Ino and Tayuya were having trouble breathing and staying on their feet due to the pressure from the KI, while Ryld was having a slightly better time dealing with it. Aoba quickly turned towards the KI and flared his own chakra to help relieve the strain on his students. All three Genin started to recover thanks to their sensei and turned towards where he was looking.

Standing near the center of the encampment were the three men producing the KI. The man in the center was Hinamora Gin. He looked just like his bingo book picture. He had his black hair up in a samurai's topknot, and wore a beard. He wore a traditional grey Tetsu no Kuni Cuirass but no other apparent armor, a set of black hakama style pants and a steel grey sleeveless haori with the kanji for Tetsu Gōremu on the back. The haori was shredded near the bottom. He carried a katana on his back, the wrapped hilt sticking up over his right shoulder.

To Hinamora's left was the mountain of a man known in the camp as Akuma. His face could not be seen since it was hidden under his helmet. He wore a full set of black Tetsu no Kuni samurai armor that looked extremely heavy. His helmet was the kind worn by officers, as it had a pair of large horns on the top, and his face was obscured by a demonic looking facemask. He carried a pair of katana on his left hip; also in black sheaths and black handle wrappings.

Standing to Hinamora's left was the man known as Karitori-ki. He was completely bald and had a condescending grin on his face as he looked at the shinobi. He wore a blood red monks robe that left his right arm bare. He also wore a set of blood red hakama pants. Instead of a sword he had a naginata with a redwood handle and a long curved and serrated blade, that had several spikes coming off the back curve of it, propped against his shoulder.

The three missing samurai were looking over the four shinobi before Hinamora started clapping slowly. "Well done shinobi-san. You took out the entire camp of my followers, and my five Lieutenants while sustaining no injuries yourselves. I must say I am impressed. Especially considering how young three of you are, and the fact that two of you are women." Hinamora said in a condescending voice.

Ino and Tayuya both bristled at the man's comments, but Aoba quickly put his hand up and both of them stopped. "He wants to make us angry, don't let him succeed." Aoba warned. "So you are Hinamora Gin, the Infamous Tetsu Gōremu? I must say I'm not impressed. How far must you have fallen to lead this group of dogs and attack a small village with only a small militia for protection." Aoba said to the missing samurai, his voice full of scorn.

If Hinamora was offended by Aoba's words he did not show it. "So you are the Jonin in charge of this group of children? What couldn't Konoha send out real ninja? They had to send out the kiddy patrol and their babysitter?" Asked Karitori-ki, still with that condescending grin on his face.

"Oh no, my students definitely do not need a babysitter. You are looking at the finest Genin team to be produced in Konoha in years, as you three will soon find out." Aoba said to the three men, all while wearing a cocky smirk.

The three Genin also smiled at their sensei's words and all got into battle stances. Tayuya put her flute up to her lips and prepared to play a tune to control her Doki. Ino pulled a kunai from her pouch and held it in a reverse grip. Ryld got into the opening stance of the Kazan style and released all of the weight seals on his clothes, losing a total of two hundred and fifty pounds between all of his seals.

Hinamora and Akuma both drew their respective katana and started separating from each other while walking slowly towards the shinobi.

Aoba discretely pointed at Ino and Tayuya and then Karitori-ki, then pointed from Ryld to Akuma. Getting slow nods from all three of his students, the then quickly made a closed fist, the symbol for attack, and disappeared via Shunshin and attacked Hinamora.

Ryld also quickly disappeared in a burst of speed, even more than normal since he had released his weights, and quickly performed a downward slash at the massive figure of Akuma with Kamikaze. Akuma brought one of his own katana up to block the blow from the young Jinchuuriki, and countered with a horizontal slash with his remaining katana that Ryld barely blocked with Oni-Kaji. The two dual sword wielders were locked in a struggle of strength for almost a full minute before Akuma's greater size and strength started push Ryld back. The young Genin dug in his heels and tried to stand firm against this mountain of a man, but was finally forced to retreat or be knocked over.

The two quickly started fighting again, slashing at each other. Ryld had the advantage in speed since he had released his weights, but Akuma had far more strength ad was able to take the few minor hits Ryld managed to get past his defense due to the incredible thickness of his armor. Ryld started channeling his elemental chakra into his swords, causing Kamikaze to be incased in its bluish-white wind aura and Oni-Kaji to be enveloped in reddish-black flames, and did a quick combo involving a feinting slash with kamikaze at Akuma's midsection followed by a super fast thrust with Oni-kaji that should have impaled the huge man. However he was prepared for the feint and didn't fall for it, instead slapping the blade of Oni-Kaji with both of his blades, forcing it out wide and leaving Ryld wide open to attack.

