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Chapter 6

That particular question revolves around me since I took the chance to skip school. I had enough for one day. A person I hoped to completely disappear from my quiet life has appeared once more. What's more I even lend my beloved scarf to the girl. Just because she's cute and all but… sigh… what have I done? That piece of cloth is like a family heirloom to me. I got it since I could remember but forgot when or where I first got it. Ironic isn't it?


The sound came from my wrist watch that indicates the end of school day. That was faster than I thought. I was planning to spend some quality time at the arcade but that's impossible. There might be some obstacle for me to step into the arcade. For example; "Isn't it school time?" "What are you doing here?" "Please let me see your student ID" "I'm going to call your guardians" Those circumstances may happen so it's wise to lay down on the bench and thought of nothing.

I decided to visit the school once more and met her, her as in Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku… can also mean 'A song from the future'. The name perfectly fits for an idol. It's like she was born to be one. But the name, I felt as if I know of the name, not as an audience but as a person. Who is she?

Leaving those unnecessary thought aside, I patiently waited for her near the school gate. Students went out of the school one by one. But none of them were someone I knew. Not Akaito, not Taito, not Gumo, not Nero, not her or any of her singing friends. It feels weird waiting for someone, especially a girl.

"Hatsune Miku…" I whispered to myself trying to remember where I heard the name from. I tried to remember something from my childhood days, but nothing came out of it. Last time I remember was in Christmas night. I came into my house with blank, soulless face. Kaiko-nee was crying softly. Taito-nii gave a depressing face. I didn't see Akaito or the other two siblings around. And I didn't know what had happen to me. Why was I there on the Christmas night? Kaiko-nee was crying and I didn't even comfort her. It's like I've been brainwashed.

I tried to ask her what had happen to my childhood past on the following day and she left it unanswered. By that it probably means that she doesn't want me to remember it. 'Such unwanted memories was unneeded', Taito-nii told me when I asked him. He gave a mixture of sadness and anger on his face. It was painful to just watch so I swore myself not to ask any further information about myself. Sure my memory was mine to chose whether to remember or not, but it's not easy.

"Hatsune Miku…" I whispered again but more loudly. It's no good. Nothing came into mind. I only remembered that she is an idol that everyone looks up to.

Thirty minutes passed and there's no sign of her. I could understand that she might be waiting for the other students to go home ahead of her so there won't be any disturbances for her to go home. Where ever that is. But this is far from late. Currently there's no student in sight except for those who was busy with their club activities. Did she go home already?

"I guess the scarf will have to wait."

I walked away from the school and sigh as a sign of relief. I don't know it was a good thing or not but I'm glad I didn't have to see her today.

I felt a chill on my neck. With the scarf missing I'm suffering from the cold breeze of the autumn wind. It was really cold. I didn't know walking outside without any scarf on can be this cold. Well this is the first time I've ever taken it off so it's a new experience.

When I was humming around the town, I spotted two identical blondes which I knew of. It was the super popular twin idols who's always appear with the also super popular twin haired girl which I failed to search for. Even though they were clearly visible on the eyes of the crowd, they didn't take notice of them. It's whether they haven't heard of their existent and treated them as the twin's wannabe, or they just haven't heard of those two. The first option was actually more logical since the billboard on the skyscrapers showed their picture in the first place. I know this is late but… they're pretty popular. Until now I didn't even notice those big pictures.

Enough talk, on this situation its normal for me to call out to them right?

Before I could call out to them, they took notice of me and quickly gave me a flying kick on the stomach.

Wait… what?


That's hurts dammit! Why did you that for. Is being random normal to you!

I wanted to say those lines but the pain on my stomach stopped me.

"Hehe," the girl grinned and then fell on the floor laughing her hearts out while her sensible brother helped me to get up. But somehow I just knew that he was controlling his laughter.

"Don't 'hehe' me, why the heck did you do that?"

"No reason… pfft. I just wanted to see your face when you're being kicked on the stomach. Besides I was bored and you came by. Len gave me the idea!"

"I did not! Sheesh… sorry for that…"

"No… it's okay. It's not you who's supposed to apologize." I sighed. "So, why is that you two calling out to me?"

"No reason"

Is the word 'no reason' is the only thing you could give me?

"To tell you the truth…" the little brother began, "we're lost."

