll he noticed three seals on the paper. One read Contract, one Heaven, and one Hell. Deciding to see what items the child sill sleeping in Anko's arms was supposed to receive he unsealed the Contract seal first. As Kimiko had stated it was a summoning contract with a blood seal on it. Looking at the contract Sarutobi noticed the kanji for dragon written in red ink. The Sandaime's eyes nearly came out of his head in shock. No one had ever managed to get the fabled dragon clan to allow for a summoning contract to be written with them.

Laying the contract down on his desk he next unsealed the Heaven and Hell seals. The Heaven seal contained a Katana in a pristine white sheath with dragons twirled around it in blue. Unsheathing the Katana he noticed that the blade was on a strange blue metal and it had a Kanji at the base of the blade that read 'Kamikaze' (Divine Wind). Re-sheathing the blade, Sarutobi unsealed the Hell seal and saw another Katana, the one in a red sheath with black dragons twirled around it. He unsheathed the blade and saw that again it was also made of a strange metal, this one was solid black and it also had a Kanji at the base of the blade and it read Oni-kaji (Demon Flame).

Re-sheathing both swords he set them aside next to the contract and looked over at the four people in his office. "Well this is certainly an interesting though tragic turn of events. Tora, Inu what you found on the road outside of Konoha is now an S-ranked village secret, as is the birthplace of the child. I'd like you to take the body of the woman and have it put to rest. You are both dismissed." With their dismissal both ANBU Shunshined out of the office. Then Sarutobi turned towards the young Kunoichi holding the boy in her arms. "Now then Anko-chan what do you think we should do with this boy? I am inclined to follow his mother's last wishes and allow the boy full citizen ship in Konoha and allow him to enroll into the ninja academy once he is old enough. However I do not really want him to live in the orphanage, since we know that didn't work out well with Naruto. So I ask again what do you think I should do with him?" Sarutobi asked the purple haired Kunoichi.

Anko looked surprised that the Hokage was asking her opinion on something like this. "Well Hokage-sama, I'm not sure what we should do with the little gaki. You said you don't want him in the orphanage, it seems like the best answer would be to have someone adopt him, but who would be willing to take a child from a foreign village like that?" Anko had a thoughtful look on her face as her mind worked to try and figure out who could take the small child in her arms.

Sarutobi smiled sagely at the young woman in front of him. "Well he certainly seems to like you Anko-chan. Maybe you would be willing to look after him for a while? At least until we find a family willing to adopt him." The Hokage suggested to the young kunoichi.

Anko looked thoughtful for a few moments before answering. "Well I guess we could always ask the gaki if he wouldn't mind staying with me." Anko started shaking the small boy awake. "Hey Ryld, wake up gaki. I have someone who would like to ask you a few questions." Anko said while shaking the boys shoulders slightly.

Ryld woke up very slowly feeling warm and safe for the first time in several days. He opened his eyes to see the smiling face of the woman who had talked to him on the road. Slowly his memories returned this woman was Mitarashi Anko a Kunoichi of Konoha, where he and his mother had been going. Ryld smiled at the woman holding him. "Hi Anko-Kaachan." Ryld said quietly.

Anko's heart melted at hearing his form of address. She looked at the Hokage and said. "Hokage-sama you will not need to find someone to take him in. I will raise him myself. I'll even adopt him so that he finally has a surname." Anko said with growing confidence while looking at the small boy who had quickly and effectively stolen her heart.

A few days later

Anko was taking her newly adopted son Ryld shopping for some things that he would need since he was living with her. She went into some of the stores that sold children's clothes and bought him some extra sets of clothes. She also took him into her favorite Dango shop for a mid day snack. While she and Ryld were eating she heard a familiar voice.

"Anko how are you?" Looking around Anko saw her friend Yuhi Kurenai looking at them with her exotic red eyes. Walking over toward them she saw Ryld sitting with Anko and smiled at him. "Who is this little cutie Anko?" She asked with slight surprise.

"Who this little gaki? This is Ryld, he's my son." Anko said with a proud smile, her smile broke into a huge grin at Kurenai's shocked expression.

"When on earth did you have a child Anko? I just saw you a week ago and you didn't have a child." Kurenai asked the purple haired kunoichi.

"I found the little gaki when I was on patrol with Tora and Inu a few days ago, we took him to Hokage-sama and he decided to let him be a citizen of Konoha. The little gaki seemed to like being with me so I decided to adopt him." Turning to Ryld, who was eating his Dango with a look of enjoyment on his face. "Hey gaki say hello, this is my best friend Yuhi Kurenai."

