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"Dean, trouble."

Who knew two little words could mean so much?

Dean would later consider these two words to be the biggest understatement he had ever heard or would ever hear.

Sam's tone told Dean more than his words did and he felt his heart sink. Please don't be who I think it is.

"It...It looks like dad and a couple of other hunters Dean."



The two Winchester brothers had been enjoying a relaxation evening of tv after a smooth-running hunt. They made a good team both while hunting and relaxing and Dean was fairly sure he had never laughed so hard in his life.

Who knew his little brother had such a good sense of humor?

Dean pushed back the regret that bubbled up in him at that thought. I should have known. So many years wasted. If only I had... Dean stopped himself there. We've been over this. It's time to let it go. Sam forgives me. That thought filled Dean's aching heart with warmth. He couldn't completely understand how his brother could forgive him his serious wrongs against him, but the kid had, willingly and completely, and the last six or so months had been the best of their life.

It couldn't last.

Dean wasn't sure what exactly drew Sam to peek out the curtains of their motel room, but he was alerted to trouble even before Sam spoke.

His brother's words had him standing, already looking for weapons, for escapes routes, planning.

"There's no way out, Dean. Unless you can fit through the bathroom window."

The last six months had seen Sam growing like a weed, reaching and finally passing his older brother's height. Thanks to their hard work with Sam's powers and both their training, he was also filling out. Dean suspected the wolf side of Sam helped him bypass some of the long limbed clumsiness that Sam probably should have suffered through. It was a slight sore spot for Dean that he was trying hard to let go all things considered. At least mostly.

"Not all of us are sasquatch's, big foot."

"Dean, is this really the time?"

"Always time for a good joke, Sammy."

"That wasn't a good joke."

"You wound me deeply, little brother."

"I thought I was a sasquatch."

"So you admit it!"

"You are such an idiot."

"I love you too sasquatch."



Sam rolled his eyes in Dean's general direction, even while he re-armed himself, sticking a gun in his belt, holding another gun in his hand, knife in his boot, shotgun nearby. It wasn't like he really needed the weapons, but some of Dean's habits stuck on his little brother more than others.

Dean checked out the curtain once more.

His father was closer now, backed by four other hunters, all heavily armed and approaching the room at a cautious pace.

Frowning, trying to keep any fear he may have felt off his face, Dean glanced around the room, looking for some way out.


"We have my powers, Dean. I bet my wolf side could come in handy."

"They have guns, Sam. So unless your wolf side is impervious to bullets..."

"I have telekinesis."

"How many bullets can you stop at a time? Five hunters, Sam."

Sam was silent, clearly realizing the problem with his plan. There was no way he could be in his wolf form, use his telekinesis on five or more bullets at a time, and focus on watching Dean's back. Especially if the five hunters were prepared and had some sort of trap set up.



"Just hang on, Sammy, I'm thinking."

"Think faster."

"Right, no pressure then."

"Five hunters, Dean."

"I know."

"Coming quickly."

"I know."

"Dean, they'll kill both of us if they get ahold of us."

"Then we can't let them catch us."


"We fight from here. Maybe break part of the window, start firing?"

"And bring the police down on our butts?"

"The Impala can outrun the cops any day."

"Civilians. Neighbors on either side of us."

"Dang it, Sam, we're running out of options here!"

Dean ran a hand through his hair, thinking rapidly, trying to come up with something.

He didn't know what to do.

He didn't know what to do.


"We surrender."


"Just hear me out, Dean. We surrender, then we wait for the opportune moment and escape. Heck, they might just let you go, Dean. They...dad doesn't have anything against you. It's me. So if you keep your mouth shut and don't tick them off, you can always call Bobby and get backup."

"No way. No freakin' way am I leaving you alone with them."

"Then just stay with me and we can both escape. They have to take us somewhere private to kill me anyway, so we have time. They aren't going to do it here in the parking lot."

"Dad knows what you can do."

"I'm stronger, more controlled, and dad doesn't know that."

Dean hesitated, running a hand through his hair, over his face, then through his hair again, glancing at Sam between every movement, clearly thinking, thinking desperately for some other solution.

Dean cursed softly, realizing his little brother was right.

Sam knew he had won.

"Dean. Dean, I need you to promise me something though."

Dean warily waited for his brother's request.

"If you get the chance to escape, please take it. Whether or not I can immediately follow."

Dean was already shaking his head, opening his mouth to tell Sam exactly what he thought of that request, but Sam grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him.

"Dean! If they catch us both, we are both dead. We are outnumbered here, man. We need help. Bobby knows to expect us home tomorrow. If we can both stay alive that long, then that's great, but we need Bobby to know there's a problem the second we can let him know. We need help. Please. You do this or we're both dead. It's as simple as that."

Dean was silent for just a second before letting out an emotional breath and nodded.

"Dang it, Sam, but if you get your butt killed...I'm going to kick your butt from here to next week and back again."

And you better know I'm gonna follow right behind you, Sammy. You go, I won't be far behind. I won't be the only one left. No freakin' way.