"We did not!" She shouted in embarrassment. Her pride was too big to swallow. I couldn't help but laugh at the statement.

"Yeah yeah I get it." I stopped laughing, "so where did you want to go?"

"Home. At first we're out to track Miku-nee but then we lost sight of her."

"And that's where we're lost in the crowd," she pouted.

"I can understand you could get lost by tracking someone in an unknown crowd but getting lost on the way to home is nearly impossible."

"Nothing is impossible with us!"

"It's not something to brag."

After all those talk I decided to help them out. I had nothing better to do and this gave me a chance to meet with her again. I don't want to go home with the whole family asking where my scarf went. If I answer them I lend it to a girl they'll make fun of me forever.

"So… err… who were you again?" I asked them.

"My name is Kagamine Len and this is Rin."

"I thought we had already introduced ourselves in class…" Rin narrowed her eyes.

"Opps, sorry. I guess you were too small for me to notice."

"I know this is late but… are you picking a fight?"

"Can you two just stop? Sorry Shion-san…"

"Please, just call me Kaito. If I were with my brothers and sister it could get much less confusing."

"Then Kaito."






Even though I knew this person a guy I almost blushed! Stop! Me! It's a trap!

"Ugh…. Gross." His twin sister whispered as she turns her head on the opposite way.

"Shut up!" I wonder why their personality totally messed up. "Come to think of it why did you two trust me completely when we met? A normal person would first explain the situation and hesitantly accept my help. Instead I received a flying kick rather than explanations. Has the world gone upside down?"

"If I were to say reason…You didn't try to rape Miku-nee when you two were alone your bedroom!" She said that… with an innocent smile on her face.


Just what the hell are you talking about miss 14 years old?

"Ri…n…" Len released a frightening aura around him and completely punched the head of the mischievous child out cold with one hit.

"You… don't really pull back now did you?" I sweat dropped as I watched him lift her up and gave her a piggy back.

"I've used to it. Besides, keeping Rin in control is one of master's orders."

Again with those master thing, Is there any deep meaning into it?

"I see…"

After my last word the atmosphere became quiet. I didn't know that Rin was the source of the conversation the whole time. With her quiet down it's like the world went quiet.

"Hey Kaito," Len began which gave me a fright. "What do you think of Miku-nee?"

"Where did that question came from?"

"Just wondering."

"You like her or something?"

"No. Even though master didn't establish the setting, I thought her as a sister and nothing else. You can say I'm just a worrisome little brother who doesn't know his place.

Rather than the little brother you act like the older one.



"I think of her as a stranger who I just met the day before. I don't know her and I don't want to know. After she came here it's like my world had changed drastically."

"Isn't that a good thing? Rather than a boring one isn't a loud and interesting one better?"


The silence came back. I felt like calling someone to help break the ice.

"Where should we go Miku-chan?"


"Err… I meant Hatsune-san."

The conversation went through my ears as if it expected me to hear it.

Hatsune Miku?

Who's talking with whom?

"Is it me or did I hear Miku-nee's voice?" Len started. I'm surprised that he could hear such faint voice with someone snoring loudly into his ears.

"Could be."

"Shouldn't we call out to her?"

Before I could answer his call, a familiar figure was burned into my memory. That was…


No there shouldn't be. But that someone has the same face, height, hair, and even the color as me. It was an identical person.

"Just where are we going Kaito-kun?" Miku asked the imposter.

Okay now the name was the same.

"Kaito, I don't know why are you hiding but let's just call her," Len suggested behind me. "Oi! Miku-nee! What are you doing?"

"L-len? What are you doing here? What happened with Rin?" Miku gave a confuse look.

"I was asking the same thing. Just who were you talking too? Whoa!" He stopped talking and vigorously shook his head between me and the imposter.

"Whoops, gotta go!" the imposter shouted and ran towards the opposite direction.

What had just happened?

"Ngh… Len… good morning…" Rin woke up from the loud noise.

"Whoa you're up."

"Yeah… what just happened?" She wiped her eyes back and forth but stopped on the middle of it. "A! Len! How dare you hit me on the head?"

"There's a good reason to it!"

"No complaining!"

Just like that the two twins ran from the scene with Rin chasing after Len who's running away for his life.






Let me repeat back.

What had just happened?

I turned my head towards Miku who's also in the sea of confusion.