Ryld looked up from his Dango at the woman speaking with his new momma. She had long jet-black hair and bright red eyes. She was wearing a short white dress with black lined running down it and a red right sleeve, and white bandages around her hands and her upper thighs. "Hello Kurenai-san, my name is Ryld, well it's now Mitarashi Ryld since Anko-Kaachan adopted me a few days ago." The young boy said with a large smile on his face that Kurenai thought made him look endearing and somewhat wolf like.

Kurenai couldn't help but laugh at the wolf-like grin on the young boys face. "Well hello their Ryld-kun. How is your Dango?" Kurenai asked.

"It's really good Kurenai-san, I've never had Dango before." Ryld said and took another big bite of the Dango, taking off all three of the sweet dumplings from the stick and washing it all down with his green tea. Kurenai also ordered a plate of Dango and a cup of tea and joined them for their meal. After finishing the meal, the new Mitarashi family went home and got to work getting Ryld's new room ready for him.

Several years later

Mitarashi Ryld was sitting in his seat in the Konoha Ninja Academy with his friends Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino, while he listened to his ninja instructor Umino Iruka was going through the list of students for their final exam before graduation to Genin level. Ryld wasn't really listening to the other student's names being called, his friends Kiba and Shino had already passed their tests and were wearing their new Konoha Hitai-ate. Ryld was just waiting for his name to be called.

Iruka looked over at the class. "Mitarashi Ryld, please come down and go into the other room so that you can come do your final exam." Iruka instructed. Ryld got up from his desk and gave Shino a thumbs-up and a high five to Kiba. As he walked down he past Uchiha Sasuke, his primary rival for rookie of the year, he gave him a shitty look that was returned in kind by the last Uchiha. Ryld also gave a high five to Uzumaki Naruto, another friend of his. He gave Yamanaka Ino and Tayuya, two of the prettiest girls in class, a sly wink, which caused the blonde to scowl slightly at him while still blushing, and the redhead to give a very similar sly wink back to him. This reaction cause Ryld to laugh while causing Ino's friend Haruno Sakura, the classes resident banshee, to give Ryld a disgusted look.

Ryld went into the adjoining classroom with Mizuki. "Alright Ryld, now we need you to perform the three required academy jutsu before you are allowed to graduate. The three jutsu are the Henge (Transformation), the Kariwimi(Substitution), and the Bunshin (clone)." Ryld nodded at Mizuki-sensei and went through the correct hand signs. "Henge no jutsu." Ryld shouted and transformed into a perfect copy of Iruka-sensei. Mizuki nodded to Ryld, who transformed back to his normal form and went through more hand signs. Ryld disappeared in a cloud of smoke, when the smoke cleared where Ryld had been standing there was now a chair. Ryld went through the final set of hand signs. "Bunshin no jutsu." There were three clouds of smoke and when it cleared there were three perfect copies of Ryld standing next to the original, all four of them had the exact same shit-eating grin on their faces.

Mizuki nodded reluctantly at the young man in front of him as he released the three Bunshin he had summoned. "Very well done Ryld, you… pass." Mizuki said with some trepidation as he handed Ryld the Konoha Hitae-ate. Ryld gave Mizuki his patented wolfish grin and walked back into the other classroom proudly displaying his new Hitae-yate to his fellow classmates. Ryld got happy waves and high-fives from his friends in class, as well as nasty looks from Sasuke and Sakura and a few of the other students that disliked him.

'Well done cub.' Came a voice inside of Ryld's head. This voice belonged to his resident, the Rokubi No Okami. 'That fellow Mizuki looked like he didn't want to pass you for a few moments.' Rokubi commented thinking back to the look that Mizuki had on his face as he passed Ryld. Ryld couldn't help but agree with he demonic tenant and friend, however he quickly put the thought out of his mind as he talked with his friends.

The rest of the day was uneventful except that Ryld's friend Naruto was the only one of his classmates that didn't pass the final academy test. None of the rest of the class noticed how depressed Naruto was that he didn't pass the final exam, but Ryld did notice. After class Naruto was sitting on one of the swings in the playground at the academy looking over at all the graduates from his class. Ryld walked over to his friend and sat on the swing next to him.

"Hey Naruto, I'm sorry that they didn't pass you. What happened? I thought you had all of the jutsu down thanks to me and mom helping you." Ryld asked his friend as he sat there on the swing.

Naruto looked over at Ryld with a sad expression. "I did have them all down, even the Bunshin no Jutsu. That one always gave me problems, but thanks to you and Anko-oneechan I was able to make three Bunshin. Mizuki-sensei told me that they changed the program this year and that I had to be able to create five perfect Bunshin to pass, I tried my hardest but I wasn't able to make more than four. Since I couldn't make the correct amount Mizuki-sensei failed me." Naruto said as he started crying.

