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Bella's POV:

I don't understand how I got to this stage in my life. It's 11.34am on a Thursday and I am lying here still in bed thinking what am I going to do with my life. Let me fill you in...last Monday I graduated from high school in Seattle with my adopted sisters Alice and Rose. I have been accepted into University to complete my bachelor of physiotherapy ,so you would think my life would be pretty great. Here's the catch though, I currently have zero dollars to my name, na da, zilch, I am flat broke! Registration and insurance will soon be due on my car and I have no way to pay for it. I wish I could get a job to solve all my money woes but because of the recent recession no one Is currently hiring, damn them all to hell!

Rose, Alice and I all live together in our fantastic flat our father charlie paid for when we all decided we wanted to go to high school in Seattle instead of Forks. Charlie decided he didn't want to hold us back but with his job as chief of police in Forks he couldn't just up and leave. So instead he got use a great flat in central Seattle right near our school and set us up with credit cards to pay for food and bills. Even though his my father, I still feel guilty for all the money I spend even if it is for necessities. I want to establish financial independence and have some money to my name. I want to be able to own things and them be brought with my own money. I WANT A JOB!

I was still sulking in my room when all of a sudden Alice and Rose burst into my room and start singing, dancing and jumping on my bed yelling like idiots. Both my sisters are absolutely stunning with Alice being a five foot nothing little fashion crazy pixie and Rose being a blonde bombshell look a like super model, its pretty safe to say I'm not the "pretty sister". Its a good thing I love them as much as I do or else I would be extremely jealous of them. All of a sudden Alice screamed

" I'm gonna be rich, fucking rich!", I sat up like I had been struck like lighting. How is he going to be rich when she has no job either, she should be laying right next to me sulking too as we held our own pity party. They were jumping around all happy so I yelled

"How are you going to be rich, you don't have a job?".

" I do now! Correction ..we do now!" Alice yelled at the end.

"what are you talking about?" I asked as I looked at Rose who was still bouncing around on my bed smiling like she just saw the sun for the first time in her life. Alice sat down next to me and started to fill me in on how uncle Carlise just called and informed Alice how 3 of his part time staff of his sporting goods store had just quite as they are moving over seas and offered us girls jobs to replace them. I jumped up just as Alice did and we joined Rose who was still bouncing on the bed. Rose then decided to start talking and told me how Uncle Carlise's sons Edward and Emmett work at the store too, as well as there best friend Jasper. They will be the boys who train us to do our jobs and help us out. I have known Carlise for all my life and talk to him all the time but weirdly I have not seen his sons in over 11 years.

" I wonder what they look like now?" Rose ask.

" I don't know I haven't seen them in ages" I responded.

"Well, we start tomorrow and Carlise said he is going to call a staff meeting so we can meet them all. Oh my god! I need to plan what we are going to wear!" Alice said as she jumped of the bed and ran out the door.

"Come on Belly, we HAVE to start preparing for tomorrow. I want to make an awesome first impression" Rose said as she all but dragged me out of my room. Dear god I knew what that means..Make overs...Noooooooo!


After hours of hair treatments, waxing, plucking, manicures, pedicures and facials I finally crashed into bed at 11pm last night and I have never been more thankful for sleep. My time in my comfy bed was short lived however as Alice burst in my bedroom at 6am screaming

"FIRE! THE FUCKING FLAT IS ON FIRE...MOVE MOVE MOVE!" that's when I also heard the fire alarm beeping. In 2 seconds flats I had ripped my blankets off, jumped out of bed and dragging Alice out the screaming

"ROSE FIRRRRRREEEEEEE!". I came to a sudden halt however when I ran into the living room to see Rose standing on a chair with a match lit under the fire alarm. Alice and Rose burst into a fit of laughter as I saw red. I started yelling

"You STUPID bitch's almost gave me a heart attack, I hate you both! Go to hell!". Rose finally stopped laughing and said

"I'm sorry Bella... we just couldn't bothered with your whole ' I don't want to go to school today mum bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan' bit you do whenever you have to get up early." impersonating me, horribly I might add, as she bobbed her head back and forth.

