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The Kind Boy and The Nasty Man
A Chloe POV poem story by Fidomom
In answer to a fanfic challenge posted by Broe4ever/Tonya

Once upon a dream
I found true love
Or so it did seem
But not when push came to shove...
On a dark and lonely pier
I sang a song
But could shed no tear
Then my destiny he came along
I didn't believe in love at first site
He forced the truth on me
Backed into a corner I'll bite
I fought my heart
I fought my soul
But love did start
I had no control
He gave me no reason
To feel this way
Always tauntin and teasin
With the things he'd say
Along came another
Who said kinder things
My heart I did smother
Unaware of the pain it brings
I tried to fall for the other boy
Denying that my heart was lost
Denying myself any chance for joy
Never considering the cost
The kind boy hurt me
The nasty man was there
How could it be?
Why did he care?
I could love the kinder of the two
Despite his flaws
But hearing him say I love you
My return words would pause
The nasty man became my friend
Stuck by me through ups and downs
Swore his loyalty would never end
Gave me the smiles instead of the frowns
The one who gave me his heart
Chewed mine up and spit it out
He ripped and tore my dream apart
Alas he wasn't the one I can't live without
That nasty man?
The one on the pier?
To him I ran
To shed a tear
There there said he
Now please don't cry
It never was meant to be
Be honest and you'll know why
I looked into his eyes
And again saw his soul and he saw mine
I finally came to realize
That our souls were destined to entwine
Shaking with feeling
We let our lips touch
The kiss left us reeling
It was nearly too much
I don't recall who spoke it first
Myself or my nasty man
Our love for eachother like hunger or thirst
All along God's plan
The kind boy wanted another chance
But I knew where my heart was at
And didn't give that boy a second glance
My nasty man and he had a lil physical chat
Now on this my wedding day
I can look in my nasty man's eyes
I can smile as I say
It's you I love I realise
Thanks for not giving up on me
You were right all along
For you and I were meant to be
Trusting that we'll never go wrong
Honey let me tell you this
Our wedding night can't come too soon
Give your new wife a deeper kiss
Cuz Brady we're headed for our honeymoon!
Please understand since we said I do
I'm your Diva now and always will be
But as we make love say my other name too
Say I love you Chloe cuz that is the real me.