Author Note: Well, after moving half way across the country to live back with my parents because of a huge money issue, or rather a huge issue with me having no money and having to get two jobs, I've finally managed to get a chapter written and's this... *prepares for screaming*


'Three down, ten to go,' Atem mused as he darted between the shelves full of prophecies. It had not taken long to start thinning the herd. Even before he had explained the rules, two of the Death Eaters had tried to hex his friends and another had aimed his way. All three had earned a Penalty for doing so.

He had not had time to weave anything more complex, so the rules were really quite simple. Magic was banned for the duration of the game bar, of course, what held the game together and all the Death Eaters had to do to 'win' was catch him. If they managed that, his life was forfeit.

This time however, there was no way for the Death Eaters to interact with the world around them. The Shadows made sure of that, and if Atem made it to the door, the ten remaining Death Eaters would lose and be trapped in this limbo forever.

That was if they did not cheat.

Atem did not expect them to play fair. They were Death Eaters, vile disgusting scum who preyed on the weak and ambushed the strong. He could not know for certain, but he would not have been surprised if some of the men he was facing had been involved in the attack that had claimed his grandfather's life or had been there the night Kari had been murdered.

"Easy, Yami," Yugi's voice echoed in his head, trying to soothe him as he heard footsteps heading his way and darted down the aisle, "we'll win and then they won't be able to hurt anyone else. But we need to keep our heads in the Game for that."

The Pharaoh let out a quiet huff at his other half's words. Yugi was right. Getting riled up over what they had done would distract him. They were horrible wastes of space. Worthless, rotten souls with power they did not deserve, but the Death Eaters were his opponents and while he would much rather have sent all of them to the Shadow Realm without a second glance, Yugi had insisted that this would give their friends, who could have been caught in the crossfire if the Death Eaters had tried to fight back, a better chance at escaping.

He could hear the Death Eaters trying to coordinate. Their voices carried well in the silence that had fallen over the room once Joey had dragged Harry and Hermione out of the door. They seemed to lack a means of communicating quietly without magic, but he was not going to complain. Every time they tried to get a plan together, Atem could hear them and prepare to counter it. It was worryingly easy. In fact, Atem realised with a grimace, it was as if the Death Eaters he was playing against were the stupid ones, the cannon-fodder, the ones that were sent out first to wear down the enemies before the big guns moved in.

"You don't think...?" Atem could sense Yugi paling as he reached the same conclusion.

'This is just a diversion,' the Pharaoh replied, nodding as he changed direction and narrowly avoiding being spotted by a pair of Death Eaters. 'We need to end this and get to the others. They could be in trouble.'

'Could be,' was wishful thinking and they both knew it. They darted towards the entrance to the Hall of Prophecy, only to find that three of the remaining Death Eaters were covering the door.

"We need to lure them away," Yugi's thought bounced across the link as Atem pulled away from the door, backing up behind a bookcase so he would not be seen by the guards, "or we're not getting out that door."

Atem was fully aware of that. The question was how. They could not take anything off the shelves to break them and cause a noise, there were spells in place to prevent just that, even if they had been able to interact with the world around them. He did not really want to show himself to the Death Eaters, not when he expected them to attempt to hex him on sight, despite the rules in place to prevent that from happening.

The choice was taken out of his hands when a Death Eater came from the other direction, spotted him and called out, "There he is!" He had to dart out from behind the shelving unit before that attracted too much attention. Unfortunately, the spotter had drawn at least three of his opponents to the nearby aisles and Atem's earlier suspicion was confirmed when he saw a bolt of green light coming straight at him. He ducked and rolled, allowing the blast to pass narrowly over his head and strike the Death Eater behind him. The man died on the spot, and the caster suffered a Penalty. The third Death Eater tried to tackle Atem, but he was able to get to his feet and keep running. The assailant's attempt went wide and he tumbled head-first into the shelves, which did not appear to register the impact in the slightest.

The Pharaoh kept going, even as he heard the Death Eater who had fallen calling out to his comrades. They converged on the sound, giving Atem a chance to get several aisles away and catch his breath. He listened carefully, grimacing when he realised that his opponents had finally gotten smart and were talking in low enough voices that he could not hear them. With five of the original thirteen down and three more guarding the exit, covering all three direct routes to the door, that left five who were actively pursuing him and most likely involved in the quiet conference that was going on a few aisles over. He was doing well to have taken the number down by that many, but could not afford to relax yet. It only took one to catch him and then he would most likely be killed and Yugi would die with him. He needed a way to get the guards away from their posts so he could slip through the doors, but unlike the Death Eaters it did not suit him to cheat by using magic. He listened for the sounds of movement. The Death Eaters were breaking their huddle to enact whatever plan they had been hatching.