Akuma did a double slash at Ryld, who just barely gout out of the way enough to avoid being cut in half by the powerful slash. However he did not escape completely unscathed as there was a large slash across his chest, but thanks to his Bijuu the wound was already closing quickly. The two dual swordsmen were looking at each other, each hoping to spot a weakness in the other's defense.

With Ino and Tayuya

Ino and Tayuya quickly separated from each other and stared at their opponent, Karitori-ki. The battle monk was lazily walking towards the two kunoichi with his naginata resting on his shoulder. "So not only do I have to fight children, but females at that. What a boring day. That bastard Akuma gets the kid with the two swords, he at least looked like he might be interesting to fight. Of course Gin takes the Jonin of the group, selfish prick." The bald monk grumbles to himself.

Both kunoichi hear what he says and bristle at the insult. They look at each other and both nod, determined to make the man pay for underestimating them. Tayuya immediately started playing a tune on her flute, causing her Doki to shoot forward and start attacking the battle monk. It did a downward at him with his right claw and followed it up with a straight thrust with its left claw.

Shinigami quickly spun his naginata and brought it in line at an angle in front of his chest, blocking both the Doki's attacks effortlessly. Ino Quickly went through hand seals. "Undō Bakuhatsu!" She shouted, shooting a powerful telekinetic blast at the battle monk. Tayuya's Doki quickly moved out of the way of the jutsu to allow Shinigami to take the invisible blast of energy. The battle monk quickly channeled his own chakra into his naginata and slashed at the Yamanaka's attack, somehow cutting the attack in two and forcing it to miss on either side of him.

"Not bad girly, but you're going to have to do much better if u want to defeat my Chikara no kattā (Force Cutter). This weapon allows me to cut through any sort of chakra based attack directed at me, making it the perfect weapon for fighting pathetic shinobi like you." Karitori-ki said with a manic grin plastered on his face. He quickly went on the offensive and ran at Ino, attempting to impale her with his pole arm. Tayuya's Doki quickly intercepted the battle monk by grabbing the handle of the Chikara no kattā and pushing down on the weapon, forcing it into the ground in front of the young Yamanaka.

Ino immediately jumped back and threw a Kunai with an explosive tag attached at the battle monk's feet. Karitori-ki didn't try to get away from the exploding tag; he put his right hand into a Ram seal and flared his chakra around himself just as the tag exploded. Once the smoke cleared Ino and Tayuya could see that the man was unharmed and there was a barrier around him.

"Do you like? It's my Chikara Kekkai (Force Barrier). It's one of the techniques the monks of my order learn. It creates a barrier around the user, completely protecting him from any attack directed at him. You little girls are turning out to be no fun at all. I was hoping you would at least put up a fight before I killed you." Karitori-ki said with an insane smile on his face.

With Aoba

Aoba was worried about his students but believed that they could handle their respective opponents. He turned his full attention on his own enemy. Hinamora was standing with his katana held in a loose grip. Aoba drew a kunai from his leg holster and held it in a reverse grip.

Hinamora looked at the fights going on between his subordinates and the young shinobi with an amused smile on his face. "I do hope your students provide my men with some entertainment. They were getting so bored out here in the middle of nowhere with no good opponents to fight. Especially Shinigami, he is always looking for a good fight. What do you think shinobi-san? Will your whelps put up a good fight before it's over?" Hinamora asked Aoba.

The Jonin simply smiled at the missing samurai. "Not only do I believe that my students will put up a fight, I believe that they will win. I have trained these Genin personally and they are more than ready for this battle." He said to Hinamora with confidence.

"Oh really, well I guess I will have to see these fighting skills you have taught your students." Hinamora said as he charged Aoba. The samurai slashed at Aoba with his katana but the Jonin did a quick Kariwimi and Hinamora cut through a log instead.

