Hey everyone. Now this is my first dirty fanfic, so be nice please. I did try another fanfic but that was an epic fail, so I hope I do better with this one. Warning: Lemons. And good lemons ;) So for obvious reasons, if you're under the age of 18, do not continue reading as I do not want to poison your poor, innocent mind. I'm one to talk, but my mind was poisoned a long time ago, so yeah.

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Blair woke up feeling great. She had a good feeling about today. The smell of pancakes filled the air with a sweet scent. She stretched and pranced in her cat form to the kitchen, only to find Soul and Maka rushing around the house. "Oh, shit! We're going to be late!" Soul yelled. If he was any louder, one of the postcards Maka's mother sent could've blown off the table. He ran to his room to grab some of his stuff and came back out a second later with his shoes and beanie. "This is totally UNCOOL!"

"And whose fault is that?" Maka asked, rushing from the shoe rack to check on breakfast, hurriedly flipping one of the pancakes before rushing to her room to grab supplies for their mission today. They were always going on missions these days. "If you hadn't slept in, we wouldn't be in a rush!"

"Hey, you're one to talk. I was up before you!" Soul put on his beanie.

"You were not! I was in my room- uh, studying. Yeah, studying!" Maka rushed back to the pancakes, with her shoes still in her hand. She flipped another one and put the one she flipped earlier on the hotplate. She zoomed to the couch and pulled her shoes on faster than Black Star could've slashed with his 'Speed Star.'

"You know what? Let's stop arguing. Our mission today is about strengthening our bond." Soul sat down to put on his shoes. "Who cares who got up first or whose fault it is for being late. Let's just hurry up and get outta here." He started tying up his shoe laces.

"Yeah you're right." She put the last pancake on the hotplate and put them in the middle of the table. They each grabbed for an equal amount and put them on their plates, putting on the toppings for their meal.

"Meow. Morning to you, too." Blair yawned sarcastically.

"Morning Blair." The other two said, but not taking a glance as they were rushing to eat. Soul had practically piled his pancake with anything that had sugar or cream, while Maka had piled hers with a variety of fruits and yoghurt. Their arms moved to their mouths in a massive blur, their food quickly disappearing. Blair casually strolled to the couch, jumping up and began licking her paws to wipe her head.

"You two should learn to relax. Maybe go on a holiday or something." Blair suggested, adjusting her witch's hat.

"No can do." Soul replied with his mouth full. He swallowed before continuing. "These missions are compulsory. It's not like we have a choice. It's not cool, not one little bit." Blair sighed.

"Well we only have this week left." Maka said. After that, everything is back to normal. So I promise we'll go on a holiday then." Maka beamed at Blair. "Well, we have to go." She said, grabbing her coat off the coat-hanger. "We should be back by around 8." Blair sighed again.

"Ok, have fun." The two ran out the door, leaving poor Blair all alone. Maybe this wasn't going to be such a great day after all.

Later that day…

"Mmmeeooowww." Blair yawned, bored out of her mind. Why do I always get left behind? Blair thought to herself, curling up into a little ball, the light of the setting sun shining on her purple fur. I'm getting tired of having to have to stay here at home on my own all the time. Every second day they're on a mission, and every other day they're studying or sleeping. And I really don't want to admit it, but Soul's right. My cooking sucks. They always get takeaway and I have to cook for myself, and to be honest, I much prefer it when one of them cook. Blair yawned. The only exciting stuff that happened nowadays was whenever a body builder passed the window. Blair got slightly horny at the thought of one them walking by, his muscles bulging as he worked his way up the hill of Death City. Well there was that, and there were those Mizune mouse or rat things that she rather enjoyed chasing. Tehe, and when I corner them, they turn into that bigger one and we fight over who's sexier, or occasionally just fight with magic. Blair curled up further, closing her eyes and summoning the darkness of sleep to come.

Soon later…

After a short nap, Blair suddenly remembered something, waking up to the moon slowly beginning to rise up, it's creepy face giving her a shiver. It was something better than the body builder. Well, she had a flashback of it in her dream she just had. The other day Maka had caught Soul in his room playing with himself. But rather than storming in and stopping him, she did something Blair never saw coming. She snuck away and came back with a camera. While Soul was blissfully unaware in his own world of pleasure, Maka took some photos. Blair thought she'd use it as blackmail, but instead she had stared at them for a long time. So it seemed that something more interesting than hot body builders walking by.

Blair turned into her human form, jumping off the couch and landing gracefully on the floor, wearing nothing but a sexy set of purple lace bra and panties. "Mmmm, I can't wait to find these photos!" Blair said out loud. To nobody in particular. Maybe her pumpkins, or the moon. But she knew one thing: the more she thought about these photos, the wetter she got. She could feel her panties were already soaked, and her clit was beginning to throb like a bass drum. Creeping soundlessly through the house, Blair slowly advanced to Maka's room. She was creeping because she wanted to feel like a policewoman, searching for drugs or something. Her cat ears twitched as she heard a motorcycle go by. She stopped, worried it was Soul's, but the noise kept travelling down the street. Blair sighed in relief, no way anybody was going to ruin her fun. Suddenly, she felt like singing. "Pum- Pum- Pump-kin, yeah! Pum- Pum- Pump-kin!" She sang her usual song to herself until she finally reached her goal. Maka's room. She slowly opened the door, peeking around, trying to memorise where everything was so that if she moved something other than the pictures, she could put them back and Maka would never know. Ok, so that goes there. And that should be ther- ooo, was that fish I could smell? No! Snap out of it! Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah! So… Blair kept trying to memorise where everything was, but gave up seeing as though there were too many distractions. She crept in and started prying around Maka's desk and drawers, but was having no luck. Damn, where could these pictures be? She thought to herself. And then she had it. It was so simple! They had to be under her pillow, or somewhere on her bed. She immediately jumped over to look under the pillow… and voila! There they were. Lying there so innocently. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She'd always wanted to see Soul's cock. She started skimming through the photos. She then found the perfect one. Soul seemed to be resting for a moment, leaving his sexy dick standing tall and proud. She felt her sticky juices start to trickle down her smooth leg. She wanted to start feeling herself up right then, but decided not to because Maka might see the wet patches on her bed, or if she that weird, that there were creases throughout the quilt.