"Hey Yami," Yugi piped up, "I have an idea."


"Joey, wait!" Harry snapped, pulling his arm out of Joey's grip as he and Hermione were pulled out of the Hall of Memory. "We have to go back!"

"Yami's pulled them into a Shadow Game," said Joey, shaking his head and noting which pocket Harry had shoved the Prophecy sphere into. "There's nothing we can do to help him. You know that."

Harry let out a frustrated huff. He did know that to interfere in a Shadow Game was to court madness or death, but that did not mean he had to like leaving his friend to deal with that many Death Eaters singlehanded.

"I don't like this any more than you do," said Joey, looking frazzled as he pulled out his emergency portkey. "You two go ahead, I'll..." He let out a yelp as Hermione chucked one of her many bags at him and it exploded in a flash of red light just before it could hit. Harry swiftly wheeled around, drawing his wand and casting a stunner at the Death Eater who had just tried to blast his friend in one smooth movement. His enemy went down, but the eight others with him started casting spells of their own.

They had no idea which door they ducked into to avoid the spell fire, slamming the door shut behind them and sealing it with another spell before darting across the long, rectangular room. They hid behind the huge glass tank full of deep-green water in the middle of the room, which had some oddly shaped, pearly white objects swimming within. They could hear the Death Eaters trying to break in as Joey pushed the portkey into Hermione's hands. She tried to activate it, only for it to lie inert in her hand.

"Wha...? Hermione had just enough time to ask before the door exploded off its hinges, and then they were running and casting again.

"Wolf!" Harry yelled, but the huge, gold furred, winged creature that had saved him in the graveyard did not appear. Neither did his friends' Deck Leaders when they tried to call them up from the Monster World.

"Give us the Prophecy, Potter!" one of the Death Eaters demanded. Harry was pretty sure that it was Malfoy's father, but the mask covered his face so he could not be one hundred percent certain. "Give it to us and we'll spare your friends!"

"Yeah, right," Joey muttered under his breath. He glanced around, and then a mad thought came to him. "Reducto!" His spell hit the bottom of one of the tanks which shattered into what looked like a million pieces, depositing its contents all over their shocked pursuers. Joey herded the other two through the nearest available door. Behind them, the white things spilled across the floor towards the Death Eaters, who were slipping over each other as they tried to get up and re-join the chase. None of them dared to look back, but the sounds of screaming and choking that followed them painted ghastly images in their minds.

The room they dove into next was dimly lit, and so cold that they could see their breath in thick, white puffs. The floor had been dug out to form a gradually sloping pit, and at its heart was a raised stone dais. Upon the dais rested an ancient, crumbling stone archway. A tattered, black curtain fluttered in the space in the middle of the arch, in spite of the deathly stillness all around them. It reminded Joey of the way Yami wore Yugi's jacket across his shoulders like a cape. That was not the most unsettling part though. Coming from behind the curtain were whispering voices. Joey could not rightly discern what they were saying, only that they were voices he recognised. They were the voices of Domino's dead.

"What is that?" he asked, watching it warily. Before anyone could answer him, a resounding, high-pitched cackling caused them all to start. Plumes of vile, black smoke issued from the floor and walls, and awful shapes began to emerge into the room's tomb-like glow.


Just three more. Three more Death Eaters, or a straight run for the door and they could help their friends. He was so close now.

"Found him!" someone shouted.

Atem did not have time to react. He barely managed to hold back a scream as a bone-breaker hex struck his right arm and shattered it like glass. Part of him enjoyed the wailing of the Death Eater as the Shadows closed around them, even as his vision blacked out for a moment and he nearly collapsed. The Death Eater's cries attracted the attention of his colleague, who darted towards them. They cornered Atem, who only avoided smashing face-first into the floor by catching hold of a shelf with his remaining hand.

"You're dead now, Mutou," one of the Death Eaters sneered, but the chuckle that followed was nervous.