Aoba went through a quick set of hand seals. "Katon: Haisekisho (Fire Style: Combustion Ash Cloud)!" He shouted and spewed a large cloud of heated ash from his mouth that quickly enveloped Hinamora. Once Hinamora was engulfed Aoba clicked his teeth together and the entire ash cloud exploded violently. Aoba started looking around for the missing Samurai, Knowing that one jutsu was not enough to finish him off, when suddenly Hinamora came charging out from where the ash cloud had exploded with his sword raised and covered in chakra. The samurai slashed his charka-coated sword at the Konoha Jonin, who quickly dodged the attack.

Aoba got a good look at the samurai. His Haori was gone, having been completely burnt off of him, his Cuirass was also scorched in places and his hakama pants were shredded and burned. However Hinamora himself looked no worse for wear, in fact there seemed to be a slight shine to his skin.

Hinamora noticed Aoba looking at him and gave him a grin. "What do you think of my Kekkei Genkai shinobi-san? My title of Tetsu Gōremu is not just an honorific. I have a very rare and special Kekkei Genkai called Suchīrubodi (Steel Body). It literally allows me to turn my skin into steel by channeling my chakra through it. So far I have yet to find anything that can harm me while in this state. So shinobi-san, as you can see you have absolutely no chance of defeating me. Even if your students do manage to defeat my subordinates then I will simply be forced to kill them myself." Hinamora explained with his grin still on his face.

'This is bad.' Aoba thought to himself. 'I need to figure out a way to get past his Suchīrubodi or else I'm finished. Wait, he said that he channeled his chakra through his skin to turn it into steel. I wonder if it has all of the characteristics of steel or only the strength.' Aoba thought as a plan started to form on how to defeat his opponent.

Back with Ryld

Ryld was definitely having a difficult time with Akuma. Despite being a mountain of a man, he was surprisingly fast. Every time Ryld tried to put some distance between them so that he could try a jutsu, the black clad monster was in his face as quick as Ryld had gotten away. He also knew that his opponent was better at Kenjutsu than him. Ryld had several rips in his clothes to attest to his skill. The only reason that Ryld was not bleeding profusely from his injuries was because Rokubi was working overtime on his healing factor. Also the fact that Akuma had yet to say a single word or even make a sound was extremely unnerving

'Cub you really need to do something about that guy. He is really starting to piss me off, and the way he keeps hitting you is making it difficult to heal your wounds quickly.' Rokubi said in his hosts mind.

'I know Rokubi-sensei, but what am I supposed to do? This guy is WAY stronger than me, his Kenjutsu Is at a whole different level than mine, and he is as fast as I am. Any suggestions would be great right now sensei.' Ryld thought back to his Bijuu tenant.

'Do you remember what your mother said cub? Use some of my chakra to help. I'd say this situation more than warrants it.' Rokubi suggested to his host.

Ryld thought about using his tenant's chakra, but was worried that if his teammates found out that he was a Jinchuuriki they might treat him like Naruto was treated by most of the village. Although looking at his opponent and the obvious difference in ability Ryld decided he had no choice.

Slowly he tapped into the second chakra reserve inside of himself, and was flooded with some of Rokubi's demonic chakra. Ryld kept the amount at less than a full tail's worth so that his chakra cloak would not appear around him. It still caused a slight aura of dark blue, almost black, chakra to appear around the young Jinchuuriki. Because he tapped into his tenant's power Ryld's chakra spiked immensely and took on a sinister feeling, enough so that all of the fighters remaining felt the jump and change and looked in Ryld's direction.

Ryld also had a physical reaction to his Bijuu's chakra. His hair became wilder looking, his fingernails grew into claws, and his canines became longer and more fang-like. His biggest change was his eyes, the pupils became slits and his sclera turned the same dark blue as the aura that was surrounding him and started to glow.

Akuma seemed taken aback by the change to the boy he was fighting, but decided to come at him anyway. The huge samurai charged the young ninja with a powerful overhead slash. Ryld moved so fast that Akuma couldn't even follow the movement, however he felt it when Ryld's sword blocked his slash and flung his blade out wide. He quickly tried to jump back while bringing his other sword in line to block where he thought Ryld's follow up slash would be, but he was surprised when suddenly he felt a slash at his back that cut right through his thick armor into the flesh underneath.

Akuma quickly reversed his momentum and flung himself forward to avoid any further damage. He turned around and saw Ryld standing behind him, Kamikaze dripping blood and both his blades surrounded by the same dark blue aura that surrounded the boy. The wound on his back didn't feel deep, but it burned like fire. Before he could move Ryld disappeared in a burst of speed again, however this time Akuma could sense the young shinobi as was able to block his attack.