Ryld was shocked. They failed him even though he was able to make the correct amount of Bunshin? "That's bullshit Naruto, Mizuki-sensei lied to you. You didn't have to make five Bunshin, I only made three and they passed me, and I know for a fact that Sasuke-teme was only able to make two and they passed him. Come on Naruto; let's go see the academy Headmaster. He'll get this whole thing straightened out." As Ryld said this, Naruto visibly brightened at the prospect of being allowed to pass and graduate from the academy.

The two friends went back into the academy and headed straight for the Headmasters office. Ryld knocked on the Headmasters door. "Come." Came the reply from inside the office. Both boys entered the Headmasters office; said man was sitting behind his desk looking through his paperwork. The Headmaster of the Konoha Ninja academy was an elderly man, he was not actually a ninja, and he got the job by bribing the civilian council into getting the job. He did not like either Ryld or Naruto, as both of them were sent to his office by some of the teachers, Naruto because most of the teachers knew about the Kyuubi and tried to damage his training, and Ryld because most of the village hated his mother Anko due to her being the apprentice of the infamous criminal Orochimaru.

The Headmaster looked up from his paperwork to see his two least favorite students walk into his office. "So which teacher sent you here this time, and what did you two do?" He asked curtly with no preamble.

Ryld and Naruto looked at each other before Ryld answered. "No one sent us here Headmaster, we're coming to you because Naruto should have passed his final Genin test but Mizuki-sensei didn't pass him. I think he just didn't want to."

The Headmaster looked slightly surprised at the tone of voice that Ryld used. "Now why would you say that Mitarashi-san? What makes you think that a distinguished teacher like Mizuki would falsify a test report on any student even him?" The Headmaster said laying emphasis on the last word as he looked at Naruto.

"How many Bunshin does a student have to create during the final exam to be allowed to pass?" Ryld asked the Headmaster simply.

The Headmaster looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well you have to be able to create three Bunshin in order to be allowed to pass the exam." He answered, not quite knowing where the two boys were going.

Ryld gave the Headmaster his wolfish grin. "Well Naruto is able to create three Bunshin, but after he did Mizuki-sensei told him that the test had been changed for this year and now he had to create five Bunshin. Naruto was able to create four but not five and Mizuki-sensei failed him for it." Ryld said with some self-satisfaction.

The Headmaster looked troubled for a moment, he did not really want the demon brat to pass and be allowed to become a shinobi. It was bad enough that the son of the snake bitch had been allowed to pass. He suddenly had a very cunning idea. "Well the normal amount is three Bunshin, but the tests are still under the discretion of the individual instructors. So if Mizuki says that Naruto doesn't pass, then he doesn't pass, and nothing you do to try and squeak your way around that decision. So since there is nothing else that you need, good day." The Headmaster said with a note of finality.

Ryld was livid. This was a blatant case of the teachers at the academy trying to keep Naruto from graduating and becoming a shinobi. "This is bullshit. You know that the test is only to create Three Bunshin and even though Naruto was able to create four, you're just going to ignore that because some asshole teacher says that he didn't do good enough."

"MITARASHI-SAN the word of my instructors is beyond reproach from a mere student or a mere Genin such as yourself, furthermore if you do not let this matter drop your own graduation can and will be revoked. Is that understood?" The headmaster yelled at the two boys in front of him. Seeing no more argument forthcoming he visibly calmed himself down. "Now since there is nothing more, the two of you may now go." The Headmaster said and promptly dismissed the two boys.

Both boys left the Headmasters office dejectedly. Ryld was disappointed because he was unable to help his friend, and Naruto was upset because it was another case of his teachers being mean to him for no good reason. "Listen Naruto, lets go and talk to Hokage-sama, if anyone can fix this stupid mess its him." Ryld said to his friend.

Naruto lit up for a moment then his face fell again. "No Ryld, I don't want you to get yourself in trouble. You heard the Headmaster; if you don't let this drop then he'll revoke your graduation too. I know you've wanted to be a ninja since before your mom adopted you. How else are you going to become the village's protector?" Naruto said sadly to his friend.

Ryld wasn't sure about what his friend said. "Are you sure Naruto? I mean what kind of protector would I be if I don't help out one of my best friends?" Ryld asked his friend.

Naruto just gave him his best goofy fox grin and said. "Hey it's ok, I'll figure out something, I mean after all you're talking about the man that's going to be Hokage some day." Naruto laughed.

Ryld still wasn't sure, but he took his friend's word for it and started to head home. After Ryld left Mizuki came out of the shadows and walked over towards Naruto. "You know Naruto, I am sorry that I had to fail you but your skill with the Bunshin just wasn't good enough to warrant passing you. However there is another way that you can pass."

Hearing this Naruto immediately perked up and forgot about that fact that Mizuki was one of the teachers that was constantly getting him into trouble and usually treated him like dirt. "What's the other way Mizuki-sensei?" Naruto asked him excitedly.

