Hello all! I've never done a crossover fanfic before, but I'm finding it awesome! This was a concept Loozer-s from Tumblr and dA came up with. It was a collab project that we hope to spread all over the internet, just BECAUSE.

So enjoy Ameripangled's prologue!


Prologue—The Prince of Hetalia and the Princess of Dragons

The silver dagger gleamed in the moonlight, giving it a devious, regal glow. Its holder had yielded it many times before, but never like this. It was always hidden, only used as a warning, a threat.

Never like this.

The dagger lifted over a platinum head, slowly but powerfully. Soon it would be tainted with blood as red as rubies.

Because she was not royal. She was not of the long line of Braginskis, the royal line of the Kingdom of Hetalia. Her blood was not the color of the finest sapphires, it was crimson.



The wielder moved with such grace and elegance, a calm, false demeanor heavy in the atmosphere. The silence was thick and unmoving, only tainted by the slow, steady breaths of the royal.

Soon, my darling. Soon I will be yours.

The dagger raised higher, poised and ready to strike. Any moment wasted could mean failure. There was no time for failure, only perfection.

The perfection of crimson staining the silver dagger.

No hesitation, for that was…

Okay, I'm butchering the story into one that sounds depressing, when in fact, this is a very fun story. A fairy tale.

And we all know how fairy tales begin.

So let's turn back the clocks and begin traditionally. It makes everything much more lighthearted and enjoyable, which is exactly what this tale is. It's about life and death, love and hate, trust and betrayal. It's not even my story. Ultimately, it's a story about a girl's adventures with a thief. But to get to that story, another needs to be told.

And so we begin, with that timeless, eternal saying.

Once upon a time, there were two great kingdoms. One was the Kingdom of Hetalia, ruled by the long line of Braginskis, who usually intermarried. Its land stretched quite far, but the majority of life in the kingdom was centered in Hetalia's port-city capital, where the castle stood regally at the top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the clear, blue sea. The current heir to the Hetalia throne was Prince Ivan Braginski, who was to marry his cousin, Natalia Arlovskaya, an obsessive psycho that deeply wanted Ivan.

To the east of the Kingdom of Hetalia was the Kingdom of Dragons, which was protected by a majestic wall. There were many lines of royal blood under the emperor, who had many concubines, and the one who proved himself worthy would succeed him. Princess Yanmei of the Wang clan had little—if no—hope of succeeding the emperor, but her beauty and wisdom brought attraction to many suitors across the lands.

Prince Ivan had hoped to create diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Dragons by marrying one of the emperor's many daughters. An alliance between the two kingdoms could bring cultural diffusion and economic prosperity, but the princess Ivan married would have to live in the Kingdom of Hetalia. No princess of the eastern kingdom had ever left the confinements of the great wall, and many kept their faces hidden behind layers of makeup in fear.

Natalia, who had been betrothed to Ivan since birth, had a deep infatuation with her cousin, and believed the pure line of the Braginskis should be preserved. She was obsessive and traditional, and although she was beautiful, she did not meet the eastern beauty of Princess Yanmei.

Ivan first met Yanmei in the emperor's garden, where she often went to escape palace life. He was drawn to her golden eyes and silky hair, her silk robes and tiny feet. Her face was minimal with makeup, which accentuated her delicate skin and pale lips, and this attracted Ivan further.

But Yanmei was dreadfully frightened of the foreigner from the west, for she was attracted to him as well. She had never seen anyone with such pale hair and skin, and eyes the color of amethysts. Nor had she seen anyone with a nose so sharp it could cut through glass or a smile so pleasant.

He approached her first, that soft smile ever-present. "Fair maiden, does your escort know of your whereabouts?" he asked formally, his eyes briefly meeting hers.

She must not make eye contact, nor should he see her mouth, for that was how she was raised. She drew her fan and raised it to her lips. "I come and go as I please, good sir," she simply answered. "I find it incredibly peaceful here." Maybe she could drive him away with mundane conversation.

Her continuing silence only made him want to speak to her more. "That is a shame," he said. "Without an escort, any sane man would come right over and whisk you away."

That smile, that accent… She realized how deep she'd fallen for him. He was flirting, and she felt her heart swell with his words. Oh, how she wanted him, and oh, how scared she was. She was of proper marrying age, but she had never fallen in love.

He courted her during his time in the east, and each day, when she didn't think she could fall further, she did. She knew he was betrothed, but she wanted him all the same. But something in his eyes promised her that she was the only one for him. Her siblings reassured her that her infatuation would soon pass, but with each increasingly descriptive dream, she knew this not to be the case. Her fear in her heart grew, but she had to overcome it. She would live in Hetalia with Ivan, even if she's never left her kingdom's walls.