The two dual sword wielders continued attacking each other for several more minutes when their dance was interrupted by a piercing scream. "NOOO, INO!" Ryld quickly turned towards his two teammates and what he saw made him feel like his heart was being squeezed by a vice. Tayuya was laying a few feet away from Karitori-ki, trying to get up, while Ino was standing in front of the man. The problem was that Karitori-ki's naginata was buried inside of Ino's stomach with the tip of the serrated blade sticking out of her back. Ryld saw his blonde teammate standing there protecting her friend when suddenly Karitori-ki jerked his naginata out of her with a manic grin on his face. Seeing his teammate fall, and the look on her opponents face he suddenly lost all control. The last thing he remembered before a haze of red overtook him was unbelievable rage.

With Ino and Tayuya, a few minutes earlier

Ino knew that the two of them were in serious trouble. Karitori-ki was too good. His abilities made both of theirs completely useless, and what made it worse was that the man looked like he wasn't even trying. The battle monk actually looked bored fighting them.

They had tried everything in their arsenal and none of it had any effect on the man. Tayuya had tried summoning a second Doki to help her, but Karitori-ki quickly dispatched both of them and Tayuya was forced to un-summon them so they didn't die. Ino had tried several more jutsu, but between his Chikara no kattā and his Chikara Kekkai, they were all useless. Tayuya had tried placing the man under a Genjutsu, but he almost immediately detected and broke them, even her most powerful one.

Both kunoichi knew that the battle monk was just toying with them now as he slowly stalked them. All three fighters felt the huge surge in chakra coming from where Ryld was fighting Akuma, and they all stopped to look over at the pair. Ryld was covered in a dark blue aura and suddenly seemed a lot faster. Karitori-ki looked at the young shinobi and smiled a crazy smile. "Well I think I am going to cut our little fight short girlies. Your friend over there looks like a much more fun opponents now." He said before striding forward with a cocky smirk on his face.

Tayuya tried attacking with Taijutsu and was completely overwhelmed. She attempted a kick at his midsection, but Karitori-ki quickly brought his naginata's staff section in the way of her kick and pushed her back, then he spun, twirling his naginata, and hit her in the head with the back end of the weapon knocking her to the ground about ten feet away and dazing her. He then quickly charged at her, intent on impaling her with his vicious weapon.

Ino didn't even remember moving, she just saw her friend laying on the ground and the crazy battle monk charging her, and suddenly she was in front of him. Then she felt the most intense pain ever in her young life. She looked down to see the blade of Karitori-ki's naginata sticking out of her stomach, and she thought she could feel it poking out of her back as well. She heard Tayuya behind her. "NOOO, INO!" She looked up into the eyes of her attacker and saw the manic gleam in his eyes and he ripped the weapon out of her stomach and she fell. She tried to move her hands to cover the wound but suddenly didn't have the strength. The last thing she heard before darkness claimed her was a loud, inhuman howl that sounded filled with pain and rage.

With Aoba at the same time

Aoba was not looking good, his Jonin uniform had several cuts in it, and he was bleeding from a few of them, also his glasses had come off during the fight and there was a cut over his right eyebrow that was bleeding into his eye. Suddenly he felt the spike in Ryld's chakra and the sinister feeling that came with it. Both he and Hinamora looked over at the man fighting the huge Akuma and saw him covered in a dark aura. Hinamora simply shrugged and went back to slashing at the Jonin. Aoba quickly ducked the attack from the samurai and did a leg sweep that caught Hinamora by surprise and knocked him down. Aoba didn't get away scot free from that move, his leg felt like he had just kicked an iron girder, but he pushed the pain away and jumped back to get a bit of room between the two of them.

He decided to put his plan into motion, as none of his other attacks had any effect whatsoever on the Tetsu Gōremu, although they did show that his skin really did turn into steel, as this added a great deal of weight to the man. Quickly running through a long set of hand seals, just as Hinamora picked himself up Aoba was able to finish. "Raiton: Raikou Oonami (Lightning Release: Lightning Surge)!" Aoba shouted as he slammed his hands on the ground.

Lightning quickly raced along the ground and hit Hinamora. Since his skin was literally made of steel the lightning was conducted through him even faster and stronger than a normal person, immediately shocking him and paralyzing his muscles completely.