Back at the Mitarashi Home

Ryld walked slowly through the streets of Konoha, some of the villagers gave him dirty looks because of his mother, but Ryld ignored them. He was still worried about his friend. Even though Naruto put up a cheerful front, Ryld knew it was just a mask, he knew that his friend was very hurt by the fact that the teachers at the academy had failed him, even though he had been more than adequate in the final academy test. Still Ryld decided to trust that his friend would not do anything rash in this situation and headed home.

'Are you sure it was okay to leave him alone cub?' Asked Rokubi. 'I know he's your friend and you want to trust his judgment, but that kid is even worse about doing dumb things in bad situations than you are. Not to mention he holds the Kyuubi and that dick would love nothing more than for that kid to go ape shit so he can try to get out. Not that he can with that seal the Yondaime placed onto Naruto, I've seen some impressive seals in my time but that one has to take the cake.' Rokubi said with a laugh.

Ryld thought about it for a few moments before commenting. 'I know what you mean Rokubi-sensei, but Naruto wont do anything as rash as a attacking. He loves this village too much for that, even though a lot of the villagers treat him like shit. If it hadn't been for Hokage-sama and the people at Ichiraku I would be just as worried as you are. I think Naruto will be okay.' Ryld mentally projected at the demonic presents inside of him.

Once he started thinking about home Ryld started to get excited. His mother had told him that once he graduated he would get a big surprise. According to his mom, he would get something that his first mother had wanted him to have. Putting Naruto's situation out of his mind, Ryld put on his Patented wolf grin and channeled chakra to his legs and started to jump up onto the roofs of the village to get home faster.

As soon as he got home Ryld dropped down in front of his front door, unlocked it, and went inside. "Okaachan I'm home. Look I graduated from the academy today, I got my Hitae-yate and everything." Ryld said, proudly displaying his new Hitae-yate on his forehead.

Ryld's mother Anko came into the front room of their house. She took one look at her adopted son and squealed in delight when she saw him wearing a Konoha Hitae-yate. "Great job gaki, you're a real ninja now." She beamed at her son. "Now gaki as I told you before, since you've graduated from the academy I have a very special present for you. This is something that Kimiko-san, your birth mother, wanted you to have once you graduated from the academy." Without further ado Anko went into her personal closet, where she kept all of her mission supplies, and pulled out a sealing scroll.

She tossed the scroll to her son. "Here gaki, this scroll has two storage seals in it, those seals hold the items your mother wanted you to have. The scroll has a blood seal on it that only you can open. Once you get it open you can unseal the items." Anko watched as her son bit his thumb to draw blood then quickly smeared the blood onto the seal on the scroll.

As Ryld smeared his blood onto the scroll, the seal on it promptly dissolved and completely disappeared. He then unrolled the scroll and saw two storage seals written on the paper. One had the kanji for Heaven inside it, and the other had the kanji for Hell. Ryld decided to unseal the heaven kanji first, as soon as he unsealed it a katana in a pristine white sheath with an electric blue dragon wrapped around it. Unsheathing the Katana he saw that the blade was the same electric blue as the dragon wrapped around the sheath, he also saw that there was a kanji near the bottom of the blade, which read 'Kamikaze'.

"Wow this katana is so cool." Ryld said as he went into a kenjutsu stance with it. Quickly re-sheathing the katana he put the katana on the living room table and unsealed the hell kanji. The hell kanji held within it another katana, this one in a blood red sheath with a black dragon wrapped around it. When he unsheathed it he saw that the blade was a solid dead black and the blade did not reflect the least amount of light. This katana also had a kanji on it near the base of the blade, which read 'Oni-kaji'.

Ryld looked at the two Katana on the table in front of him. The craftsmanship of the swords was incredible. He could tell that master sword smiths had forged them. He didn't know what to say about them. "Okaachan I…I don't know what to say, these sword are way too much." Ryld stuttered at his surrogate mother.

Anko laughed at her son's expression. "You don't get it gaki do you? These swords aren't a gift from me. They're a gift from your birth mother. She left a letter with the Hokage that once you graduated from the ninja academy and become a Genin you were to be given these swords. She said that these swords were made specifically for you. We had the villages top weapon maker, Higarashi Kaito, look over the swords once right after you came to the village. He couldn't figure them out, the only thing he could tell was that they were made to have chakra channeled through them. Now you have a week before you meet with your Jonin sensei, I want you to go to the Higarashi weapon store and speak with Kaito-san. His daughter Tenten is a weapon specialist so she should be able to help you with your kenjutsu skills, but for now gaki, were going to celebrate you becoming a Genin and go out for all you can eat Dango." Anko said to her adopted son while laughing like a maniac.