I've been struggling with the idea of writing a fic for Rizzoli & Isles for almost a year now and clearly I've come to a decision. I apologize for the shortness of the first chapter, but it is just the prologue. I plan on 8-10 chapters for this story and an epilogue so we'll just see what kind of reception this gets first.

I love Rizzoli/Dean as a couple, but I also want to stress Maura being the best friend in everything so I apologize for no femslash, it's just not my thing, but I would appreciate feedback. I can always try to make everyone happy but it rarely works, however, I've planned multiple "bonding" scenes for both Gabriel and Maura so there's that.

All rights belong to TNT and Tess Gerritsen.

This can't be how it ends. I won't let this be how it ends. Please God spare me...

"Detective. Stand, your time is up." Jane remained on her knees, palms pressed firmly against the concrete. So much for playing it cool. She had gone through every option in her head, deciding which strategy would would best for her escape. She had bet on more time, a greater lapse to work with.

"Maybe you didn't fucking hear me." He said calmly, pulling back the slide on her gun and placing it to the back of her head. "Detective Rizzoli, stand up."

Jane exhaled a shaky, almost sob of a breath and slowly got to her feet, wincing as the bruise just beneath her ribs tightened as she stood straight. "You know, there is a better way for this to end. I'll pretend like it never happened, you...you just got away from me."

The man with a gun let out a chilling laugh. "Oh Janie, there is only one way for this to end. Turn around. I want you to see my eyes, see the...the utter satisfaction this brings me."

It was rare, but a single tear began to roll down her cheek as she turned and looked the man who was holding her life in his cold hands in the eyes.

"No..." she shook her head, "Boston P.D. will be all over this. There's no chance you'll get away. And the Feds..."

He had finally gotten his satisfaction. He saw the fear in her eyes. She was, after all, his toughest prey. "Jane...sweet Jane. I have you." He said coolly. "I'd I'll be damned if you'll get away again."

Jane braced herself, momentarily closed her eyes, and waited for the shot to hit her. To end the life she had worked so hard to obtain. She heard the blast, felt warm liquid splatter on her face and neck. But there was no euphoria or bright lights. Nothing but a strange silence. Something didn't seem right.

"Jane?" She heard two voices same in unison. Footsteps echoed, and she opened her eyes. "My God, Jane. Are you hurt?" Maura asked as she reached her friends side, placing her hand around Jane's wrist.

"I uh...I'll be fine." Jane kept her gaze locked on the man holding his recently discharged weapon to his side who was returned her stare. She gently removed Maura's hand and took a few unsteady steps forward, Gabriel Dean closing the rest of the gap at the same time and once close enough she pulled him into her embrace. He dropped the gun to the floor and held her tight, pressing gentle kisses to her hair.

"He can't do this to you again. Never again." he whispered as they both ignored the world around them, just for that moment.