Hello everyone! Just wanted to post a quick little one-shot, it's short and will only have one chapter. Thought of this after watching "Vacation with Derek". When Marty goes out by herself to let her snake go. Only I am changing Marty to Lizzie! I think it would be cuter. Anyways, enjoy!

Will contain a few swats, not much. Don't like? Don't read.

I know everyone dreams about caring, loving Derek. Well, here you go!

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Lizzie's POV

I was so mad! How could we be leaving? This was a lame attempt at family bonding. The boys didn't even want to be here! So what if our Gram isn't the same. They shouldn't be sabotaging this!

I woke up early to take Mikey, the snake I caught in the marsh, back to his home. I took a canoe and started paddling, not caring if anyone worried. Hell, no one would probably even notice I was gone!

I soon got to the second bay, in the marsh. I stood up to get the box that was holding Mikey and my canoe flipped. Luckily for me, the marsh is only four feet deep.

I sludged to the bank, box in hand. I let Mikey out, handling him, then setting him down on the ground.

I sat up against a tree, soaking wet, with my canoe out in the middle of the marsh. The last thing I want to do is trudge through that. I sat there, thinking of how much I will miss this place and it's wonderful birds.

I looked to my right and my heart dropped. Casey and Derek were in a canoe, making their way towards the bank I was on. Derek didn't look all that happy. At all.

Derek's POV

I woke up to Marty shaking me.

"Marty, stop it or I'll throw you in the lake!" I threatened. It was an empty threat of course. But usually it worked. Unfortunately for me, not this time.

"But it's Lizzie!" She whined. I sat up, "What about Lizzie?" I asked, rubbing the tired out of my eyes.

"She's gone! And Mikey's not here, either!" She told me.

"So what? It's the dumb snake. She's probably on the dock." I told her, trying to get her to calm down.

"But she isn't Derek! Edwin says a canoe is missing, and Casey thinks she might be mad about having to go home! You have to do something!" She said, all in one breath.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I'm going." I threw on some jeans and made sure my T-shirt looked clean, then followed Marty outside.

Casey ran up to me, "You and I will take the other canoe, I think she's at the marsh." She said. I nodded, almost too tired to think.

We got in the canoe and were almost half-way there when Casey just had to start something.

"Let me get in the back, I know how to veer!" She told me.

"I'm doing just fine!" I replied.

"I went to camp for five years, Derek. Do you know how to do a triple J?" She asked, I went to paddle and almost tipped.

"Yeah, maybe you should do it," I told her. We both got up slowly, trying not to tip, we narrowly missed it a few times. But, soon, we were sitting in opposite sits, back on our way to the marsh.

"What if something happened to her?" Casey worried.

"Casey, chill, it will be fine! She's 13, I'm sure she can watch after herself."

Casey nodded in response.

In just a few more minutes we arrived at the marsh, I spotted Lizzie sitting up against a tree, soaked. Then saw her canoe capsized in the middle of the small marsh area.

Since I knew she was okay, my anger started to get to me. She had run of, without telling anyone and without an adult! Especially around water. This was too dangerous!

We-I mean I- pulled both canoes up on the bank and Casey ran over to Lizzie.

"Please don't be mad!" Lizzie said.

Casey hugged her, "We aren't mad, Lizzie, we're just so relieved you are okay."

"I'm mad," I said, crossing my arms, "Don't you ever go off like that. You have to tell someone, especially on water, it can be dangerous."

"I'm really, really sorry, Derek!" Lizzie said.

I looked at Casey, "Take a canoe and go tell Gram she's okay. We will follow soon." Casey nodded, hugging Lizzie one last time before taking the canoe and leaving the marsh.

I went over by Lizzie and sat on a tree stump. "What you did today was really dangerous Lizzie! We were all worried," I told her.

Her attitude changed, "You guys probably didn't even notice I was gone! And you're not even my real brother, why would you care?" She asked.

I was shocked, "Lizzie, of course I'm your brother! Just because we aren't fully blood related doesn't mean anything! I still love you just like I love Marty!" I told her.

She started walking to the canoe. I grabbed her arm, "We aren't done talking about this, Lizzie."

She pushed my hand off, "Yes, we are." I immediately did the first thing that came to mind with that attitude, I held onto her arm again and landed four swats to her wet, jean clad, behind.

"Ow! Derek!" She yelped. It must've stung a lot more considering she was soaked to the bone.

"I'm serious, don't you ever do something that stupid again!" I warned her.

"Okay, Derek." She replied.

I grabbed her into a hug, "I'm so happy your okay, though, and it doesn't matter if we aren't blood, I still love you Lizzie." I told her.

She returned the hug, "Love you too, Derek."

I smiled. Maybe this trip wasn't too bad after all.


The End! Hope you enjoyed it! Should I do more of these? I will take requests on one-shot "Discipline" stories, IF I know the show/setting/characters.