"We're not caught yet," said Yugi as he ripped control away from his other self. He had many more years experience at dodging thugs and bullies then Atem did, and ducked between the two Death Eaters, before narrowly avoiding an emerald-coloured hex. Clutching his ruined arm close, he sprinted for the next door. He was close enough that he could almost touch it, when someone tackled him from the left. Yugi screamed as he smashed hard into the floor.

"Got you, you little shit!" snarled the last Death Eater, wand pointed at Yugi's chest. "Now, what to do with you?"

The blow and the agony screaming through what remained of his arm had knocked Yugi senseless. He would be unconscious in seconds. The Pharaoh slipped back into control and tried to pull himself together. They were not caught yet. The wand meant nothing until the Shadows fell, and they were still in play. The Game was still on. They could still win. He just had to get up and make it through the door. Blood dripped down his arm and splashed on the floor. The Pharaoh felt a rising sickness when he realised a shard of bone was visible.

"Stay down!" the Death Eater snapped.

"G...go screw yourself!" Atem shot back as he struggled onwards. It was clear that they would not be of very much use in future battles, not in this sorry state. They needed to find their friends and get out of the Ministry as fast as they could. That meant finishing the Game.

The Death raised his wand once more and loosed a harsh, "Avada..." The Shadows were on him in a split-second, engulfing him rapturously. The Game was ended. The Pharaoh felt the magic around him recede, and staggered from the resultant shock to his spirit.

"Ma...Mahad!" he called in a strained voice. Nothing. Although he retained some small influence over his dark domain, the magician was beyond him. It felt as if the very walls were blocking his signal like a layer of lead.

"If we can't summon," Yugi's mental voice trembled as he tried to draw as much of the pain away from Atem as he could without knocking himself out, "then the others won't be able to either."

'Harry's still in the area, so the portkeys didn't...'

`Atem? Yugi?` Harry suddenly interrupted. He sounded pained, and both of them winced as they realised that if they could both feel the torment of their shared body's destroyed arm, then Harry would as well. `What happened?`

'Never mind us, where are you?' Atem was shorter with Harry than he had intended, but Harry either did not notice or did not care. He passed on his location, and left them with a warning that made little sense to the Mutous, until Atem passed through the busted door and saw what had befallen the other group of Death Eaters. They were sprawled in twisted masses across the floor, limbs twitching, just about alive, but utterly insensate. Glowing tentacles like bundles of wires were wrapped tightly around them, attached to gruesome white brains. 'Oh...'


"Harry!?" Hermione was panicking. She had seen him fall for no reason she could discern. His face was a ghastly shade of pale and he was gripping his right arm as if injured.

"Y...Yugi's hurt," Harry managed to choke out between gritted teeth, trying to push the second-hand torture aside in order to focus on the fact they were surrounded by Death Eaters. "His arm..."

"What's the matter, itty bitty baby Potty?" taunted Bellatrix Lestrange, drawing their attention back to their adversaries. "Is your oh-so-powerful Princeling hurt? Oh, I do hope so. I hope he's writhing in agony, it would be so wonderful to wat..."

"Shut! Up!" Harry growled, pain driving his anger to new heights as he cast something, not even he was sure what, but Bellatrix was not stupid enough to stand in its path and find out. She dove out of the way and the spell erupted against the wall with a bang, clumsily gouging out a sizeable section of it.

Joey could hear one of Bellatrix's underlings murmur something that sounded like, 'How had Potter managed wordless casting?' but he had no time to dwell on it, because their assailants were closing in for the final attack. They were all in over their heads. Even with Harry's new talent they were grossly outmatched, outnumbered and more than once it was only Hermione's decoy bags being hit instead of them that saved them from grievous injury.

The Death Eaters were toying with them, like a cat with a mouse. That much was obvious, and their heavy hitter was, if Harry was to be believed, severely injured. They were officially screwed. They had planned and planned for hours the night before, but they had never expected to lose their ability to summon. It was the one thing they had relied on to get them out of any mess they could get into. Their ace in the hole, and it was gone. Their one way to level the playing field was gone.

"Hand over the Prophecy, Potter," demanded one of the other Death Eaters. Not Bellatrix, but a masked man with Lucius Malfoy's voice. "And we'll let you and your friends live."