Before Aoba could do anything else he heard Tayuya scream. "NOOOO, INO!" He quickly turned towards his female students and his heart felt his guts twist. He saw the same thing that Ryld saw, and suddenly he felt an even bigger chakra spike coming from where his male student was fighting. Turning towards Ryld's fight he saw a vortex of dark blue, almost black chakra surrounding him. The chakra was so thick it was visible around him, as the vortex stopped he saw what looked like a cloak of chakra around Ryld.

The cloak was made of the same dark blue chakra and took the outline of a wolf on two legs. He had two pointed ears on his head and a tail made of chakra behind him. Akuma was backing away from the shinobi slowly, but he missed a step and stumbled slightly. The noise got Ryld's attention and he quickly disappeared in a burst of speed so fast that not even Aoba could follow him. The next thing he saw was Akuma laying on the ground a good fifty feet away from where he had been before with chunks ripped from his armor and his helmet laying away from him, now a crumpled mass of useless metal. Akuma wasn't moving and Aoba couldn't tell if he was alive or dead.

Then he heard a loud howl that sounded so filled with pain and rage that it actually hurt to hear. He didn't see what happened next due to the large explosion of dust that came. Aoba heard a movement behind him and was forced to look away from his students as he saw Hinamora starting to get over the paralysis. Deciding to finish his opponent for good so he could help his students, Aoba quickly went through another long series of hand seals, pushing in as much chakra as he could. "Raiton: Jibashi (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder)!" He shouted and created a huge wave of electricity that shot straight at Hinamora. Since he was still partially paralyzed Hinamora couldn't dodge in time and was hit by the powerful Raiton Jutsu. It hit him square in the chest and proceeded to electrocute him to death. He fell over and was dead before he hit the ground. Aoba turned back towards the giant dust cloud where his students were battling hoping to see them and make sure they were all right.

With Tayuya

Tayuya saw her friend leap in front of the thrust meant for her and then saw the sadistic bastard yank his naginata back out in the most painful way possible. She didn't even hear herself scream, then suddenly she felt the enormous spike in Ryld's chakra and the massive KI leveled at Karitori-ki. The man just looked over at Ryld with that same sadistic smile on his face and started walking towards him. Suddenly she heard a crash come from about fifty feet to her right, but she couldn't see what it was. Then Ryld was in front of Karitori-ki punching him in the face, he had dropped his swords when he saw what happened to Ino. She saw the dark blue chakra cloak around him, as well as the tail of chakra behind him. Karitori-ki went flying away from Ryld and landed about twenty feet away.

He slowly got back up and looked over at the young Jinchuuriki. Slowly his manic grin returned to his face. "Not too bad kid, you're definitely worth fighting. More so than these two worthless bitches." He said while spitting out some blood.

Ryld heard his comment and his rage went even higher. He charged at Karitori-ki, who quickly brought his naginata in line with the punch and channeled his chakra into it. Ryld's punch hit the naginata and it bowed under his assault but did not break. Karitori-ki smirked and spun the naginata, attempting to slash Ryld with the blade. He was shocked when Ryld caught the blade with his bare hand, he tried to pull the blade back, but Ryld's grip on it was too strong.

The young Jinchuuriki pulled the Naginata right out of Karitori-ki's hands and grabbed it in both of his hands. With a look of rage on his face he snapped the wooden haft of the weapon and threw the pieces away. Karitori-ki was shocked, his Chikara no kattā had been made by the finest weapon smiths in Tetsu no Kuni from rare chakra laced trees and chakra conductive metal. This boy had snapped it like a twig, what was he?

The battle monk started slowly backing away from this demon creature when he suddenly thrust his arm forward and the arm of the chakra cloak surrounding him shot forward. Karitori-ki quickly put his hand up in a Ram Seal and performed his Chikara Kekkai. The barrier jutsu came up around him just in time as the chakra arm slammed into it. The arm continued pushing against the barrier in an attempt to break through. Karitori-ki started to sweat as the strain of holding the barrier against such a powerful force was wearing on him. The barrier started to warp under the incredible pressure being applied; the battle monk was having a hard time holding it at bay. his Chikara Kekkai was meant more to stop quick powerful attacks, not a sustained attack like this one.