She ran through the house and into her own room which Maka had given to her as a present for being so calm and patient at home. She immediately ran to the door, opening it with the pictures in the same hand as her other one had already started feeling her clit. She ran and jumped onto her pink love-heart shaped bed, almost the only thing in her room that wasn't an orange pumpkin. She put the pictures to one side and slid her panties down to her ankles and spread her knees wide, using her finger to rub circles around her clit, her juices pouring onto the bed sheets. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Ssssoooooooooouuuuuulllll…." She moaned, picking up one of the pictures. In this one, Soul was playing with the bulbous tip of his massive penis. This only got her hornier. She moved her hand from her clit to her entrance. She shoved her index finger as far as it could go up her soaking wet pussy, after a while adding her middle finger. She wriggled her fingers while they were still far up her, making her hips buck. She closed her eyes, imagining it was that massive cock of Soul's getting shoved up her. She slowly pumped her fingers, wishing it was Soul. She put that photo down and pulled her bra down, letting her massive boobs spill out of the laced bra. She pulled one up to her mouth and sucked on it. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" She purred loudly. She wished more than anything that it was Soul doing this to her. She took her fingers out of her tight entrance and started massaging her clit again. She took her breast out of her mouth and swiped up another picture. It was one where Soul's hand was a blur against his massive pole. Wow, she thought. He must've been working hard. Too bad he couldn't have been working hard on me… she became hornier and she began to alternate her fingers between rubbing her clit and pumping her slick pussy. Whenever she thrust in her fingers she clamped down so hard her fingers could've got bruised. "Mmmmmmmmmm, mmmeeeeoooowwww Soul. Ooooooohhhhhhh, baby. Nnnnngggghhh!" She moaned to the ceiling, lost in absolute and pure bliss. Her pleasure was overwhelming her so much she couldn't think straight. The only thing she could keep her mind on was Soul's hot naked body. She screamed in pleasure, her pussy tightening as she came, her orgasm gushing all over her fingers. She panted hard licking her fingers. "Meow. Maybe this is a habit I could get used to." She giggled to herself, hoping that her two friends would go on missions more often. She pulled her panties back up and covered her boobs back up with her bra. Her legs were saturated with her juices, as was her panties and the quilt where her pelvis was. Her ears twitched as she heard the roaring of another motorcycle. It tickled her lower half when she heard it, for some reason. The roaring stopped just outside the apartment. Aw, I wanted to play some more! Oh well… She thought and sighed. She jumped off the bed and got into her usual clothing using her magic, although she decided not to wear the hat, and she also had taken off her panties and bra, too. Just for fun! She decided. Just as she came through her bedroom door, the sound of a key entering the keyhole of the apartment door clicked, and after another sharp click to confirm the door was unlocked, the door opened to have Soul walk through… alone. "Good-evening Soul." Blair purred. "Where's Maka?"

"She had to stay behind the night for extra training. It's just to teach her to stay awake all night if the time ever had to come by. Not really cool, but anyway. Yeah, evening to you too." He replied. He put down a plastic bag on the kitchen table and sat on the couch.

"Wow, they really work her hard at the academy, huh?"

"I guess so. But at least they realise I'm too cool for extra lessons!" He pointed his thumb at himself.

"Well I guess that means it's just you and me tonight!" Blair exclaimed excitedly. She'd never had time alone with Soul, and she had a plan.

"I guess so." Soul replied.

"So what do ya wanna do?" Soul shrugged.

"Beats me."

"I know what we could do…" Blair told him seductively. Luckily, Soul hadn't picked up the seductiveness, or else she knew he would've been outta there.

"Really?" He asked in his usual collective attitude. He smiled. "And what would that be?" Blair crawled over and straddled him. His smile quickly vanished.

"I have some extra training for you, too." This time, Soul picked up her seductive voice.

"And that would be?" Soul was almost scared.

"We're gunna work on your nosebleeds. We're going to see if we can stop them." And then, in that instant, Blair had the biggest surprise of her life. Soul actually pulled down the top half of her dress, revealing her massive boobs. His nose didn't have a single trace of blood.

"Blair, I'm not gunna lie. I've loved your body for a long time. I've always wanted to get into you without a nosebleed, but it's always gotten in the way, and it's because of Maka. I have nosebleeds 'coz I know if I get caught by Maka, I'm dead. But without her around, I don't need to worry." Blair blushed furiously.

"Well what are ya waitin' for?" She asked sarcastically. "I'm very horny and my boobs are hanging in your face." She stroked the back of his head, pulling it closer to her chest. Maybe it wasn't a nice day like she felt it would be, but she knew that the night was going to be so much better. They had a feeling this was going to be a VERY fun night that they'd never forget.

Well that's the first chapter. My perverted mind couldn't help it. I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. If I get enough replies, I'll tell you what happens between Soul and Blair, detail for detail ;) Have fun reading it over and over until I get the next chapter up.