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In the park with Feliciano at 7:30

Feliciano yawned as he woke up from his nap. He had fallen asleep under a tree in the park. He picked up his phone and decided to call Ludwig. After all he obviously didn't make it home before Ludwig did. He pressed the phone to his ear and waited foe Ludwig to pick up.

"Ludwig. I'm so sorry. You got my note right?" Feliciano waited for Ludwig to reply, but there was no response. "Please don't be mad at me I just needed to get out for a while." There was still no sound. "Ludwig?" Suddenly an all too familiar voice filled Feli's ear.

"One, two Ivan's coming for you.

Three, four better lock your door.

Five, six grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight don't stay up late.

Nine, ten never sleep again.

Eleven, twelve… Well I can't think of anything that rhymes with twelve but you get the point, da?"

Feliciano almost dropped the phone, but he held on tight. "How did you get Ludwig's phone?"

"What no hello? Oh well if you must know Ludwig was kind enough to let me borrow it and in exchange I didn't slit his throat."

"You have Ludwig? Let me speak to him now." Said Feliciano franticly.

"You want to talk to him? But I wanted to talk to you some more, but I guess we can do that later. Okay here's Ludwig."

"Feli? Are you okay?"

The sound of Ludwig's voice brought Feli to tears. He sounded so worried and scared. But Ludwig never got scared, not like this. "I'm okay Ludwig. Where are you? Did he hurt you? Please tell me you are okay."

"I'm fine Feli. He hasn't hurt me yet, but you need to call the police and…"

"That's enough talking Ludwig. As you heard Ludwig is alive and well, but that can all change if you call the police. But we would like to invite you over. Hold on a second and I'll give you a clue." There was the sound of something opening then a sea gull? And waves? "Now do hurry Feli. When I get impatient I get stabby."

Ivan hung up and Feliciano dropped the phone. Ludwig was with Ivan. Ivan would kill Ludwig if he didn't find them soon. Where could they have gone? He heard a sea gull and waves… The beach? The beach house! Feliciano ran to the street and jumped into the first taxi that stopped. "To the beach please."

Outside the beach front house

Alfred had finally gotten there after several hours of driving. It was what? 7:45? That was pretty good it only took him what? One hour to get there? He was surprised to see that there were lights on in the house. Maybe someone had broken in or something? Alfred decided to walk around the back of the house and brake into a window or something.

He quietly got into the backyard. So far so good. He looked at a window and smiled. He could easily fit through that one. He slowly shifted it open. Nearly there. Suddenly he felt… How should I put it? He basically felt his vital regions being crushed in to a fine paste. Alfred gasped in pain and fell to his knees.

He turned his head to see a tall man holding a watermelon above his head. "I don't like intruders, da." Stated the man before he slammed the melon down on Alfred's head. Knocking him out cold.

When Alfred came too there was an indescribable pain in between his legs and his head was throbbing like crazy. "Dude…" He groaned. "What happened?" The soft thump of boots on the ground made Alfred look up. Ludwig was standing next to him with a bag of ice in one hand.

"Looks like Ivan caught you." He said sadly. "I would have thought that you wouldn't let him." He gave Alfred the ice, who immediately placed it on his aching groin.

"It's not like I let him. He snuck up on me." Alfred slowly sat up and sighed.

"Oh is he awake now?" Asked Ivan who had just walked in. He glanced over at Ludwig and smiled. "Bring him into the kitchen. It shouldn't be too long before Feliciano gets here." Ludwig hooked his arms under Alfred's and slowly dragged him into the kitchen. When Alfred was leaning against the kitchen bench Ivan walked into the lounge room leaving Ludwig and Alfred alone.

Alfred glared at Ludwig. "How could you work with him? You're just as much to blame for the murders as him."

Ludwig growled. "Shut up. He abducted me about half an hour ago. I would never work with that bastard. Why would I?" Alfred frowned but kept his mouth shut. He didn't like where this was going. He knew this night was not going to end well.

Outside the house.

Feliciano had finally arrived. He paid the cab driver and prayed to god that Ludwig was still alive. As he approached the house his hands became sweaty and it didn't help that the lights were on. He opened the door and walked inside. Everything was quiet. He looked in the kitchen and cried out in joy.

"Ludwig!" He cried as he glomped the blond. "I thought you were dead." Ludwig held Feliciano tightly. He never wanted to let Feli go again. Suddenly Feliciano was pulled away by Ivan, who had a twisted smile on his face.

"So glad you could finally make it Feliciano." He cooed. He began to squeeze Feliciano's arm so hard tears began to fall down his face. Ludwig tried to pull Feli away from Ivan but pulled out a razor and held it to Feli's throat. "No, no, no Ludwig." He said. "Feliciano and I have something's to talk about. Alone. You can stay with Alfred for now."