`Yeah, right,` Harry thought, looking around and trying to think of a solution. They were trapped on the edge of a pit, surrounded by Voldemort's men and apparently with nowhere to go. "This is what you want?" Harry asked, pulling the sphere out of his pocket and showing it to the Death Eaters. "What would you do if I...?" The Death Eaters froze in place when it slipped from his hand, and though Harry could only see Bellatrix's face, he got the impression they were watching him warily as he caught it halfway to the floor.

"Accio Prophecy sphere," cried Bellatrix, but nothing happened. The sphere stayed safely in Harry's grasp.

"Voldemort must want this pretty badly to risk sending you to invade the Ministry like this," Harry commented aloud, covering his friends and trying to push aside the echoes of pain from his link partners in order to focus. "Let my friends leave, now, and I'll give it to you."

"Harry!" Joey snapped at him, well aware, through far too many years of experience, that giving the bad guys what they wanted never ended well.

"Oooh! Is baby Potty giving up so soon?" Bellatrix taunted with a deranged laugh. "Give it to us first!" She moved closer to Harry, free hand outstretched.

"No way," Harry said, backing away a couple of steps and shaking his head. "My friends get to leave first."

Neither side dared move. They were locked in a staring contest as they both considered their next moves. The Death Eaters were too worried about Harry dropping the sphere, while Harry and his friends knew that if the Death Eaters attacked, they were toast. Without warning, many flashes of light rained down from above and slammed into the floor, streaming white clouds that swirled like fireworks and transformed into the members of the Order of the Phoenix, each one armed and ready for battle. Sirius broke ranks from the others and ushered the teens towards the exit.

"We were in the neighbourhood and thought you might need backup," he said, grinning at his godson, "so we called in the cavalry."

"Man are we glad to see you lot," said Joey. Now he felt like there was something he could actually do, he found breathing to be a lot easier than before. "Have you seen Yugi?"

"No," said Sirius with a frown, "wasn't he with you?"

Harry did not find a chance to answer as Bellatrix launched a fresh wave of spells at him and his godfather. Hermione and Joey were apparated away by Order members to a safer location, while Harry and Sirius were forced back. They leapt across the pit to take cover behind the giant archway, as countless killing curses sailed past them.

"Don't kill him yet!"

Harry and Sirius stopped dead in their tracks. The voice that had spoken was low, more a hiss than a true human tongue. The pure, untainted hatred it carried made Harry tremble in spite of himself, but yet more chilling was the horrible figure that materialised on the far side of the curtain. The Shadows climbed up the walls and swept aside everyone inside the room indiscriminately. Only the pair hiding behind the arch were unaffected. The air grew thick and oppressive, making it difficult to breathe, and the temperature suddenly plummeted several degrees.

'Harry, go!' Atem's voice echoed around his head as he tried to pull himself together. The harsh cold and the sheer weight of the Shadows pressing down on him and his godfather were disorientating.


"Harry Potter!"

Harry knew that voice, he knew it far too well. He wanted to react, but Sirius gathered his wits faster. The man grabbed him by the arm and he felt the first tingle in his skin that signalled apparition, but the effort was fruitless. They were trapped in the chamber with the foul new arrival.

"Come out and face me!"

Voldemort had arrived.


Atem guessed he was roughly three-quarters of the way across the room and halfway into physical shock even before the huge upsurge of Shadows. The sudden change in the magic levels threw him for six. There had not been a single person in the modern age with that much power over the darkness that had swallowed the room his friends were in. Well, none besides himself and Bakura. The psychotic version of Marik had come very close, yes, but none of them matched the evil strength he could feel from the room ahead of him.

"Mr Mutou..."

"Expelliarmus!" the Pharaoh wheeled around, pointing his wand with his left hand as he cast the disarming spell. The approaching wizard's wand flew towards Atem and clattered to the floor, rolling past him. It did not occur to him to pick it up, not once he realised who he had just disarmed. "Professor Dumbledore..."

"It's all right, Mr Mutou," said Dumbledore reassuringly as he moved carefully across the room. His features crinkled with worry as he took in Atem's dreadful state, and his voice hardened accordingly. "You need to leave. You can't fight like this."

The Pharaoh shook his head. "Not without the others," he said, then groaned and fell against the nearest available surface. His head was spinning.


"No," Atem cut him off.

The tension in the room thickened and both of them were quiet, though the room was not silent. The only sounds were the ones from the other room and the steady drip-drip-drip of Atem's blood pooling on the floor. He glowered at Dumbledore and the headmaster stared right back at him, neither side backing down. The magic in the adjacent chamber swelled and both King and teacher broke the gaze to look towards it.