The emperor and his court considered Ivan's proposal of forging an alliance between the two kingdoms. The nobility in the Kingdom of Hetalia found Ivan's plan untraditional, but very innovative. Princess Katyusha, Ivan's older sister, was the one who had convinced the royal court that an alliance would not only bring peace and prosperity, but might as well. Their armies would double.

And all Prince Ivan wanted to do was get out of his engagement to Natalia.

Once the eastern kingdom had agreed to forge an alliance with Hetalia, Ivan was to choose his new bride. Each of the emperor's daughters lined up, all beautiful and immaculate, but they all know whom Ivan would pick.

Princess Yanmei became Prince Ivan's new fiancée.

Every citizen in both kingdoms celebrated the engagement, that is, except Natalia, who vowed Ivan would be hers if her life depended on it. She was jealous of the soon-to-be queen, the way Ivan showered affection on her the way her never did with Natalia.

To Yanmei, the engagement was a time of excitement and wonder. For the first time in her life, she'd left her kingdom. Hetalia was so beautiful and different, and she vowed to an era of harmony alongside her love.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. Yanmei was dressed in a pristine white gown, her dark hair flowing loosely, just how Ivan loved it. This marriage would bring nothing but happiness to the kingdoms.

At the altar, Ivan looked positively regal in his golden crown and the crest of Hetalia around his neck. His happiness had never been greater; he was marrying the woman he loved instead of his obsessive cousin.

Ivan and Yanmei exchanged vows enthusiastically, waiting for the moment when the priest announced they were man and wife. Once it was, they shared blissful kisses, the kingdoms rejoicing the new alliance. Everything was perfect and blessed, and nothing could possibly ruin the newlyweds' happiness.

Not even Natalia, who sulked hopelessly in a corner, waiting for Ivan to realize his dire mistake. He'd tainted the Braginski name by marrying that woman. And no doubt Ivan wanted children. Their child would not be pure; it would have blood from both kingdoms.

This must be prevented.

And there was only one way to keep the line pure and Ivan hers.

Natalia fingered her garter through her skirts, feeling the holster of a weapon in its proper place.


The celebration of the alliance between the two kingdoms lasted for most of the night. Ivan and Yanmei retired to their new chamber, the excitement of being married still present on their faces.

From the shadows, Natalia waited. Just an hour or two, she kept telling herself, trying to hide her thrill. Soon, the threat would be gone. Soon, Ivan would be hers.

The guards. Damn. Natalia had almost forgot about their duties, even at this hour. Quickly, she had to think of an alibi. She forgot…

Her ring. The diamond ring Natalia still wore as a reminder of her long-term engagement. She stuffed it in her pocket. She'd pretend she needed to get it, then do her job and leave.

Taking a deep breath, Natalia emerged and stepped out of the shadows. She must do this. She had to save the Braginski line.

The guards eyed her skeptically. "Your highness, you should not be up at this hour, even after such a great celebration."

Natalia made herself grin. How sickening. But it was for the best. "Oh, I am just too excited to sleep," she replied enthusiastically. Disgusting. "But I'm afraid that in my excitement and… slight inebriation, I've left my precious diamond ring in my cousin's room not hours earlier." She showed them her bare hand. Everyone in the castle knew how much Natalia loved that ring; Natalia gloated about how she would always wear it, counted the hours until she would marry Ivan. "Please, good sirs, that ring is very dear to me. I must have it with me at all times or I fear I shall go insane."

She hoped her acting was convincing.

"We have direct orders from Prince Ivan that he does not wish to be disturbed," the guards argued.

She had to get into that room at any cost. "And disturbing him is my last intention," Natalia countered. "I will be in and out very quickly, I assure you."

The guards exchanged a look. It was a gamble. They knew Natalia's mannerisms. But they also knew if they didn't comply, Natalia would unleash her havoc on them.

"You have five minutes."

She smirked. "That is all the time I need."

Lifting her skirts, Natalia retrieved the silver dagger. It had been in the Braginski line for generations, and it was that very dagger that had slaughtered the last line of royals and put her family at the top. Her eyes slit, examining the new chamber. The moonlight accentuated two masses on the bed.

They had already lain with each other. The thought was as horrifying as the thought of a mixed-raced child. It made Natalia's stomach churn, and she gripped the dagger tightly, her knuckles turning white. With her free hand, she pushed her long, platinum hair out of her face and stalked toward the princess's sleeping body. She could not waste any precious time.

