Jane slowly sat down on the bed, her back turned as Gabriel sheepishly loosened his tie and shrugged off his suit jacket.

"Are you sure you're comfortable with this?" He asked as he toed off his shoes and took a seat behind her.

"Yeah...yes, I am. We aren't doing anything, I just want someone near. I'd ask Maura but I don't want to worry her. She was up most of the night with me last time this happened and I know she needs to prepare to testify at a hearing on Thursday."

Gabriel placed a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to face him. "I promise you, it's not a problem." He ensured with half a smile. "Are you really that concerned?"

"Concerned about what?"

"This. I never thought I'd get an invitation like this from you."

Jane turned away again, "I figured you'd wouldn't be to happy about this idea ever since I turned you down..."

Gabriel laughed and shook his head. "Jane, you said you weren't ready for anything and I respected that. I also said that I'd wait until you wanted someone like me, well I alluded I would."

"You said you'd be around. And that you wouldn't go as far as Afganistan." She said, making herself as well as he laugh.

"Well I didn't lie did I? I'm here for you, I promise. Whether you want me for more than support or not, I mean that."

She never cried, never teared up, but the moisture threatened to spill from her eyes. "It's much appreciated." She said, fighting her voice from breaking.

"Hey now." Gabriel made his way to kneel before her, "What's wrong?"

"All of this. Hoyt trying to kill me again, and I love Maura to death but I'm putting her in danger by being here. Then there's you."

"What about me?" He asked slowly.

"There is no reason for you to do all this for me. I turned you down. I pretty much walked away from an opportunity. That's my fucked up life." Jane said as she angrily wiped the back of her hand across her eyes.

"It's not fucked up, it's just come to a rough spot. Maura and your brother are always here for you. So am I." He placed a hand on her knee. "Come on, try and get some sleep. I'll be here."

Jane nodded and Gabriel went back to the opposite side of the bed after shutting off the lights. He tried to keep his distance but Jane slid over to rest her head on his chest. In moments she was asleep and he shortly followed.


Jane woke to sun shining through the window. As she blinked and sat up to stretch she realized Gabriel was no longer there and for a moment her heart fell. She jumped slightly as the door opened and he walked into the room. He had lost his dress shirt and smiled at her as he placed a cup of coffee in her hands.

"Good morning." He said. "Or more like afternoon."

Blinking a few times before looking up at him, she smiled slightly before taking a sip of coffee.

"You haven't got work today, have you?" He asked cautiously.

"No. It was suppose to be my day off. Is Maura around?"

"She left about three hours ago, but she did say we're welcome to stay here and make ourselves at home."

Jane suddenly remembered the night before. "Does she know...you know...about..."

Gabriel shrugged. "She didn't say anything, but I think I was awake before she was."

She nodded as her cell phone chirped a familiar tone. "Rizzoli." She answered.

"Hey, it's Frost. We've got a scene at the old South End cemetery"

"It's my day off, call someone else." She said wearily.

"I would Jane but you really need to see this one." He was quiet for a moment, searching for the right words. "We're pretty sure this one's for you."


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