"Ummm… a… you see… I was going to see you… and then I met you at the entrance of the school…. Near the shoe box… you suddenly appeared and ask me to go with you… You were strangely energetic back there… So… umm…" she took a deep breath and asks the final question.

That was you right?

That was the question that I expect to hear from her. Instead I heard a weird statement.

"I didn't know that you have a clone!"

Scientifically speaking a clone can't be made without detailed information and the compounds in a human being are impossible to recreate. Hence whether you succeeded it only exist as a shell. Humans may say there's nothing impossible for them to do if they put enough motivation on the subject but the word 'nothing impossible' have its own limit. You can only suffer failures at the end of the road. In fact, it was a mistake to create the 'road'.

"I don't know where you got that idea but it's entirely wrong."

"Then who was that?"

Now who was it?

"It's probably some imposter who's just trying to get advantage of you. More importantly, you were searching for me right?"

"Oh yeah!" She hurriedly took of her scarf. "Thanks for lending it, and sorry for having it too long."

"No problem," I extended my hand as I was waiting for my scarf to be handed over to me. Yet it's still in the grasp of the small hands of the girl.

"You're really tall…"

"Oioi where did that came from? Hurry up and give it to me." I said as I shook my extended palm.

"Lower your head!"



"Fine," this seems stupid but I did what I was told. Currently my head is in the same level as hers which make things awkward. I wonder how a girl can be so small. Not to mention her hand, even her body structure. It's like it's asking for us to protect them.

"Hold still…" she whispered in a soft voice and voluntarily warp my scarf around my neck. I felt her breath on my temple. Her scent was delicious.

I don't care about my scarf anymore. My mind is fixed on a certain person. I hoped the time shall freeze and let this feelings continue. Have I actually fallen for this girl?


I shouldn't let myself fall just because a girl went too close to me. This is the first time other than my blood relations get too close as I always made a distance from the others. How irony…

"There!" she smiled as she lightly clapped her hands.

"I could have done it myself."

"But I need to give you my thanks. That was the least I could do."

"Whatever. So, what are you going to go now?"

"I guess I'll go home. Bye…" She quickly waved her hands and walked to her destination. Even though this was a chance for me to make her disappear from my world, I unconsciously followed her from behind without her notice. What if she's lost? What if an unknown guy attacks her? Those possibilities popped in my mind.

When she walked near the street on the pathway, she suddenly falls unconscious thus lying on the ground.

"O-oi!" I shouted, shocked. It's not every day to see someone collapsed near the street on the way from school to house. For me to follow her was a really good idea. Who knows when people around her could take the advantage?

I ran towards the girl in haste and slapped her on the face. Just like when she was unconscious in my house, she didn't move an inch. Divine punishment must have befallen onto me for skipping class. For me to shoulder such responsibilities are quite a torture.

"Dammit," I lift the girl on my back and started zoning the environment.

Hospital around the area = None

Someone reliable = None

My house = No way, not a chance

"Our house is on the middle of the neighborhood. Lot 2712 blocks no. 318. The color is all white."

My memory flashed of a conversation with someone I've met recently met before. I was the twin's address. They probably know how to revive this girl or where she lives.

I walked slowly towards the destination because of the weight behind my back. People around me started to make weird stares. What? I'm not a kidnapper of a sort. In fact, this 'Kidnapper' you're staring at is trying to same someone life, or probably dignity.

I arrived at the house and was astounded by the size of it.

"Oi oi, rather than a house… they should have said this was a mansion. It's like I'm looking at a real white house. Sid I followed the wrong lot?" I stopped for a minute, "I should ring the door... Just in case…" with the statement, I rang the bell with low confidence.

"Suzutsuki residence, may I help you?"

As expected of a mansion, the voice came from a speaker beside the door bell. In addition to that, there's also a camera to show who's the person that rang the bell. The size of it isn't just for show.

"Um… are the twins there?" Kagamine Rin and Len," I asked and hoped that I got the name right. Remembering the name of a person isn't m thing.

"Young mistress Rin and Master Len have yet to come home. May I ask of you name so that they will know of your visit?"

"My name is Shion Kaito. Actually, I wanted to ask where this person lives. Her name is Hatsune Miku," I turned side way for the camera to get a glimpse of her. "She fell down near the street and she doesn't seem to wake up. I figured that this household knows where she lives because she seems to have a good connection with the twins."