Finally his chakra failed and the barrier collapsed, the chakra arm hit him directly in the chest and went straight through him. Ryld quickly dropped the man and started looking for another enemy to fight.

'CUB!' Ryld suddenly heard in his mind. He knew it was Rokubi-sensei trying to get through to him. 'Cub listen to me, you need to calm down. The man who killed your friend is dead.' Rokubi started to explain, but he was cut off.

'I don't care. He killed Ino and I am going to keep killing until I am satisfied.' Ryld ranted in his head, while in the real world he was standing with the most incredible look of pain and rage on his face.

'Cub if you would just listen to me, there may still be a way to save the girl.' Rokubi said to his host.

That certainly got Ryld's attention. 'What do you mean Rokubi sensei? Are you saying that we can save Ino?' The blue-black haired teen asked sounding slightly hopeful.

'She is dead, but since she just died, we might be able to bring her back from the edge. Now here is what you have to do is go over to her and pour some of my chakra mixed with your own into her wound. There will be some consequences for you doing this though Cub, so don't undertake this lightly.' The Bijuu warned.

'I don't care what consequences there are, as long as we can save Ino I won't care if I die because of this.' Ryld said to his tenant, and he slowly walked over to where Ino was lying. He put his hands on the wound in her stomach and started pushing his chakra, mixed with Rokubi's, into the wound.

'More chakra Cub, more of mine and more of yours, this is going to take as much as you can manage to give.' Rokubi instructed, and Ryld pushed as much chakra as he could into the wound. He continued doing this for well over five minutes before suddenly the wound closed up and Ino started moving. Once the wound closed fully, Rokubi pulled his chakra back and Ryld's chakra cloak vanished. Suddenly feeling completely exhausted Ryld slumped over on his side next to Ino and passed out.

Some time later

Ryld awoke slowly, feeling a weight on his chest. When he finally opened his eyes his vision was obscured by pale yellow. Trying to lift his arm to his face so he could get whatever it was off, he realized he couldn't move it because of whatever was laying on top of him. He started to struggle a bit against the weight on his chest when suddenly he felt the weight jerk and move off of him. Once the pale yellow was away from his eyes, he realized that the weight was Ino. She had been lying on his chest with her hair in his face.

"Ryld-kun, you're okay." Ino beamed at him.

All Ryld could do was stare. "I'm okay? What about you Ino-chan, I remember seeing you get stabbed that that psycho Karitori-ki, then there's this blank spot, and I remember passing out next to you. How are you not dead?" Ryld asked his blonde teammate.

'I can answer that for you Cub.' Ryld heard in his head. 'You see what happened was your she over there did die, you went a little nuts and started to draw on my chakra. I limited you to only one tail of my chakra since I could tell you were extremely distraught and pissed off. You killed the bastard responsible, very nicely done by the way, and then wanted to go on a rampage. I convinced you not to do that by telling you that we might be able to save your she. You calmed down rather quickly when you heard that.' Rokubi chuckled a bit at that. 'Anyway, I told you that we could save her and that there would be consequences. You accepted that with no hesitation and we proceeded to save her life. Once she was alive again I pulled my chakra back and you passed out from chakra exhaustion, and now we find ourselves here.' Rokubi explained to his host.

Ryld was stunned, he had trained with Rokubi-sensei since he was a child and had never remembered losing it like that. Always before as soon as he felt his control slipping Rokubi-sensei would pull he chakra back immediately. 'Why didn't you pull back your chakra when you sensed me losing control like before when we were training sensei?' Ryld asked his Bijuu.

'Well that is because unlike when we were training, it wasn't my demonic chakra that was making you lose it, you had a perfectly valid reason for acting the way you did Cub. In fact, I know that if I had pulled back all of my chakra then that Karitori-ki character you fought would have most likely killed you as well. So I did the next best thing, I limited you to only one tails worth of my chakra, which was more than enough to kill that bastard.' Rokubi explained.

"Hello earth to Ryld-kun, anyone home?" Ino asked her teammate while waiving her hand in front of his face.

Ryld suddenly looked at her. "What? Did you say something Ino-chan, I was kind of spacing out." Ryld explained, trying to cover his conversation with his Bijuu.

Ino just flashed a smile at Ryld and sat down on the bed with him. Ryld finally realized that he was inside, lying on a comfortable bed. "Oh I better go tell Aoba-sensei that you're awake. Ill be back soon Ryld-kun." Ino said with another smile before leaving.

