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Feliciano and his partner Ludwig were standing over a grave, shovels in hand. The tombstone said;

Ivan Braginski,



It was meant to be a joke a publicity stunt, because Feliciano had made up Ivan Braginski as a cover name for the surprisingly violent thrillers he wrote to earn a quick buck. He was finished with Ivan and decided to put him to rest. But Ivan Braginski didn't want to go- and he was a very violent man indeed… (Very, VERY loosely biased on the book The Dark Half by Stephen King. Enjoy, oh and if you have ever heard of IT, Pet sematary, The Shining, Children of the Corn or The Dead Zone you probably know what to expect.)


Expect cursed language, gore, mild torture (WELL I CALL IT MILD!), violence, lots of blood and I chucked in some mild yoai for all you fan girls out there. Human names used and multiple pairings. Rated M for future chapters =D

The Dark half of an Italian boy.


The Varga's house

Feliciano Vargas was and has always been an interesting child. He was loud liked talking to people and going places. He was gifted in writing and the arts. His older brother Lovino had always been a little jealous of his brother, took him for granted most of the time and occasionally hit him, but never with the intent to cause him severe harm. Sadly on this particular day Lovino took it a step too far andthought for sure hehad killed him.

They were quite young at the time. They were both eleven. They were playing soccer at the front of the house.

"Ve, kick me the ball big brother." Happily called Feli.

"Shut up basted." Lovino growled. It wasn't unusual for Lovino to be angry at Feli but today he was very pissed at him. Feliciano was blocking all of Lovino's attempts to score a goal. He hated it. "Okay this is the last time. If I can't get it in I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"You're so mean Lovi!" said Feli.

Lovino ignored him and lined up the shot. He was either going to get the shot or hit his brother in the shins. Either way was fine by him. He took a few steps back and ran forward. Just as his foot made contact with the ball he was pulled into a hug by some one behind him. This made the ball fly with deadly accuracy towards his brother's face.

"Lovi is so cute!" Squealed Lovino's hug attacker.


"I'd rather you called me Antonio, or Toni my little Lovi." Cooed Antonio. Antonio's parents were good friends with Lovino and Feliciano's parents. He also lived a couple of houses away from them, so he often dropped by unexpectedly. He was friends with both of the brothers though Lovino would never admit it.


Antonio giggled as he shook his brown hair out of his eyes. "Your brother has such a fowl mouth Feli… Feli?" Antonio tightened his grip around Lovino a he looked at Feliciano. When Lovino saw Feliciano he gasped.

Feliciano was lying on his back; his body was shaking and convulsing violently, his eyes were rolling around in his head and looked like he was going to swallow his tongue.

Lovino and Antonio looked at him in horror. What had happened? How long had he been lying on the ground like that? Why was this happening?

"FRATELLO!" Cried Lovino.

Antonio immediately ran into Lovion's house to call an ambulance. While Lovino stood next to his brother, unable to help in anyway shape or form. All he could do was watch.


Romulus and Camilla Vargas were sitting in the doctor's office of Tino Väinämöinen. He was a kind man who felt deep sympathy for their situation. Their youngest son had just had a seizure after all. They had told him that their eldest was staying at a friend's place (Antonio's place of course). They had also told him that Lovino and Antonio had seen Feliciano having the seizure.

"I've got the results back from your son's tests." Tino said meekly. Romulus and Camilla held their breath. "It seems that he has a tumour growing in the frontal lobe of his brain." Camilla began to quietly sob. "The good thing is that it's not cancerous. I recommend that it's removed immediately or I guarantee that he will have another seizure. He will probably die."

"Anything." Wept Camilla. "Anything to save my figilo."

Romulus nodded in agreement.

"Surgery will begin at the earliest time tomorrow." Said Tino. "I promise."

Operating theatre the next day.

Tino was almost at the tumour. He had been operating for nearly five hours trying to get to it.

"Clamp and sponge." He said to a nurse.

Tino moved and prodded the delicate tissue away until he reached the tumour. Everyone in the theatre gasped. A sickly looking lavender eye was staring at them. It twitched and wiggled slightly, like it was trying to wink at them.

"Da'ts nasty" Said one of the nurses.

Tino smiled. "Let's just clean this out and close up."

Later after Feliciano's surgery was over

Tino was relaxing in his office and muttering to himself about Feliciano's surgery. "One eye, ten teeth, a nostril and a uvula." He shuddered.

The door opened and in walked one of the nurses that was helping him operate on Feliciano. His name was Berwald. He looks quite intimidating, never saying much or showing much emotion. Tino didn't care though, he still loved him even if he did scare the crap out of him sometimes (That's right they are dating).

"Y' 'kay?" Asked Berwald.

Tino shrugged. He had been better. "I'm good. I'm just a little surprised that it wasn't your usual run of the mill tumour. I didn't expect that at all."

"W'at was it exa'ly?" Asked Berwald.

"I'm not exactly sure of the medical name." Said Tino. "But I've heard of this before. It's actually quite a common thing. When twins are still in early stages of development one foetus can absorb the other."

"Like cann'balism?" Asked Berwald. Tino could see that he was quite serious about this. It kind of made his skin crawl a little.

"Um, I guess…" He said nervously. "But sometimes the foetus isn't full absorbed and they develop along with the other."


"I guess you could call it that." Said Tino nervously laughing. "I'm just a little glad that we found it now. It could have been in his spine or his foot." He laughed nervously again as he felt Berwald's eyes burn through him.

"D'dn't he 'ave a twin brother?"

Tino gasped. That was right. Lovino could also have part of thing inside him too. "I'll have to take tests on him to."

"Wha'ch gonna tell the parents?" Asked Berwald.

Tino buried his face into his hands. "I guess I'll tell them… since Lovino and Feliciano are twins, it's possible that he could also have a "tumour" inside him."

"Won't tell da truth?"

Tino gulped. "I'm not sure that it's a good idea to tell his parent's that we just gave their son an abortion."

Several weeks later

Thankfully Lovino didn't have any anomalies popping up on his tests. So Tino was able to tell his parents that he was fine and that Feliciano was able to go home with a clean bill of health. The Vargas's were never told the truth about Feliciano's "tumour".

Fin Prologue

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