What has gone before:

In To Survive, Shepard and the crew of the Normandy returned from the Omega 4 Relay safely and secured the funds to repair the ship. It describes the flight from the doomed Collector base and lays the basis for quarian bonding. It also describes the quarian rites of bonding as Shepard and Tali join in life.

In To Survive: Alliances, Shepard worked towards one goal. Peace between the quarian and geth races. This peace, though not resolved, is at least in the works. As such, Shepard has assembled a fleet able to confront the Reapers. Rachni, quarian, geth and krogan support is almost guaranteed. The home system and world of the quarians is also introduced as well as a number of quarian words. Alliances delves deeply into the quarian way of life.

Since the series began, BioWare has released DLC's which cannot be ignored and must be interwoven into the story I tell. Though the specific actions within each DLC will not be addressed directly, the fact they did occur will be evident throughout the story. I still leave the real game play to you, the reader. Except for a few oopsies, I have left Tali and the quarian people's physical attributes undescribed, allowing each reader to maintain their own personal view. I shall maintain this style unless BioWare provides hard evidence, and even then, may just leave it out for continuity.

Throughout Mass Effect 1 and 2, Shepard has affected many things, people and places altered by his passage. Most times, that passage resulted in the raising of the status quo, the improving of conditions either within a single person or an entire community. But, sometimes that passage creates a hole, a vacuum that must be filled.

Shepard almost has his fleet. Peace between the quarian and geth races, though almost assured, still needs time to reach fruition. But a fleet is nothing without the support structures for resupply as well as infantry to take the battle to the enemy forces that may hold worlds.

This is the story of To Survive: Terminus.