Chapter 8 - Babies

:3rd Person POV:

"Wolf, should we really be walking around when..." Yuuri stopped suddenly and grabbed his stomach.

"Yuuri are you ok..." Wolf put an arm on his future husband's shoulder.

"Um... I know I've been eating a lot, but am I supposed to feel like my stomach is being stretched out?" Yuuri asked frantically.

"I don't know, probably not..." Wolfram was getting worried. "Should I ring for Gisela?"

"Ah!" Yuuri yelled and fell to his knees. "Ow!"

"Yuuri, you're scaring me..." suddenly Wolfram put his hands on his belly. "Wait... I feel a stretching sensation too... does this mean... aaah!" He cringed and fell to his knees beside Yuuri. "Oh wow... oh wow... Yuuri, I think the babied are coming!"

"No shit, Sherlock."

"This is no time for your Earth references!" Wolfram shouted, recognizing the phrase. "The bell is in your pocket, right?"

"Oh, I hate ringing the bell..."

Wolfram smacked him lightly. "Doesn't matter, we haven't got much of a choice! It's not like we can get up and run to fetch Gisela. Ring the damned bell!"

"Fine, fine." Yuuri reached into his pocket and pulled out the bell, shaking it furiously as the pain increased.

A maid came running and saw them kneeling in the middle of the hallway. "Your Majesty, Wolfram, are you alright."

"I think we're going into labor. We need Gisela." Wolfram said. "Tell her to come straight away."

"Ok." the maid said and ran off frantically.

"This is it, Wolfram." Yuuri said happily. "Our children are on their way."

"Someone should inform Greta." Wolfram replied.

"I'm sure the news is spreading already." Yuuri whispered. They had told a maid, after all.

"That's true."

"Yuuri, Wolfram!" Gisela was running toward them. "What's happening?"

"What does it look like?" Wolfram asked sarcastically. "We're having babies!"

"It looks like it." Gisela nodded coolly. "Ok, I've brought some soldiers along and they're going to carry you to the birthing room. They've been instructed on how to properly handle you, so please do not resist."

"Hey! What's going on?" Yuuri yelled as he and Wolfram were lifted into the arms of a bunch of soldiers.

"Well, this is embarrassing." Wolfram rolled his eyes.

They were carried through the halls to a room near the back of the castle. The soldiers set them in each in a bed and walked out.

"We're putting you in separate beds," Gisela told them, "because it might be dangerous to have you together. But you have to be close enough or else the twins won't want to come out."

"What!" Both Wolfram and Yuuri exclaimed.

"I didn't tell you?"

"Tell us what?"

"Oh... that if you weren't together when it came time for the babies were born... they wouldn't be born."

"You mean they'd just... stay in there?" Wolfram asked, concerned.

"Shouldn't we have been informed of this?" Yuuri was also panicking.

"No, once we knew you'd conceived love twins, we knew you'd be together eventually. You're both rather oblivious, did you know that?"

"We've been told." Both Yuuri and Wolfram sighed.


Everyone was waiting outside the birthing room. There had been no word on the boys' condition since the medical team had gone in. They'd heard some screams, but nothing else.

Until Gisela stepped out of the room, smiling brightly.

"Congratulations, Greta," she stooped down and patted her on the head. "You have a brother and a sister."

"Wow!" Greta spun around and clapped her hands. "Can I see them?"

"You may. Only one person at a time, please. Our boys are very tired."

Greta ran past Gisela and into the birthing room.

Yuuri and Wolfram were both sitting in the same bed now, and each was holding a small bundle in their arms.

"Are those my baby brother and sister?" Greta asked shyly.

Yuuri and Wolf looked up.

"They sure are." Yuuri said.

"Why don't you hop on up here and say hello." Wolfram patted the bed.

"Ok." Greta practically sang as she climbed up and sat between them. "They're so cute. And they're blond just like you, Wolfram."

"Yeah." Wolfram said proudly. "And they have Yuuri's beautiful black eyes."

"They're sleeping." Greta whispered. "This is so cool. What are their names?"

"This one is your brother, Joel." Wolfram showed her the baby he held in his arms.

"And this one is your sister, Joelle." Yuuri moved so that she would have a better view.

"Can I hold them?" Greta asked excitedly.

"Sure." Wolfram said. "One at a time, though. And just be very careful, ok?"

"I will." She stretched her arms out and took hold of Joel. "He's so small."

"Now that is just adorable." Wolfram looked at Greta holding her brother and again had that feeling that it was just too good to be true.

"You're happy, Greta?" Yuuri was checking just to make sure. He'd heard stories about older siblings feeling left out once new babies arrived.

"Of course I'm happy! I'm a sister! I have two perfect daddies, and two adorable baby siblings. I've got this huge family that loves me and we're all together."

"Well said, Greta." Yuuri nodded. "I'm so lucky. I love all of you so much."

Wolfram and Greta answered at the same time, "We love you too, Yuuri."

"And I'm sure the babies would say the same thing if they could talk." Greta theorized.

"I think you're right." Wolfram agreed. "We're all one big happy family. We're going to be fine."