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UPDATE: This chapter is about Ikuto's past! It explains (well i hope it does) why he and his family had suffered. Although Ikuto still doesn't want to accept that his father left willingly, he still has his suspicions Kazuomi had something to do with it.


Title: Precious Time

Pairings: Amuto, Rimahiko, possible OC-x-OC

Synopsis: Ikuto's life has never been perfect, but then again, neither has Amu's. What happens when these two accidentally meet? "Ikuto, I'm scared.." His hold on her tightens. "Don't worry Amu. I'll protect you, even if it kills me.." AMUTO, RIMAHIKO, POSSIBLE OC-x-OC

'Lies. They're all lies.'

A thirteen year old boy was running through the crowds of a busy Sunday afternoon, willing himself not to cry.

'I refuse to believe this. I REFUSE.'

Only minutes earlier had his mother told him she was remarrying a man, a man whom had caused them nothing but grief after his father had disappeared three years ago.

'Why. Why. WHY.'

Stumbling into a park, he continues to run until he could no longer see a walkway and ended up tripping over a root. He stays down, catching his breath and only then does he finally release the tears he's held back.

'Okaa-san, why would you do this to us, to ME?'

Lifting himself off the ground, he wraps his arms around his waist, his body wracking in sobs. In reality, he knew why his mother had done it, but he didn't care. He didn't want that man in his family.

If Okaa-san thinks I'll just let it be, then she has another thing coming. I will NOT acknowledge that man as my father!'

He hastily rubs at his eyes, forcing himself not to cry any longer and glares into space. He will NOT let Kazuomi get the better of him. Clenching his fist, he promises to himself to protect his mother and sister.

'Unlike my father.'

He notes bitterly. Shaking his head, he sits down, thinking about the day everything went wrong.

_Three Years Prior_

A ten year old Ikuto was chasing his sister Utau, smiling. He had to have been the happiest boy ever. He had a loving family, great friends, and he had his precious violin, which had been his father's when he was Ikuto's age.

His smile widened when he finally caught up to Utau, tagging her. Giggling, he sped away from her before she had a chance to get him back.

Moments later, his smile slipped away, as a man sneered at his sister, and pushed her, causing her to fall and cry. Glaring at the older man, Ikuto ran towards his sister, picked her up and stomped at the man's feet. Hard.

Wincing, the man found himself glaring at the younger boy, and was about to slap him until he felt a strong grip on his shoulder. Turning his head slightly, a sickeningly sweet smile made its way onto the unknown man's face.

"Aruto.. nice to see you."

"Kazuomi.. Likewise."

The unknown man known as Kazuomi shrugged Aruto's grip on him and walked towards the house. The smile still in place as he spoke.

"As you know, I am here to talk about your responsibilities as the new President of Easter." Aruto nodded stiffly and urged the man into the house and up the stairs to his office. Once safely behind the doors, Aruto's shoulder sagged.

"Kazuomi.. what do you want now? I gave you everything you asked of. What more could you want?" All the other man did was smirk.

"Ahh, you know me so well, Tsukiyomi. Very well, what I want is the right to become president of Easter." Narrowing his eyes, Aruto glared at the man.

"I refuse. You know as well as I do, that you yourself can only become president by being related, or marrying into the family which, for you is neither."

Clenching his jaw, Kazuomi glared at the man.

"I am aware of that, Aruto. Which is why I am asking for your departure so I can marry Souko and claim Easter as my own." Aruto abruptly stood up, slamming his hands onto the desk.

"What is wrong with you! I've given you everything you've wanted at my own expense! Do you honestly think I would leave my family? No! I would never dream of leaving them! As much as I hate this job, I'm doing this for Souko and the children! I would NEVER leave Easter in the hands of someone as selfish and cruel as you!"

Glaring at the man, Kazuomi tried to calm himself down as much as possible. He did NOT like to be insulted, especially by someone who is old enough to be his son.

"Ah, but that is where you're wrong my dear boy, as you can see," He snaps his fingers. Two men enter the office, one holding his wife at gun point, the other holding back his two children, who have been bound.

"You'll have no choice but to do as I say."

Eyes widening slightly, Aruto looks into the frightened eyes of his dear family. Clenching his fists, he holds back his tears and looks Kazuomi straight in the eye, mustering up the coldest look he could manage.

"…Alright, I'll do as you say, as long as you promise not to harm my family. IIt's all I'm asking." Smirking, the man nods in response.

"I want you gone as soon as possible, tonight should suffice." Pursing his lips, he nods in agreement. Chuckling, the man rests his hand upon the defeated man's shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze before brushing past him, he stops right before stepping foot out the door.

"I will leave my men to watch over you. Everything must go according to plan. Remember that Aruto." He steps out signaling his men to set the frightened Tsukiyomi's down and to follow him as soon as they are done.

As soon as they are gone, Aruto rushes to the children, unbinding them then his wife before embracing them in a tight hug. He feels the trembles of his family and tightens his hold on them.