Yanmei was indecent under the sheets, much to Natalia's dismay. What woman made herself so exposed to a man, even in his bed? Ivan was practically a king, and she was nothing but the bastard child of an emperor and concubine. Ivan was far too great to stoop so low as to marrying one so common, one with red blood.

Time slowed. Natalia feared her shaky breathing alone would wake Ivan. She had to do it now! She slowly raised the dagger over her head, watching as it winked in the silvery moonlight. Her hand shook. She hesitated.

NOW! Do it now!

Her hand dropped, aimed straight for Yanmei's heart. She closed her eyes and waited.

She stopped. Had she done it?

A large hand was wrapped around her tiny wrist. "What the hell are you doing?"

Ivan. Natalia blinked once, twice. Her dagger was just inches from ending Yanmei's common life.

"You don't understand!" she cried, navy eyes filling with tears. "She is not of our kind! She is not pure!"

Yanmei stirred awake. The first thing she noticed was the dagger, aimed straight to kill. She shrieked, too scared to move. Ivan's cousin had tried to murder her.

"You are demented," Ivan spat, his voice scarier than any ruffian's. "I married her not only out of love, but so I would not have to marry you."

His words pierced her heart. They broke it, shattered it, ripped it out of her chest and stomped on it. How could he want to marry her?

But Yanmei was beautiful. She possessed a beauty that was not traditional in the Braginski line. This must have allured Ivan, must have bewitched him into loving her.

"You're corrupting the royal line!" she yelled at both of them, her hand struggling against Ivan's to finish her job.

"I'm expanding it, Natalia," Ivan explained, his violet eyes slit. "And our child may marry whomever he or she pleases, disregarding the traditional rules."

He pushed her over the edge at that. "You bastard!" she screamed, her anger for Yanmei forgotten. She focused on Ivan at the moment.

"Guards!" Yanmei seemed to find her voice, though it was frightened and shaky.

Immediately, the guards burst in and seized Natalia, noticing the dagger glistening in her hand.

"What are you doing?" Natalia cried, her grip in her precious weapon tightening. "Let me finish my job!"

"Get her out of my sight!" Ivan bellowed, giving Natalia a look of such utter hatred that she began to cry. That twisted witch had brainwashed him! Could he not see it?

Betrayed and humiliated, Natalia dropped the dagger to the cone stone floor that represented Ivan's even colder heart.

Three months. She'd been rotting in this damp, dark prison cell for ninety days.

And it would soon be over. Her execution was tomorrow. During her life in prison, Natalia realized that Ivan would never love her, especially after hearing the dreadful news.

Yanmei was expecting a child.

That impure child was going to ruin the Braginski line in such a way that its mother could never imagine. With such a corrupted line, Natalia would rather be dead. Did no one see that this was the end?

"You look absolutely miserable."

Her last request was here. Natalia stayed silent. She could not remember the last time she had uttered a sound. Her silky, platinum hair was now coarse and thinning. Her skin was sickly and pale, and there were dark circles under her lifeless, dull eyes from lack of sleep.

"You know where it is." It felt strange to speak again. "Keep it out of my corrupted family."

"I'll see what I can do."

The morning was absolutely beautiful. Clear skies, birds chirping, flowers blooming.

Revolting. Even nature was mocking her during her last few moments alive. She had accepted death before her last trial, knowing this was a battle she couldn't win.

Without Ivan, she was nothing.

She stepped up the wooden stairs, the rope shining in the morning sun. The entire royal court was here. She could not face any one of them.

The executioner fastened the noose around her neck. This was the end.

"Natalia Alexandra Nikolai Arlovskaya, you have been sentenced to hang by the neck until death for the attempted assassination of her royal highness, Queen Yanmei," the judge deadpanned. The coronation had commenced without her attendance. Sickening. "Do you have any final words?"

Be strong. She lifted her lifeless gaze to the King and Queen. Yanmei had the decency to look sorry for Natalia, which made her feel worse. She didn't need the Queen's sympathy.

"I curse your corrupted family," Natalia spat, meeting Ivan's hateful stare. "May generations of misery make you realize what a grave error you've made, you ungrateful bastard!"

The black hood was placed over her head and the executioner pulled the lever.

I gave the King (Russia) and the Queen (China) a pretty depressing backstory. But hey, they needed some justice. I just didn't think it'd get this out of hand. It gets way happier, I promise.

So yeah, gonna add and change a few things. Those of you who've seen the movie already know who the narrator is.

Next chapter: The birth of the princess . :D