"Stay behind me," said Dumbledore firmly. The Pharaoh wanted to argue, but opted only to nod his head, scoop up the fallen wand and hand it back.

They emerged from the brain room to find the scene at a complete standstill. The Death Eaters and the Order members were all picking themselves groggily off the floor. Hermione and Joey were nowhere in sight, but Harry was facing down Voldemort, wand drawn, Prophecy in hand. Sirius was unconscious at the foot of a great stone archway. Harry cast a spell chain towards the Dark Lord, hurling spell after spell as he desperately fought to find an opening, even just a lucky shot. Not a single one landed. Voldemort was too fast and any attempts that came close were just absorbed by defensive spells. The Dark Lord appeared to tire of this game all too quickly, and unleashed a wave of Shadows with a sweep of his hand. Harry was sent skidding across the floor as the dark magic blasted him head-on. His wand went skittering one way, the Prophecy the other, and Voldemort triumphantly picked it up.

"This! This contains the Prophecy that ruined me?" Voldemort laughed. It was a cruel, vindictive laugh that Atem recognised, although he could not place where from. "The Prophecy that I've obsessed over for the last fifteen years?"

Atem only paid a fraction of his attention to the Dark Lord's ramblings. He was more focussed on Dumbledore, with leapt across the pit with remarkable agility for a man his age, superimposing himself between the two opponents.

Voldemort smirked. "About time you arrived, Dumbledore," he said in a way that was almost cordial. That was worrying, because everyone knew from the stories that Dumbledore was the one man Voldemort ever feared.

"Drop the Prophecy, Tom," Dumbledore's reply was calm but firm, "we both know it doesn't matter to you anymore, don't we?"

The Dark Lord snorted. "True," he said, looking into the sphere and smirking, "but it is amusing to watch you little ants scramble for it." He looked over at Atem, who was leaning against the doorframe. His skin was bleached and clammy, his expression distant as he continued to lose blood. "This one thing," Voldemort went on, "this one little thing allowed me to lure everyone who could possibly destroy me into this one room. Even the all-powerful Pharaoh risked his life for this little sphere."

With a wave of Dumbledore's wand, Harry's own flew back to his hand. "Go to your friend," the headmaster ordered, his gaze never wavering from the Dark Lord.

"But Sirius..." Harry began.

"Now," Dumbledore's tone brokered no argument. Harry hesitated, glancing at his godfather. "He'll be fine, go."

Harry paused a moment longer before nodding his head and moving to dart across the gap to reach Atem's side. He got halfway around the room before Voldemort snorted again. "I don't think so. Avada Ked..."

Before he could finish his incantation, Dumbledore cut him off with a spell chain of his own. "Both of you get out of here now!" he roared.

"Don't you want them to hear the best part?" Voldemort taunted and counterattacked at the same time, stunning the Order and his own men alike as he actually managed to push Dumbledore backwards. He had the headmaster fighting defensively in a matter of just seconds. "About how this fortuitous increase of my power was the Pharaoh's fault? How I survived the Shadow Game because of a backdoor HE created?"

The Pharaoh's already ghostly face twisted into a mask of abject horror as he finally recognised the power cascading around the monster. He recognised the pain and rage and hatred suffocating the atmosphere, and knew without a doubt that in his current state there was no possible way for him to defeat the creature posing as Lord Voldemort.

"That's right, Pharaoh!" the monster crowed with hideous glee. "You gave me the power to survive the Shadow Game, all because you couldn't admit defeat! If you had just died like you were supposed to, I wouldn't be trapped in this mortal body! But I should be thanking you!" His voice lowered, turning from almost theatrical joy to sinister self-confidence. "If your precious little light hadn't shown me the back door, I would have died."

"I did this?" Yugi trembled, shock and despair coursing across the link and resonating with Atem's own.

Harry tried to push Atem towards the door, realising that between the physical shock from blood loss and the mental shock from this revelation, his friends were helpless. The Pharaoh refused to be moved, however, as every part of him had locked up.

"He was the one who showed me that as long as one part of me survived, I could pull myself back from the dead," the Dark Lord went on, "and I've had my claws in this one ever since you fed me part of his soul. All I had to do was let Bakura die as the Game's 'tribute' and pull myself across to this body. There wasn't enough of his soul left to resist me. The Prophecy no longer matters because Voldemort no longer exists!"