'Now that we're alone Cub, I need to tell you about the consequences of what you did.' Rokubi said in a serious tone of voice.

'What consequences Rokubi-sensei?' Ryld asked.

'Well for one, you and that girl are now connected. When you used our combined chakra to bring her back to life it created a bond between the two of you. She is now bonded to you as your mate.'

Ryld was nodding his head to what his Bijuu was telling him. It took about a full minute for what Rokubi had said to really hit the young man. "MY WHAT?" Ryld yelled out so startled by what Rokubi had said that he actually said it out loud.

Ryld could hear his tenant laughing inside his head. 'Like I just said Cub, she is bonded to you as your mate. She will start feeling more attracted to you then she was before and you will feel the same way, also you will become more protective of her. Also bringing her back from death will probably have a few physical changes to her. I sensed a second chakra affinity within her which was activated when we brought her back to life, and since it was demon chakra we used, she will become physically stronger and she will heal more quickly, all without losing any of her feminine charms.' Rokubi explained.

'So by bringing Ino back to life I've forced her to be my mate and be attracted to me?' Ryld asked in a dejected way. He felt like he was one step shy of rape.

'No you baka, it didn't force anything on her. It enhanced the feelings that were already there. She was already attracted to you otherwise the bond would have never formed. You might have still been able to bring her back to life, but if there were no feelings for you then the bond as mates would have never been formed.' Rokubi explained to his thickheaded host. He wondered if he should tell Ryld that the other female was also attracted to him quite strongly, but decided not to, as it would be very entertaining to watch this unfold.

Shortly after his conversation with Rokubi the door to his room opened and in walked Aoba, followed closely by Ino with Tayuya entering last and closing the door. "Well Ryld, I see you have finally woken up. You were asleep for a full day after we brought you back to Omashu." Aoba said pleasantly, before turning and looking at Ryld seriously. "So now that we are all here and awake, would you care to explain to us just what the hell happened out there?"

Ryld looked uncomfortably at his sensei and teammates. He didn't know if he should tell them since he was afraid that they would reject him like many adults did Naruto, however Rokubi voiced his own opinion. 'Listen Cub, you should tell them the truth. For one they deserve to know, and for another I very much doubt that they would suddenly shun you. Especially not your she.' Rokubi explained to his host.

Ryld agreed with his tenant. "All right, you all might want to sit down for this one." Ryld said to his friends. All three of them found places to sit. Aoba sat on the chair in the room, Tayuya leaned against the table, and Ino crawled onto the bed next to Ryld. "I'm a Jinchuuriki." He said. Ino and Tayuya looked a little confused by what he said while Aoba slowly nodded his head, Recognizing the chakra cloak for what it was now. "I hold the Rokubi no Ookami, the six-tails demon wolf. Now before you say anything, Rokubi-sensei is not an evil demon like most Bijuu. My father sealed him inside me. He was Rokubi's previous Jinchuuriki. Now unlike most Bijuu, Rokubi-sensei was not sealed inside a person as a mean of containing him so that he wouldn't rampage around, he actually chose to be sealed within a human. Now this is an S-rank village secret, the only people who know this are Hokage-sama and my Kaa-san, and a few of Hokage-sama's ANBU. We made sure to keep this a secret from all the civilians and from the elders, since Hokage-sama doesn't trust them. Now as to what happened during the fight was that when I realized that I couldn't beat Akuma, I used some of Rokubi-sensei's demonic chakra to get a boost. Then when I saw that bastard Karitori-ki stab Ino-chan and I kind of lost it. Rokubi-sensei limited me to one tails worth of his chakra and I kind of went nuts. I don't really remember what I did, but I managed to save Ino-chan." Ryld explained to his Teammates.

All three of the Konoha shinobi were gob smacked. While Aoba knew that Naruto was the container for the Kyuubi, he had never even suspected that Ryld might be a Jinchuuriki. Ino and Tayuya were amazed that Ryld had a demon sealed inside of him, although knowing that didn't really change their opinion of him. "Well Ryld that is certainly some story there, I suppose that we will have to talk with Hokage-sama about all of this. When you are ready to go we will head back to Konoha." Aoba said to his young student, quickly he and Tayuya got up and left the room.