As I finished my awesome explanation, silence came and raided the atmosphere.

"Very well… "The person on the speaker finally said and opened the enormous door, "Please come in."

I did what I was told. I adjusted the weight of the person o my back and went in. At least I got the house right.

The hallways were large as the size of the door. Butlers and maids were in every side of the walls. The ceiling was high; it would probably take five person of my height to barely touch it. But why is that this place is ridiculously quiet?

"Shion-sama, the mistress is waiting," one of them bowed and lead the way to where this mistress is. I had no other choice but to follow him.

Our footstep echoes, it was so quiet that I could almost hear my heartbeat. Yes I was nervous, going into another person's territory for the first time not to mention it's one hell of a house no, a mansion.

"Um… where are you leading me?" I asked as an excuse to break the ice.

"To our mistress, Suzutsuki Hikio."

Oh yeah, come to think of it this mansion belongs to the Suzutsuki family as was said by the butler earlier. But how does that connected to the twins. If my memory serves me correctly their last name is Kagamine. It could be me being wrong.

At the middle of the room there's a person who was expecting my arrival.

"Is that him?" I asked again as we arrived to the respective room. It was painted orange, red and white all over. On the walls there are countless of picture galleries which could make anyone curious. The .fireplace shone brightly making the room more attractive. There's nothing but luxury here. Any commoner shall be pissed if they came across such luxury. Of course, as I am a commoner myself then that would make no exceptions.

"… no, that is not her…" the butler said slowly. "I'm sorry sir," he went towards the person who thought is their mistress. Wait that person is a guy, so their mistress? No, I can't believe was that stupid.

I guess that means I have to wait as they discuss, not that I care; I just want to get this over with. "Hey, you're awake?" I whispered to the person sleeping behind me. Come to think of it…. I was giving her a piggy back… And her sleeping face is…

"Cute…" I spoke my mind unconsciously.

"Hello there," someone's voice went into my fantasy as I was watching Miss Hatsune here sleeping.

"Um," There's no denying that I was surprised by how he was approaching me from behind. "Are you their master that she was talking about?"

"Well… first let's have a seat. You must have been tired standing there with her behind your back," He offered as he leads me to the middle of the room.

I crouch down and placed Miku on the sofa and sat beside her as she slept.

"Now what were we talking about again?" he began, "ah yes, Well… logically speaking, I'm not her master. I'm just an assistant."

"Okay, where is this 'master' she kept talking about?' for the time being I'll just ask him a few question. It's better than silence.

"The master is still in the company, a high titled person such as her is always busy."

'A high titled person such as her'? I guess she's a very important person whilst she's not around her own house in this time. Well, the size of this mansion probably indicates on how important she is. A normal human can't afford this kind of fortune. I wonder what she did in order to get a house this big? From the royals? A programmer? Someone who handles big company? This person did say that she works in a company. Oh yeah now's not the time to be asking such things. I need to find where Miku lives, her parents must be worried sick. Well… not that I'm worried about her being unconscious or anything. Bear that in mind.

When I wanted to find out where she's from, a ridiculously large, high pitched voice echoes through the hallways. "MASTER~ WE'RE HOME!"

"Hey, stop shouting!" another voice. Yeah, I know this, it's them alright.

"Whoa Kaito, what're you doing here?" the ponytailed guy ask in a surprised voice, "And Miku-nee's there too?"

"You're right, and she's unconscious. What did you do to her you bold young man?" Rin asked lowering her voice to a normal length.

"Nothing," I snorted. "By the way, you know how to wake this girl up?"

"Kiss her. That's the most classic way."

"I know this for some time now but are you playing with me?"

"Tch, it'll be nice if you did that though but…Err…" she runs away to another room and we waited about a minute for her to come back. "Just shove this near her nose, and then she'll be good as new." Would someone shove a leek in front of others? Well I did that but… oh well.

General POV

As the crowd was trying to wake Hatsune Miku from her sleep, unbeknownst to them, the assistant of their master went away from the room.

"Aren't you going to greet him? It's about ten years since he's been exiled." He spoke to someone in the shadows.

"You think I could see him? He probably doesn't know who I am…"

"Heh, isn't that better for all of us? After all these years you're still worried about that blue haired rebel, master?"

Read that? The master name is Suzutsuki Hikio, in other words… Me! /shot

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