Title: Precious Time

Pairings: Amuto, Rimahiko, possible OC-x-OC

Synopsis: Ikuto's life has never been perfect, but then again, neither has Amu's. What happens when these two accidentally meet? "Ikuto, I'm scared.." His hold on her tightens. "Don't worry Amu. I'll protect you, even if it kills me.." AMUTO, RIMAHIKO, OC-x-OC

"Who are you! And what the hell are you doing!" A boy with midnight blue hair and violet colored eyes looked down at a teary eyed pink-headed girl, trying to get out of his embrace. 'She sure is cute..'

To be honest, he really had no idea what he was doing. He just happen to find a girl, crying her eyes out in a place he thought he only knew about. It almost broke his heart to have to see her cry like that, even though he didn't know the girl, he had a strong urge to scoop her up in his arms and never let her go. Try as he might, he found he couldn't resist and did just that. 'She smells like strawberries too..' He vaguely heard her ask who he was, again and he sighed.

"I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto, and what, may I ask, is your name strawberry?" She blushed crimson, something he found himself loving in the short few minutes since he found her.

"H-Hinamori A-Amu." He mentally checked his head promising not to forget her name. An awkward silence ensued soon after, as Amu continued crying in silence. She was surprised when she found herself snuggling into his embrace. Ikuto was equally surprised, but didn't say anything.

"Hey- you want to tell me why you were crying?" Amu thought for a moment. 'Would it really matter if I told him? We might never see each other again.. and I really want to tell someone about this.. I guess i'll take the risk.' Amu nodded in confirmation. She wriggled out of his embrace, Ikuto found himself frowning but said nothing. Amu chose to sit in front of him, wiping the remains of her tears and took a deep breath.

"This is kind of hard for me to explain so, please just bear with me, okay?" Ikuto nodded and kept quiet, waiting in anticipation. She kept quiet for a few minutes, deciding on how she should explain her current situation. Ikuto, on the other hand was getting a bit annoyed at her prolonged silence. 'Urgh! I'm seriously gonna shit myself If she doesn't hurry up! The suspense is killing me!' As he was about to speak his thoughts, Amu chose then to speak.

"It started about six months ago. My mama and I had a fight, as usual. I was trying to tell her that papa was cheating on her with our neighbor, but as always, she wouldn't listen to me. Instead, she would hit me and tell papa what I had told her. He would get furious and then beat me until I'm unconscious." Ikuto found himself getting pissed at her so called, "papa". He had a strong urge to beat him until he bled. He kept silent though, he wanted to hear the rest of it.

"Sometimes, they wouldn't even feed me." It was true, he could feel bone underneath her clothes. She was still beautiful, nonetheless. 'Woah woah! What the hell? I'm already thinking weird things! But.. she is beautiful.. Ikuto! Shut up! You already have Saaya! [A/N: Don't kill me! It's part of the plot!] Yeah but.. Saaya really isn't my type.. I only play around with her.. ugh! What's wrong with me! She's still my girlfriend and I love her.. right? I'm so confused!' he was interrupted by a hand gently caressing his face.

"Ikuto..? Are you okay? You've been space out for at least twenty minutes.. you've completely ignored me while I was talking to you.." Ikuto mentally smacked himself. 'I'm such an idiot! How could I do that to her! I practically begged her to tell me! And what do I do? Space out! She's probably annoyed with me now..'

"Ahh.. sorry about that, Amu. I was thinking about some things." he scratched the back of his head, giving her a sheepish smile. She merely giggled at his cute action, giving him a smile that almost made him die right then and there. She felt alot better after talking to Ikuto. She couldn't talk to Nagihiko or Rima about this. Mostly because she knew they would go to the police. She couldn't do that to Ami.

The two teens stayed in silence. They were rather comfortable until Amu's phone started ringing.

Kizutsuketa to tashika
Kizukenakatta koto
Ayamachi no kazu kimi wo motome
Mitsume aeta hazu sa

Chisana uso ga
Hibi wo umete ita
Utagai wo kawasu yo ni
Ushinau imi wo kogoro ga shiru
Tachitsukusu nidome no fuyu
Kimi wa mie-

"-Hello? Oh, hi Nagi. Yeah, don't worry i'm still going to your house. Just the two of us? A sleepover? Okay then, i'll be there soon. yeah, yeah love you too. Bye!" Ikuto found himself hating "Nagi" as she called the boy. He didn't like the idea of her sleeping at his house. He started grumbling obscurities, which lasted at least ten minutes.

"-to! IKUTO!" He jumped up in surprise, causing Amu to fall back. She glared at him, rubbing her back in the process. He outstretched his hand, in which she grabbed. He lifted her up with ease. 'damn I really don't want her to leave...' He frowned. He was tempted to ask for her number. 'Should I ask for it? Bahh!' He took a deep breath and turned around.

"Hey Amu, before you leave can I have your- WOAH!" Ikuto jumped back at the close proximety of Amu's face. She glanced at him in a confused manner.

"What? No wait, nevermind. Anyways, i'll be on my way. Nagi's waiting for me." Ikuto scowled. Amu raised an eyebrow. 'Okay.. what's his problem?' Ikuto just had to ask. He was curious as to who this 'Nagi' guy was. And what their relationship was.

"Hey, before you leave, I have a question. Who is this 'Nagi' and what is he to you?" Amu was surprised. 'Why the hell would he ask me that? Wait.. is that why he scowled at me? Oh I think I see the problem.' Amu smiled at him.

"Well, Nagi is like my big brother. It's been that way since elementary school." He smiled. He had a chance to get to know her more now. That mere thought boosted up his confidence in asking. He cleared his throat, catching her attention.

"So Amu.. I was wondering, maybe, if you want.. we can be friends..?" Ikuto sucked in his breath, afraid of getting rejected. 'Why am I so scared? I mean, there are plenty of other girls.. right? But theres only one of her..' Amu giggled. 'Aww! he's so cute! I can't say no to that!'

"Of course! I mean, after you helped me out today, we're most definitely friends!" She grinned like crazy, one that Ikuto couldn't help but return. Amu looked at her phone. '10:47 PM'

"Oh crap! Nagi's gonna kill me! Sorry Ikuto, gotta run! bye, and call me later!" Before she left, she slipped a small piece of paper in his hand. Ikuto lifted up his hand. His heart was racing as he slowly opened the paper.

'xxx-xxx-xxxx [Hinamori Amu] Don't forget to call me!(; ' He quickly took out his phone, punching in her number. He made sure to put her as his first contact. He looked up at the sky, closing his eyes.

"Hinamori Amu, huh? You sure know how to capture a man's heart in such a short time.." He merely smiled as the cool breeze whisked by him. His thoughts clouded by her laughter. He re-opened his amethyst eyes, determination shown in them.

"Be ready Hinamori Amu. I will capture your heart, even if its the last thing I do!"

Yuuki: Hello, everyone! I'm Yuuki, Amber's cousin! :D She said I could post my stories up here If I wanted to. She's really busy and all which is why she hasn't uploaded any new chapters.. but anyways, back to my story. i love writing and drawing, probably more than the next person. Aside from Yuffentine, I really love Amuto! This is only the first chapter.. I hope you like it! ^^ OH! And I'll explain why ikuto is mean and cold to everyone else, so until the next chapter!