"Whatever, I'm getting in the shower. I'm all high on adrenaline now, I defiantly cant sleep again" I said before walking into the bathroom muttering

"Stupid bitches could have killed me..." as I closed the door.

"Love you too sunshine" Alice yelled sarcastically through the door. I put my iPod on the iPod doc on the vanity and put on some Paramore to listen to while I shower. I instantly felt better as I scrubbed myself stupid while dancing and singing my heart away. I know most people are able to escape their normal lives when they sleep, for me it happens when I'm in the shower. Currently I am dreaming that I am Hayley Williams, the lead singer for Paramore, as I head bang and sing Misery Business into my loofah. Life my suck for me at the moment, but at least I'm still having some fun.

*3 hours later*

We were all now dressed in Alice approved clothes with our hair and make-up done to perfection as we walked into the store. I was wearing dark blue jeans, a tight white tank top with and hot olive vest with black ballet flats. My hair was in loose curls and my make-up was done very neutral which is how I like it. Alice was in a dark green dress that was tight at the top and bubbled at her hips with a big belt around her waist. She also had on black peep toe heels with her hair done all spiky and make-up on. Rose just wore I tight red tank top, black jeans and black closed in heels. Her hair was in loose curls too and her make-up done so she looked absolutely floor-less. I honestly didn't understand why we needed to put in all the effort to get dressed nice when we would just be getting changed into uniform anyway. I would voice my opinion on the matter but Alice just looked like she was itching to take me down a notch, so I just shut up and walked. As we entered the store a very attractive blonde boy was standing behind the counter. Alice mummer quickly under her breath so only us girls could hear

"Shot gun the blonde hottie". Rose and I just laughed and look at Alice to see a sinister smile plastered on her face. We found out the "hotties" name was Jasper as he gave us our uniforms and told us to change in the change rooms. Once we were all dressed in our dark gray polo top uniforms that had 'Cullen' written on the back in white and black baggy tracksuit pants, that little Alice almost had an aneurism about how ugly they were, and runners we we all set to go. We were led through the back room and to another side room which we later found out was the 'staff room'. It was a rather large room with a huge conference table in it that could easily sit 10 people, as well as a fridge, 2 couches and a microwave. Us girls sat down at the table with Jasper and was busy making small talk waiting for the others to arrive. I saw out the corner of my eye a familiar mop of blonde hair...i shrieked and launched myself at it.

"UNCLE CARLISE!" I screamed as I hugged him tightly. He picked me up and spun we round before setting me back down on my feet. Alice and Rose then rushed over to hug him as well. I went to speak again to talk to Uncle Carlise some more and catch up when the door suddenly flew open making a loud bang noise as it hit the wall behind it, making me jump in fright. I turned to the door just in time to see a godly creature walk in. He was a 6 foot tall, pale skin, bronze sex haired god! He also has two tattoo's, one that is of a grim reaper that covers the entire side of his upper left leg and the other which I later found out from Jasper was his parents names in Latin on the underside of his right upper arm. All that together with his lip ring makes me want to come at the very sight of him. He turned his head to look at me and then looked away dismissively, as if I wasn't even standing there.

About 2 seconds later another boy came in but he was very different from the last. He was built as big as a coke machine with legs. He had short curly hair and muscles everywhere. He had a goofy smile on his face and instead of ignoring us him came over and gave us all a big hug. I instantly liked him and I could tell Rose did to as I saw her smoothly transform into flirty Rose. Her stance and facial expression changed as she became sexy Rose. Yep defiantly more than likes him.

"OK, now that your all here lets sit down team." Carlise said as he gestured towards the table. We all sat down and as Carlise was introducing us and I stared at who I now know to be Edward, all I could think was this is gonna be a long day...

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