'It's for them. I'm doing it for them. I must protect them no matter what. I have to!' Looking down at his family, he can't help but to shed a few tears, whispering comforting words to them.

'It'll be okay, I know it will." Ikuto looks up at his father, glaring at him through tear filled eyes. He knew something was wrong. Ikuto was very perceptive for a ten year old. He'd figure out was his dad was planning one way or another. Although, he couldn't help the sinking feeling in his stomach at his father's next few words.

"I'll protect you, no matter what.. I promise."

_Later that night; 11:45PM_

After the scare that had happened earlier that day, Ikuto's father had told them all to go to his room and to stay there until morning. The feeling never left Ikuto's stomach, which worried him. He KNEW something was going to happen. What it was, he had no clue but he had to find out. Staying in that room wouldn't help.

After making sure his mother and sister were asleep, Ikuto tiptoed his way to the door, and out the room. Getting down on his knees, he crawled into each room hoping to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING.


Frustrated, he decided to search downstairs.

Swallowing the thick lump in his throat, he trekked down the stairs to the first floor and stuck to the walls, like he saw his favorite spy James Bond do a few times. Satisfied that he was unnoticeable, he slowly made his way to his fathers study, in search of answers. Once again, he found nothing.

Already frustrated he decided to check one more place before going back up. He really didn't want to worry his mother.

Eventually, he was able to make out voices. The closer he got to the entrance of the house, the more distinct the voices became. His heart starting pounding loud enough that they reached his ear drums. Letting out an almost inaudible sigh, he peered around the corner as his eyes widened at the sight.

There his father was, about to head out the door, bag and violin strapped tightly around his shoulders. He knew what this meant.

His father was leaving.

'No, Otou-san don't go..'

His body moved on its own after he got over his shock.

"OTOU-SAN! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" The little boy ran as fast as he could to catch up to his father who was already halfway through the driveway. He stiffened at the sound of his son's voice.

'Ikuto.. please don't make this any harder on me..'

Mustering up the coldest glare he could, Aruto stopped walking and turned around, his glare faltering some at the sight of a scared little boy in front of him. He quickly regained his composure.

"Ikuto.. I told you to stay in the bedroom until morning. Your mother must be worried sick." The said boy flinched at the coldness in his father's voice. Shaking slightly, he stepped closer to his father, clutching onto the hem of his shirt. In a shaky voice he responded.

"W-was Otou-san g-going to leave u-us?" Pursing his lips, he turned his head away, nodding slightly. The little boys whole body started to shake uncontrollably.

"W-Why? Was it s-something I d-did? I'll fix it.. Don't go O-Otou-san.." He couldn't believe it. His father, the man who raised and loved him was LEAVING.

Sighing, Aruto yanked Ikuto off of him and took a step back. As much as it hurt him to do this to his own flesh and blood, it was necessary if he wanted to ensure their safety, until he figured out a plan to get them and the company back safely.

"This is exactly why I am leaving! You, Utau and Souko are nothing but nuisances in my life! Because of you three, I was forced to become president of Easter! I had to give up my dreams of becoming a world renowned violinist! But now," looking down at his now crying son, he closed his eyes at the heartbreaking sight,

"I finally have a reason to leave. Goodbye Ikuto."

Turning the other way, he sped down the rest of the way into his car, not once looking back at the son he had damaged.

I'm sorry Ikuto.. I hope you can forgive me. I'll be back soon.. we'll be a family again. I promise.'

A lone tear slid down his face.

'I Promise.'

_Present; with Ikuto_

He glared at the ground as the memories from that night came back full force. He wouldn't cry anymore. He had to be strong for both his mom and sister. 'Unlike that ungrateful bastard of a father, he just left us there!'

Grinding his teeth, he got back up and stretched, wincing at how stiff his muscles were. He didn't realize how long he was out there. Looking at his phone, he scowled .

'11:15 PM'

'Great, I'm late. AGAIN. Kazuomi's gonna get his goons on me, or at least try to. Slow ass fucks.'

Shaking his head, he looked up at the sky as a shooting star passed. Something close to a smile appeared on his face as he closed his eyes and made a wish.

'I wish something good would happen to me soon.'

Opening his eyes, he shoved his hands into his pockets and walked farther into the densely wooded area, and found his way back into the park as he continued the path back home.

What he didn't realize though, had he stayed a second longer, his wish would've came true. A girl with bubble gum pink hair ran into the spot Ikuto had been in only moments ago, tripping over the same root.

Wincing, she got up and looked around the area and decided to stay there awhile, seeing as she was a good distance from him.

Touching her lip, she felt a thick liquid running down her chin. Sighing, she brought out the small first aid kit she managed to grab before running out of the house and examined herself before cleaning the wounds that man did to her.

Staring up at the sky, she managed to see a shooting star beyond the leaves. Closing her eyes, she made a wish very similar wish as the previous occupant.

'For once, let something good come my way.'

What the two didn't realize was that their wishes would come true.

Fate intertwining both of their wishes into one.

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