Ludwig bit his lip and gave Feliciano a sympathetic look. Feliciano smiled weakly. "It's okay Ludwig… I'll be fine." Ivan smiled and pulled Feliciano up the stairs and into the first room that was open. It happened to be an empty study that Feli and Ludwig used sometimes if they needed to catch up on some work. Ivan pushed Feli across the room and locked the door.

Feliciano quickly got to his feet and backed into the desk. Ivan smiled at the terrified man and slowly approached him. His childish smile still on his face. He placed his hands on either side of Feli preventing him from escaping. He chuckled at the scared look on his face.

"Let's take off from where we started, da?"

"What are you talking about?" Feliciano whispered.

The Russian laughed darkly. "Don't tell me you've forgotten already?" One of his hands brushed against Feliciano's neck. "I thought I carved my message very clearly into your back. Don't you ever learn?"

Feliciano's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "That was you?" Ivan nodded.

"I thought you needed to get a little sample of the grand finally." He cooed. His hands snaked up to the front of Feli's shirt. "Sorry we aren't in a bedroom, but the desk will do just as well right?" He ripped of Feliciano's shirt and attacked his chest with bites. Feli couldn't help himself. He opened his mouth and screamed.

In the kitchen with Alfred and Ludwig

"Shit man." Said Alfred. "Why the hell would you let Ivan take him?" Ludwig ignored Alfred and started to look in the cupboard under the sink. Ludwig went to the table carrying a box and placed it on the table before opening it and taking out a revolver. "You have a gun? What the hell? Why didn't you use it before?"

"I didn't have time." Said Ludwig. "And even if I did get to the gun I wouldn't have been able to load the bullets." Suddenly Feliciano's scream echoed through the house. Ludwig swore and ran up the stairs closely followed by Alfred.

Feliciano's screams were still ringing out. Ludwig kicked the locked door but it wouldn't budge. Alfred shoulder barged the door but it didn't work. They continued to do this, when suddenly Feli stopped screaming. "Shit." Said Alfred. "Shoot the lock."

He didn't have to tell Ludwig twice. He blew the lock right out of the door and ran inside. "Feli… mine Gott." There was blood everywhere; on the floor, on the roof, on the walls and the bodies. In the middle of the floor was Ivan; his face had been mashed to a pulp and he had deep stab wounds and cuts on his arms and legs. A bloodied water pipe and a razor were near the body.

Alfred looked around wide eyed. "Shit… Where is Feliciano?"

Ludwig looked in the only place he could have been hiding, under the desk. And there he was rocking back and forth with his knees pulled up to his chest. He only had one arm in the sleave of his now blood soaked shirt and his pants were barely hanging to his hips.

"Are you okay Feli?" Asked Ludwig. He didn't want to scare Feliciano even more then he already was. He expected Feli to cry, scream do something, anything. But he didn't expect Feli to laugh.

Feliciano's laughter resinated around the room. "He's dead!" Feli cried out between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. "I killed him! Praise me Ludwig! I killed him! I FUCKING KILLED HIM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

One month later at Belltops home for the criminally insane

Ludwig sat with his head in his hands. It had been one month since Feliciano had killed Ivan. Things had never been the same since then. That was why he was at his brother's office now. "Has there been any improvement?" He asked hopefully.

Gilbert smiled at his brother. He admired his dedication to Feli but he didn't have good news. "I'm sorry West." He said. "But he's just gotten worse. He attacked a nurse so we had to put him in a strait jacket."

"A strait jacket…" Repeated Ludwig sadly.

Gilbert frowned. He didn't want to tell Ludwig about the other things that Feli had been doing but he would find out when he went to see him. "He also bit his tongue."

"He tried to suicide?"

"No… He only did that so he could write a message on the wall. Every time we try to clean it off he just screams and tries to attack us. He might be in a strait jacket but he can still kick and bite. And if we do clean it he just bites his tongue and writes it again."

"What does it say?" Ludwig asked, but he knew he dreaded the answer.

Gilbert stood up and walked towards the door. "You're going to see him anyway aren't you? You may as well see what it says for yourself."

After walking down the cold, white hallway for several minutes they came to Feliciano's room. The door was made of heavy, reinforced metal with a window placed at head height for doctors to look into every now and then. Gilbert slid the window open and let Ludwig look inside.

The sight made his heart break. Feliciano was sitting in a corner of the small padded room happily humming to himself only to stop and giggle every now and then, his hair was matted and messy and his eyes were hollow and empty. But when he read the writing on the wall he knew that Feliciano Vargas was lost forever.

I've won, da.

The end

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