-Flaming Keys-

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-Hey Lucy-

Natsu stood there staring at the blond beauty before him; he gave out a smile and a shrug as he pulled a chair next to her and sat down.

"Hey Lucy" he said quietly

No reply.

He sighed "Sorry for being reckless in yesterdays mission." He rubbed the back of his neck "But my arm's better now see?" he moved his left arm freely, showing it was all healed.

No reply.

"Hey Lucy, Happy said that we should go fishing tomorrow with Erza and Gray, he also suggested to make it a picnic." Natsu told her but received silence, he slumped against the chair and adjusted his scarf "Hey Lucy, do you mind if I crash at you place tonight?" again no reply "I'll take that as a no."

Natsu played with her hair "Hey Lucy, you're hair is so soft what shampoo do you use to make it smell this good?" he said and took her scent in.

He didn't receive an answer.

"I see it's a secret."

The dragon slayer stared at the stellar mage again "Hey Lucy you're beautiful you know."

No reply.

"Of course you do." He stood up and walked next to her and leaned down to her face "Hey Lucy can I kiss you?" he gently brushed the hair away from her head bandage.

He heard her soft breathing making him pull back a little.

"I guess not." He frowned and took her hand in his "Hey Lucy you're hand is so small you know that it fits in mine perfectly."

He stood up straight, he hand still in his as he rummaged through his pocket using his other hand and pulled out her keys "Hey Lucy, here are your keys. I took care of them just like I promised to." He placed them beside her.

Natsu closed his eyes and leaned his fore head against hers.

"Hey Lucy, can I ask you something?"


His eyes were still closed and he breathed in "Why'd you jump in front of me and took the blow?" his eyes fluttered open and glistened "Why did you do that?"

He waited for her to answer but heard the wind blow instead; he clenched his jaw and closed his eyes tightly.

'Natsu, there's a door you know!' her voice rang in his head

"Lucy, why did you do that?"

'Jeez Natsu'

"Tell me Luce, why did you do that?"

'Natsu you idiot'

"I told you to stay back didn't I?"

'Natsu are you okay?'

"Why didn't you listen?"

'Stop reading that Natsu!'

Tears trickled down his face "Lucy"

'Natsu look'


'Natsu what about my rent'

His eyes opened and the tears fell "Hey Lucy I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you"


"I'm sorry I broke my promise."


"I'm sorry I couldn't help you." He looked at her face, tear drops on her bruised pale cheek, he leaned closer and gave her a quick kiss, and her lips were cold making him shudder.

He pulled away and stood up, gently letting her hand go and placing it beside her, he gave an apologetic smile and closed his eyes "Hey Lucy I love you" he paused.

His eyes opened and he wiped his tears away "Hey Lucy, wake up soon please, I miss you."

Natsu stared at the blond beauty before he left and gently closed the door.

The blond's eyes fluttered open and she opened her mouth but no sound came out.

Slowly lifting her hand she touched her fore head feeling the body heat of the dragon slayer on it, she gave a weak smile and turned her head towards the door.


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