Chapter 1

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Kaito's POV

The sky was blue, same color as my bright blue hair but more dimmer. I don't understand why it's blue in color, others thought that I dyed my hair the fact that I was born with it.

"Kaito-kun… do you have someone… you like?" A random girl asked me. Moment earlier, my shoebox was occupied by a letter of a girl that I don't know of.

"No," I answered her plainly. It's always like this, when someone asks me that kind of question or somewhere along those line, I would only answer a simple 'no'. I didn't lie, even though I'm already a high school student there's no one that I labeled as 'someone I like', not once.

"Then, can you go out with me?" she asked again.

And I, myself replied with the same answer, "No, I'm sorry." Just like that I walk away leaving that girl wept in tears.

"Yuuko, you're okay?" Someone went to her side with another one the moment I left. "Well it doesn't too surprising that he rejected you, rumor says that he turned down all of the girls request of wanting to go out with him." She comforted that weeping girl. Not that I care, besides living alone is easier than with your life full of promises, "even though he's one of the most popular guys here, The Blue Prince."

"Kaito, there you are!" a person with red hair shouted as he placed his hands on my shoulder panting from the long run. "I've been searching for you idiot!"

"So what is it, Aniki?" I asked in an annoyed look. Yeah, this guy is my brother, Shion Akaito. Usually twins only called each other by their names but since mine already became a habit, I decided to let it down and call him that.

"Yeah, Kaiko-nee said that—" he stopped talking and turned to the other side on where the girls… err… Yuuko was it? Anyway he turned to Yuuko and the others and asked me a simple question, "Kaito, did you make some girls cry again?"

"Yeah what about it?" the reason why I said 'he asked me a simple question earlier' was because this happened almost every day, and I hated it. Akaito went closer to the girls, oh yeah I forgot… This one happens almost every day too…

"Good day young ladies, I'm sorry if my little brother made you feel uncomfortable. Forgive him if you may, and also," that flirtious brother of mine took a handkerchief out from his pocket and handed it to her in a casually manner, "please don't cry, without your smile, the world will become a boring place for me."

"O-okay!" the girl stopped weeping and went away merrily with her friends.

"Kaito, you should treat every girls like that or your looks will be at waste." He scolded me like every day. Geez, what host did he learned that from?

"Sigh, so what did Kaiko-nee say?" I asked him again annoyed.

"Oh yeah, she said she'll be coming back here from America!" Akaito smiled.

"Finally? Alright!" I shouted, "Looks like we don't have to eat Taito-nii's cooking anymore!"

"I know right!" Akaito laughs along with me. But still seriously, you really don't want to taste it. Whenever he cooks something edible it turns out inedible.

"Ho, so you two dislike my cooking that much now is it?" A person with bandages and a black patch under his right eye appeared behind us with a frightening look. "You know, I am the school director here so I can do whatever I want with you two since you guys are one of our beloved students."

"Taito-nii!" both of us shouted in surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I was just checking out my cute little brothers to see if they were doing okay or not," he smiled. Taito was kind and loving, that is, if from a stranger's point of view but from what we see he's evil and cruel. "Well, I better go, have another meeting to go, good bye kids!" he smiled and walk away with that evil grin of his.

"He definitely just wanted to tease us," I stated, sweat-dropped.

"Yeah, definitely…" Akaito agreed. "I better go too, got a date this evening, that girl probably waiting." And there he went. That girl he's talking about must be one of his girlfriends.

I waved him good bye and went to my own way, which is the way to home. My house is the only place I could find peace and quiet. It's the same with the library though but in home there's no one around except my siblings. If you wanted to know, I have 5 siblings. All of them are boys except one, Kaiko who Akaito just said about returning from America, she also the second child of our family, Taito's the first. Can you imagine it? Taito-nii has the highest authority whenever we went, either at home or school. He's the director of the school and the first child at home, but when Kaiko-nee's present, she'll have the highest control, women can be scary sometimes. And then Akaito and I came in third, since we're a twin it doesn't matter who's older but in reality, Akaito's three minutes earlier than me. The other two, you will meet them in the future…

"Home sweet home," I said to myself as I arrived to the place that I call home. I opened the door and looked at the shoe case, "that's strange, who's boots is this?" I asked to myself as I look carefully at the black and teal colored boots, and it seems like a girl boots to me. Could Kaiko-nee already back from America? No, that couldn't be, usually she would arrived in the night around nine or ten.

"Kyaah!" I heard a girl scream upstairs. That made my heart skip a beat, in other words, the made me jumped a little.

"Who's there?" I asked quite timidly. No answer came up; the house was covered with silent, not even a tick or a tock of a clock. Oh yeah I forgot that the clock died peacefully yesterday because of Taito-nii.

I crept slowly and silently with a little baby step, small sound of ruffle could be heard… wait inside of my room? Why the heck would someone be inside of my room? There's practically nothing in there! All I have in there are some school textbooks and exercise books and a refrigerator— wait don't tell me!

"DON'T YOU DARE STEAL MY ICE CREAM—" I shouted with my blood raising on my head, but stopped as soon as I found out that no one in my room. "What the heck, there's no one here." I walked slowly to my refrigerator and found that all of my ice creams are safe and sound.


There's something inside my closet, that loud thud says it all! Without any sheer of fear, I opened my closet and I was right, something… no someone was inside it. I didn't get any time to speak, in fact I was too surprised to speak anything, because that someone immediately falls over me the second I opened the door of my closet.

"Wha—" I said, with my panic voice but it calmed down when I found myself on the floor with that 'someone' earlier on top of me. That someone is a girl; her teal colored hair was tied in twin tails, she wears something like a school uniform but is grey in color with a teal colored tie that matches her long hair, black skirt and a separated black sleeve with a red word spelled 'OFF' on it. Also, on her left shoulder, the number 01 was printed on it.

"Hey, get off of me," I asked her, but she didn't move an inch. Her eyes closed with no reaction, "is she sleeping?"

I tried to get up but I can't… somebody help!

"We're back!" someone I familiar of shouted from down stairs. This is bad, if they saw me like this, they'll label me as a pervert, or worse! "Hey, Kaito-nii, let's play—"

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