Ryld let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, when he suddenly felt something moving against his side. Looking down he noticed that Ino had snuggled up against him and was looking at him with her bright green eyes. Ryld decided he had better explain what all happened with her as well. "Listen Ino-chan, there are some things we need to talk about. When I saved you yesterday, I didn't stop you from dying. I actually brought you back to life. Rokubi-sensei told me that there would be consequences for bringing you back." Ryld said to the blonde lying against him.

Ino looked up at Ryld with a confused look on her face. "What kind of consequences Ryld-kun?" Ino asked the Jinchuuriki.

Ryld decided to get it out of the way. "Well this can be either good or bad depending on how you look at it. You and I are bonded as mates now. I'm sorry Ino-chan." Ryld told her in a dejected tone.

Ino was looking at him wide eyed. Ryld was waiting for her to explode at him and closed his eyes when he felt her grab his face and suddenly she was kissing him. To say that Ryld was shocked would be a complete understatement. He was so shocked by the kiss that he didn't respond at first but quickly got over his shock and reciprocated her kiss. The two young shinobi stayed there kissing for a few minutes until the need for air won out and they ended their kiss.

Both teens had blushes on their faces as they looked at each other. "So you were saying something Ryld-kun?" Ino asked the young Jinchuuriki with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Ryld wisely kept his mouth shut and simply shook his head.

Ino grinned at him and leaned forward for another kiss, which he happily complied with. The two stayed like this for several more minutes before breaking off their make out session. "Ino-chan, there's more to this than the two of us being bonded." Ryld said to the young Yamanaka. "Rokubi-sensei told me that when he brought you back to life it activated a second chakra nature inside of you. I don't know what it is, but I'm sure Aoba-sensei has some Chakra paper you can test it with. He also told me that by using his demonic chakra to bring you back you gained some minor traits of a Jinchuuriki. You will heal faster than a normal person and you will be slightly stronger physically and more resistant to damage." Ryld explained to his new girlfriend.

Ino was shocked by this, but not as much as most would think. Ever since she had woken up she felt stronger than before, and her Suiton manipulation had become slightly more erratic since she felt like her chakra was trying to change to something different. "Thank you Ryld-kun for bringing me back to life. As far as being bonded to you as your mate, well I couldn't be happier about that. I've liked you since we got put on the same team together, so this doesn't bother me. As far as you being a Jinchuuriki, well I don't care about that. You are still you even if you have a demon inside you. Now lets go find Aoba-sensei so we can go home." Ino said as she gave Ryld a peck on the cheek and headed outside.

Ryld quickly got out of bed and unsealed one of his spare sets of clothes to get dressed in. His black trench coat had survived due to the strength and repair seals his mother had put on them. Soon he was fully dressed and headed outside. He saw Tayuya sitting in a chair playing a tune on her flute for a group of children. Aoba was standing nearby speaking with Daisuke. Ryld walked towards his sensei, Aoba noticed the Genin and excused himself from the village leader.

"Ah Ryld, how are you feeling?" Aoba asked his male student.

"Better Aoba-sensei. When are we going to be heading back to Konoha?" The young Jinchuuriki asked his teacher.

Aoba was about to answer when he heard a hawk's cry above him. Looking up he saw a Konoha messenger hawk. Aoba held out his arm and the messenger hawk dove down and landed on Aoba's arm. Aoba pulled the scroll out of the case on its back and quickly unrolled it. "Apparently not as soon as I thought." Aoba said. "Ryld I need you to gather up Ino and Tayuya, we are heading to Nami no Kuni as soon as we are all together to help out Team eight." With that Aoba quickly went over to Daisuke and informed him to send the messenger hawk along with a scroll back to Konoha. He also informed him to ask the Hokage for any further assistance he might require to help rebuild Omashu.

Ryld quickly gathered up his teammates and all their gear and they met Aoba at the edge of Omashu. "All right team, we have a new mission. Apparently Team eight got in over their heads with the escort mission and we are going to assist. As far as we know at minimum we will have to deal with Momochi Zabuza, the Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Hidden Mist), and a fake Hunter-nin. There may be others that we will have to deal with as well. So we need to get to Nami as soon as possible. I am going to be pushing you all so that we get there quickly. Take soldier pills if you need in order to keep up, understood?" The sunglasses wearing Jonin asked his team. He received a loud shout of 'HAI' from all three of them. With that Team six took off in the direction of Nami no Kuni.