Title: Hidden Chapter #3: Seven Years

Characters: Kiba, Neji

Summary: It was too bad Akamaru was banned from the premises. He might need backup for this one.

A/N: Third hidden chapter of the series. This is from Kiba's POV.

Hidden Chapter #3: Seven Years

Inuzuka Kiba whistled a happy tune as he headed toward the men's room, clearly pleased with himself.

After all, the party was nowhere near over, and he had already scored dances with five different women—kunoichi and civilians alike. And they had been lookers too—from the sexy and sultry kunoichi of Team Ten, Yamanaka Ino, to that quiet but attractive attendant in the supplies shop he frequented to these days.

And of course there was his teammate—shy, gentle Hinata, pretty as a lilac, fragile as china. Kiba grinned as he recalled the way the young Hyuuga had fit nicely in his arms when they danced the waltz, how the heiress had blushed beet red when Naruto accidentally bumped into them while dancing with Sakura, and then proceeded to compliment Hinata like they didn't have separate dance partners, that idiot.

The Inuzuka shook his head and chuckled. If he didn't see Hinata as a younger sister—and if he didn't care about getting on Naruto's bad side—he would have pursued the Hyuuga a long time ago. But like Shino, though to a lesser degree, Kiba felt protective of the heiress not because of any romantic feelings, but because that's what teammates do for each other.

But hot damn, even Kiba would not deny how Hinata's, ehem, assets had improved over the years.

Shaking his head to clear the lewd thoughts beginning to creep into his head about his innocent teammate, Kiba then felt his lips slipping into a wolfish grin as his thoughts began to shift to the last person he had danced with. His sensitive nose had picked up the scent of metal and cinnamon when he held her close during a slow song, and he'd swear the combination would smell horribly on anyone else, but somehow it fit her just right.

She was, after all, Team Gai's weapons' mistress—both sensuous and lethal, alluring and dangerous. And she looked super hot that evening.

So hot, that Kiba had risked getting mutilated by her hot-tempered teammate to ask her for a dance. Anyway, as far as he could tell, there was nothing romantic going on between the two—Hyuuga Neji was asexual at best and gay at worst. But like himself and Shino, Kiba wouldn't put it past the prodigy to be protective of his female teammate, and really, with the way Tenten wore that dress over her perfectly sculpted body, the dog-lover didn't really blame Neji for it.

Who knew the weapons' mistress had that many curves?

Kiba grinned as he began to imagine different covered parts of the kunoichi's body, and what they would look like without any clothes on. Maybe he could interest Tenten to a private training session or two? She seemed like a lively young woman, and false modesty aside, he was a rather attractive young man. Surely there was nothing wrong with . . .

The Inuzuka's train of thought faded out as the hair at the back of his neck suddenly stood in attention. A dark and deadly aura flooded his senses, and his animal instinct—that of the battle kind—went overdrive, causing him to go on automatic defense stance. He didn't know how an enemy nin could get in past the tight security of the place, but he was not about to give it a chance to explain, at least not before he could kick his ass.

Kiba waited with bated breath as the source of negative energy appeared from the corner behind him, and the blood quickly drained down his face. Now he suddenly wished it was a rogue nin stalking him instead. Or anyone, really.

Anyone, other than Hyuuga Neji. Especially a homicidal-looking Hyuuga Neji.

It was too bad Akamaru was banned from the premises. He might need backup for this one.

Kiba was not sure what the proper greeting should be—he was feeling very tongue-tied at the moment anyway—so he kept quiet and waited for his pending doom instead.

But Neji walked very calmly toward him, and then past him, that Kiba thought he was overthinking things. Maybe the Hyuuga just urgently needed to go to the bathroom?

Before he could let his fears completely die down though, he heard the prodigy's voice from a few feet away. And it was enough for him to whimper like a little puppy, pun not intended.

"I strongly warn you against having any indecent thoughts about my teammate."

And then Neji was gone, leaving Kiba alone in the hallway, with his proverbial tail in between his legs.

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