"'re Zorc..." Atem choked out.

"That's right, Yugi," the demon's voice echoed derisively, spitting out the words like a bitter pill, "and we're entwined forever. As long as both of you remain on this side of the Gates to the too shall I." His features contorted into a cruel sneer. "So let's make sure that doesn't change any time soon." Zorc blasted Dumbledore, and the headmaster crashed into the wall behind with an awful sound. He then wheeled on the shell-shocked Pharaoh and sent a bright green spell careening towards him.

Harry tackled Atem out of the spell's path. They collided with the wall, and silver-sharp pain shredded the Pharaoh's nervous system. He fell in a heap, fighting to remain conscious and losing badly. Zorc grinned and moved in for the kill, but then Dumbledore was on his feet and hurling blasts at him. Zorc battered these aside with ease, laughing cruelly the entire time.

"You old fool! I cannot die!" he jeered venomously. "For who amongst your people would be willing to destroy the soul of a friend?"

Harry knew the answer. He knew how to take away Zorc's immortality. If he let Yugi die here, it would be another five-thousand years before the pair of them had a chance to move on and Zorc would be able to torture and torment the world for just as long. The key to the demon's destruction lay far away in Egypt. He just had to get Atem out of here first.

"Harry, go!" cried Sirius as he pushed himself to his feet. He had regained consciousness during Zorc's preening and had joined the fight on Dumbledore's side. "Take Yugi and get the hell out of here! Now!"

There was a moment, one brief moment when Harry was torn between leaving Sirius and saving Yugi and Atem, then he nodded and dragged the Pharaoh from the room. It did not take long for one of the Order members to catch up to them, and Harry almost hexed him instinctively before he realised it was Remus Lupin, who gathered up Atem in his arms.

"I've got him, Harry," he said, "hold onto me."

The moment Harry grabbed on, he apparated away, leaving Dumbledore, Sirius and the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix to their battle.

Zorc sensed their departure and loosed a furious howl. The Death Eaters had already taken this opportunity to flee, escaping from the room before apparating to safety. They had not signed up to work for some immortal demon or whatever the hell was now wearing their master like a suit, and had no intention of hanging around while it engaged the Lord of Light and his allies in mortal combat. The dereliction did not bother Zorc in the slightest. His host's servants were all tied to him anyway by the marks on their arms. They would return to him when he called or he would hunt them down and devour their souls. He was too busy being pissed off that the elderly wizard in front of him had ruined his carefully laid trap. He turned every spell Voldemort knew, everything he had absorbed from his host's mind, against his adversaries. He lost the Prophecy sphere, no longer caring for it as they pushed back and forth. Two of the meddlers hurled spells from another direction, barely missing him.

"Don't help!" cried Dumbledore. "Get out of here! Protect Harry and the Pharaoh!"

That brief lapse in concentration was all Zorc needed. He unleashed another wave of Shadows, and while Sirius was quick enough to dive under it, Dumbledore was not so nimble. The Order of the Phoenix watched, terrified, as their leader was pinned against the wall like a butterfly.

"You're done, old man," sneered Zork, his grin so wide it threatened to split his inhuman face across the middle. He walked slowly and deliberately towards Dumbledore, ignoring Sirius, who had taken the chance to pounce upon the Prophecy. "You were an amusing distraction, so I'll do you the courtesy of telling you exactly what I plan to do once you're gone. First I'll smash your Order of the Phoenix like a nest of ants, then I will hunt down the Pharaoh's court, and before his very eyes I shall subject them to torments that even the worst tyrants in history could not conceive of. I will prolong their agony until I tire of them, and only then, when the Pharaoh has been driven to insanity...I will crush the life from him."

He fought down the urge to laugh, anticipation bubbling inside of him like boiling lava. "And do you know the best part? In another five-thousand years, I'll get to do it all over again, only that time, you won't be around to get in my way."

Dumbledore shook his head, and threw up one final, desperate shield to cover the Order's escape, before the Shadows wrenched the wand from his grasp. "You're wrong," he said. "You might win the battle here but you cannot win the war. As long as there is light in the world, there will always be someone who will stand up to you, be it Harry or the Pharaoh or another brave soul who refuses to let you walk all over them. You will never have the world you desire."

"We shall see," said Zorc, and pressed his wand underneath Dumbledore's chin. "Well, you won't. Reducto."